Delta Dental Collateral

                                           Situation:     Delta Dental of Arkansas needed to u...
Enterprise Bank Online Banking Campaign
                                                                  Situation:   Onl...
Givaudan Sampling Program
                            Situation:   The company was introducing its new line of ice cream v...

       Over the course of the last five years, I
       have supported the SITE Foundation
                                                                                       Note: The project...
Magnatrax Companies Lead Generation Programs

                                          Situation: Kirby, Gulf States Manu...

                                                                          Komatsu Dresser “Undercarriage
Multimedia 2

                                         US West CD-ROM and
International Paper

   Situation:   The company’s goal was to increase loyalty among one of its merchant channel
U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs Multimedia

               The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs needed to communicate
Wyffels Hybrids Loyalty Program

Situation:   Wyffels Hybrids is a genetic corn producer that wanted to
xpedx Color Force Event Launch

Additional Training
                   AT&T                                                                       IBM

Alflex (Commonwealth Aluminum)

Situation:   The company needed to launch a new electrical conduit product (AlflexEZ)
American Buildings Co. Builder Recruitment Program

                   Situation: The metal buildings industry is highly ...
Brock Manufacturing
Situation:   Brock is a manufacturer of grain storage, treatment and handling equipment
Enterprise Bank Check Imaging Campaign
     Situation:    This St. Louis bank was implementing its new check
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David Chrisman Binder


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A few examples of projects that I have worked on over the years which include marketing and training initiatives.

