Cetrotide Is An Effective Medication For Preventing Premature Ovulation In Women


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MakeMeFertile.com, a trusted website and a dependable virtual pharmacist, provides detailed information on Cetrotide.

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Cetrotide Is An Effective Medication For Preventing Premature Ovulation In Women

  1. 1. Cetrotide Is An Effective Medication ForPreventing Premature Ovulation In Women
  2. 2. MakeMeFertile.com provides a wide assortment of authenticfertility medications at lowest prices. It is a virtual IVFpharmacist and delivers only the brand-name fertilitymedications. It does not supply any generics or substitutesand purchases all the medications from licensed pharmacies ofthe United States and European Union. These fertilityenhancing medications are approved by the U.S. FDA. As itmakes purchases in bulk quantity, it is able to offer hugesavings over the prices offered by the street pharmacies ofthe U.S.
  3. 3. About CetrotideMake Me Fertile also provide Cetrotide O.25 MG which isan effective medication which prevents prematureovulation in women who are undergoing controlled ovarianstimulation for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)like IVF. This hormone is injected in the body. Physiciansprescribe Cetrotide to the patients with prematureovulation. Instead of affecting ovulation directly, thisfertility medication affects the cause of ovulation.Cetrotide blocks GnRH thereby stopping unwantedpremature ovulation.
  4. 4. Effectiveness of CetrotideIts effectiveness was determined in five clinical trials bytaking two dose regimens. In the first trial, single dose pertreatment cycle for which Cetrotide 3mg was established asminimal effective dose. In the second trial, multiple dosesfor complete treatment cycle for which Cetrotide 0.25mgwas found minimal effective dose. Trials have also foundthat the extent and duration of LH inhibition depends on theintake of dose.
  5. 5. Side EffectsAs Cetrotide has some side effects, it isimportant to be careful while taking thismedication. Any symptom of side effectshould not be taken lightly. Patientswitnessing any kind of abnormal change orsymptom should contact your physicianimmediately. Some of the commonsymptoms include allergy, headache,abdominal pain etc.
  6. 6. WarningDont take Cetrotide without the prescription of aphysician. Pregnant women should not use thismedication. Browse the internet for more informationabout this drug.
  7. 7. Virtual PharmacistMakeMeFertile.com, a trusted website and adependable virtual pharmacist, provides detailedinformation on Cetrotide. Patients can buy this highlyreliable fertility enhancing medication easily from thewebsite at low prices. Make Me Fertile is an advocacygroup and it offers services of expert physicians and bestclinics for you. It creates a bridge between patients andthe experts who help them to overcome in the field ofinfertility.
  8. 8. Contact us :- Makemefertile.com 1954 Hillhurst Ave Suite #105 Los Angeles CA 90027 USA Phone : 866-989-0078 Fax: 212-202-6379 Email :-customercare@makemefertile.com
  9. 9. THANK YOU