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How to get traffic to your website


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Published in: Technology, Business
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How to get traffic to your website

  1. 1. Brought to you by ATTENTION SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS! We know you WANT more website visitors and MORE sales and WE can help! We can send 1,000s of people looking to buy to YOUR website 24/7 **Works for ANY website and ANY product**We CAN get YOUR website plastered ALL over Google to help put MORE cars in your spacesthat bring in smiling faces! FACT- If YOUR website isnt found on the 1st page of the searchresults, youre LOSING SALES to your competitors.Theres NO need to use fancy talk here...Simply put, the MORE you are noticed the MOREsales you can make. YES your potential customers are looking online via their homecomputers and smart phones to “comparison shop” BEFORE they hit the streets.The phone book isnt dead yet, BUT “most” of your would be customers are using theInternet and if you dont have a strong online presence your business might be in trouble. WARNING...DO NOT assume this another “We get you on page one” sales pitch, its not...not even close. Those whove called you trying to sell you SEO services are CLUELESS about this technology!Run of the mill “SEO” companies are dime a dozen and most of their tactics are short lived ifnot flat out ineffective. What we do is 1000 times MORE powerful. In fact, not 1 in 10,000companies even knows what were doing! They are all using the same ol over used methodsthat just dont work anymore.NEVER let any company tell you the only way to get TOP RANKINGS is by submitting tonsof articles, press releases, videos, and content, because its simply NOT true!Of course this stuff is good and it works, but compared to what WE DO thats like driving aModel A in a Lamborghini race...theres simply NO comparison. SHOW ME THE MONEY! Talk is great, but results are what matters right? Well, take a look at these examples below and see for yourself just how EFFECTIVE this is
  2. 2. Using Adwords? Heres how you would appear BEFORE using our service
  3. 3. Heres how YOU would appear AFTER using OUR powerful service!Take out the words “Tukwila Landscaping” and picture YOUR company there.. Dallas Lawn Care, Miami Dry Cleaners or Seattle Wedding Planners...Whatever... You will DOMINATE the listings!
  4. 4. LOOK at all of those red arrows up there!! You know what this means dont you? It makes YOUR website the only LOGICAL choice to click on! LOOK BELOW! Beating Google (TM) Places entries, OR now known as Google +OUR service can help your “local” business grow by having YOUR website come up in 1,000s of searches online for BUYER KEYWORDS! You can absolutely TAKE OVER the competition leaving them no choice but to go back to the drawing board. Now hurry BEFORE your competition finds us :) WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY YOULL FIND DOING THIS Visit our website TODAY for more details **We PAY $100.00 referral commissions via Paypal if you send us a NEW customer