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David Chrisman Binder

  1. 1. Delta Dental Collateral Situation: Delta Dental of Arkansas needed to upgrade its collateral materials with a focus on new benefits offerings and a strong family orientation. Solution: “Family Matters” was developed as an overall theme for the company. The company’s ability to structure individual benefits plans based upon individual family needs came through via “Focus” references throughout the piece. In addition to the brochure, a slim jim and presentation folder, along with a trade show booth, were developed. The slim jim became part of an overall lead generation program for benefits consultants -- potential businesses of a specific size were targeted in mailings, with outbond telephone call follow up to generate leads for brokers, helpful in broker recruitment efforts. A sales incentive campaign for brokers was not implemented; however, brokers reported increased loyalty Brochure/Folder and Slim JIm Trade Show Booth Graphic from the lead generation process it offered them. The overall campaign was a Gold Quill winner for 2002.
  2. 2. Enterprise Bank Online Banking Campaign Situation: Online banking saves banks an average of one half cent per bill pay transaction. Enterprise Bank wanted to increase the number of its User Guide -- two versions online banking customers, which included both personal and commercial account holders. Two new online banking applications were developed expressly for these two audiences. The online banking services were given the Solution: names “EBDirect Personal” and “EBDirect Business.” To launch the services, posters in bank lobbies were developed, and a direct mail piece was mailed within bank statements. Bank Loan Officers were also given a CD-ROM Loan Officer they could use to demo the service. A Loan CD-ROM Officer incentive component was attached to Presentation/ the program, rewarding Loan Officers for Demo Bank Lobby Poster conversions (Colorado trip) Mousepads and a User Guide were given to enrolled customers. Results: 1100+ customers enrolled the first year, a 200% increase over initial projections. A benchmarked focus group study cited that Enterprise Bank’s support of bank customers was over and above anything that other banks offered, increasing customer loyalty. Note: Full training of all bank Loan Officers was a signficant part of this effort -- approximately 70 Loan Officers received hands-on training on the use of the CD-ROM, access to an actual online banking demo, etc. Training was completed via six 2-hour workshops held in four bank locations. The bank’s 200+ employees received details about Brochure the promotion for fulfillment purposes. Mousepad
  3. 3. Givaudan Sampling Program Situation: The company was introducing its new line of ice cream variegates targeted at manufacturers who had not contracted with the company before. Companies such as Ben and Jerry’s use the variegates made by Givaudan, but for smaller companies, the company’s products are generally thought to be too “premium Shown: Announcement priced” and large order quantity requirements are prohibitive to them. The Brochure cover and new line did not have a name. interior pages describing ice cream variegate line. Solution: A direct mail sampling offer was extended to the ice cream manufacturers from an InfoUSA list. The direct mail consisted of a brochure designed with a spiral binding to add dimension to mailing envelopes. Creatively, the variegate (when mixed with ice cream) resembles nebulae in space. This prompted a graphic approach depicting a mother and child looking at the stars, the name of the line “Just Heavenly” and a sweepstakes offer extended to manufacturers for sampling the line. Prize options included a Kennedy Space Center vacation and space related merchandise such as telescopes. Creative copy tells the reader to “Explore,” “Discover,” “Experience” each flavor option by taking advantage of a free sampler offer wherein the variegate would be tried out in the manufacturer’s ice cream production process. When sampler boxes were mailed, a free ice cream scoop was included, along with survey sheets designed to gauge (and capture) manufacturer impressions for additional follow up telephoning and letters from Givaudan sales representatives. A 20% response rate was achieved through a combination of direct mail Results: and telephone follow up. Over 100 ice cream companies took the company up on the sampler offer, with 30 converting. A single “conversion” in this instance means that the manufacturer decided to implement the new variegates into the product line. Announcement piece with sampler box and free ice cream scoop shown here.
  4. 4. IMA, SITE & ISPI SUPPORT Over the course of the last five years, I have supported the SITE Foundation (Society of Incentive Travel Executives) the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) and ISPI (International Society for Performance Improvement). This work includes white paper editorial services, creative layout and design, as well as instructional design, test items, and CPIM (Certified Performance Improvement Manager) review services (panel reviewer of CPIM prospect submis- sions). Most recent projects include creative editorial/design of a white paper for the OIC (Online Incentive Council) as well as the PowerPoint presentation (Principles of Incentive Program Design) used at the annual Motivation Show, of which the IMA is a primary sponsor.
  5. 5. Internet/Intranet Note: The projects shown are only those that were available for screen shots at this time. Numerous other applications include e-learning applications distributed over client intranet sits and e-learning portals. These include Minolta, TQ3 Travel Solutions, additional pages for Meridian Enterprises, as well as Daiichi Fine Chemicals, Merit Behavioral Care, Brock Manufacturing, and others. Sales Development Associates Meridian Enterprises Enterprise Bank Daubert Chemical Company DeniServ American Buildings Company (Face lift support only) United Health Care
  6. 6. Magnatrax Companies Lead Generation Programs Situation: Kirby, Gulf States Manufacturers, Architectural Metal Systems, Kirby -- “Grounds For Success” Premiums are coffee related, and CBC Buildings are owned by Magnatrax, a manufacturer of starting with a bag of Starbucks metal buildings for commercial, retail and institutional customers. coffee. Final premium is a thermos Magnatrax wanted to introduce each of its companies in a brought to the meeting by the Kirby unique way to potential metal building contractors in order to Sales Rep. introduce the lines and acquire them as builders. Solution: Four separate and disinct builder recruitment efforts were set up for each company. Consisting of a combination of direct mail, e-mail and telephoning, these integrated campaigns included direct response data collection to qualify leads, for database marketing, and lead communications to individual sales reps. Being frequency-based, different premiums were included in each mailing. Final premiums consisted of gifts with values of Gulf States -- “Make Your Mark” up to $30 that were brought to the prospect by the rep at the Premiums are drawing/design time of the scheduled sales meeting. related, such as an etch-a-sketch, and toy drawing pad. Final premium is a Fisher Space Pen brought to Results: Overall response from qualified prospects (based on survey the meeting by the Gulf States data completed in business reply cards and in follow-up tele- Sales Rep. phone calls) who requested a meeting with a company sales rep averaged 30%. CBC -- “The Right Combination” AMS -- “Journey To The Top” Premiums are “illumination Premiums are “journey related” -- things” that require each other, road atlas and compass are in such as a candle and initial mailings. Final gift of matches, flashlight and binoculars is brought to the meeting batteries. Final premium was by the AMS Sales Rep. a spotlight brought to the meeting by the CBC Sales Rep.
  7. 7. Multimedia Komatsu Dresser “Undercarriage Management” CD-ROM Reeves Mass Casualty Decon System CD-ROM and Web Based Catalog “Virtual Village USA” Dept of Veteran Affairs -- Home Appraisals CD-ROM and elearning Application
  8. 8. Multimedia 2 US West CD-ROM and Satellite Feed For Meeting Komatsu Dresser Engine Repair CD-ROM Nissan “MAPS” CD-ROM -- How to Specify Anheuser Busch Technical Skills Training CD-ROM/Intranet Based Programs Vehicle Orders and Manage Inventory Ported over elearning center Stocking Plans (Dealership training)
  9. 9. International Paper Situation: The company’s goal was to increase loyalty among one of its merchant channel partners: xpedx. Training had been identified as a central issue -- most notably, the need to understand and capitalize on the growing in-plant printing market. The fact that the distribution channel had experience in the market meant that the training must be offered in a non-indicting way. Being an elective course, it had to be fun and have a loyalty building component. Solution: Solution: A program was created wherein International Paper representatives would visit xpedx locations and hold 30-minute to one-hour seminars on sales topics such as lead generation, setting appointments, etc. The program (titled “Treasure Quest For Sales Success) was centered around a series of “golden nugget” cards that would be presented to the xpedx representatives every quarter within a meeting held by the IP representative. One side of the card held the training information (e.g., how to determine in-plant sales market decision makers) the other an area to write for the xpedx rep to write in a best practice for submittal to IP -- the best and brightest solutions reps have discovered through their experiences in selling to the in-plant printing market. For each card mailed back that contains a best practice, the submitter receives an entry for a trip to a tropical locale. Thus, the more best practices submitted, the Results: greater the chances of winning. Because the International Paper Rep will win if his/her xpedx rep is chosen as the sweepstakes winner, the IP rep had an incentive to use the program. The program offers the additional benefit of providing a solid reason for the xpedx rep and the IP rep to also discuss additional paper products and sales results in the branch. Results: The program is currently being deployed. Participation is expected to be high given the incentive component and best practice portion. In addition, all best practices will be assessed, with the submitter’s name included in an intranet enewsletter.
  10. 10. U.S. Dept. of Veteran Affairs Multimedia The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs needed to communicate Situation: revised policies and procedures on how a residential appraisal should be conducted and to train additional field appraisers. The Department’s plan was to begin with a multimedia program as initial training and, at a later date, make the program available over the internet. Solution: “Virtual Village USA” is a media rich multi-media program that simulates the field appraisal process. Following an introduction and “how to” guide, the program is centered around ten increasingly difficult to solve case studies. Users click on the case to receive property information, along with the necessary resources to solve the case. Elements of the user interface shown include the ability to: 1) Access the property 2) See the floorplan 3) Click on the cameras to view details about the property 4) Compare comparable properties 5) Complete a field appraisal report The program is graded electronically based upon pre-defined criteria that includes overall correctness of the report as well as dollar value of the appraisal. Results: End users reported over 95% satisfaction using the tool. The program is currently being repurposed using Flash for Internet deployment.
  11. 11. Wyffels Hybrids Loyalty Program Situation: Wyffels Hybrids is a genetic corn producer that wanted to increase customer loyalty by way of gathering input from its customers concerning the efficacy and overall satisfaction level with one of its hybrid corn varieties (rootworm corn). Given farm customer (producer) reluctance to participate in surveys and issues with the do-not call list, the company elected to utilize a direct mail with an offer to maximize input and thus survey validity. Solution: Feedback on the product -- how it performed in the producer’s field -- would be most helpful if it included information as to the actual degree of rootworm infestation. Asking a pro- ducer to complete a survey is hard enough -- expecting one to provide details that might require a trip to the field for soil testing -- more difficult still. Farm producers are largely hunters and fishermen. Taking this into account, the concept of a direct mail program with the theme “Fishing For Feedback” was created. The offer of a $20 Bass Pro Shop Gift Card (Fishing) in return for survey completion (Feedback) made the difference. Approximately 3,000 surveys to rootworm corn customes in Indiana, Iowa, Ilinois and Missouri were mailed. Survey forms included various additional information such as a request to contact via phone in the future, along with questions about efficacy, etc. Results: Nearly 60% of all farmers surveyed completed the survey and took advantage of the Free Gift Card offer. More than one farmer-dealer in the trade area stated that this program was one of the most well conceived customer research/ loyalty building initiatives ever offered by a seed company.
  12. 12. xpedx Color Force Event Launch Maxizing attendance at the event would come through a special prize Situation: xpedx is a channel partner with Konica-Minolta. The company wanted offer to all who used the secret decoder (printer’s loupe) provided in the to introduce its new Color Force laser printer to in-house an contract mailing -- identify the prize (embeded somewhere on the last page) print shops through an event where a full demonstration would be held. and write it in on the business reply card. This approach forced the printer to inspect the print quality (in order to “decode” the prize he/she can win An integrated campaign utilizing a combination of direct mail and Solution: by attendingthe Open House Event. outbound telephoning was created. The mailing consisted of a comic book describing the perils of a typical print shop manager with Over 30% of recipients mailed back business reply cards and attended Results: “ColorForce Man” coming to her rescue. the Open House. One laser printer sale equals $20,000 in profits -- the company sold four machines for an overall ROI of 5:1.
  13. 13. Additional Training AT&T IBM Enterprise Rent A Car Midas Mufflers HON Cadillac Amoco Lochinvar GoodYear Daubert Chemical Drury Inns 3M Chevrolet RJ Reynolds Mayflower Missouri Masons Isco
  14. 14. Alflex (Commonwealth Aluminum) Situation: The company needed to launch a new electrical conduit product (AlflexEZ) to electrical equipment dealers. Company policy dictates that dealers must stock the product at a certain level. Dealers sell through to electrical contractors. Solution: The product consists of a traditional electrical conduit with a pull-string installed which eliminates the need for the electrical contractor to string electrical wire through -- a very time-consuming step that reduces the contractor’s productivity (and thus profits) during installations. The creative theme of “It helps to have a little pull on electrical installations” was used to state the key benefit of the product. To gain stocking from dealers, a “pallet profit” promo- tion was put in place. Dealers who stock at a defined level (purchase a pallet) will receive special pricing along with point-of-sale materials promoting trial to customers. The chance to win a sweepstakes prize was included as well. The Alflex direct sales force received incentives for launching the effort among their dealers. Direct sales people earned American Express Gift Cheques for (1) making presentations to dealers about the promotion; and (2) acquiring dealer pallet orders. Results: Program goals were to market and sell approximately 1000 pallets of the new conduit. This goal was exceeded by 20%. Participation among the dealers was 60% which surpassed overall participation goals by 10%. Direct mail example (postcard front and back). Overall project earned a TAM (Targeted Advertising & Marketing) award from Business Marketing Association (’03).
  15. 15. American Buildings Co. Builder Recruitment Program Situation: The metal buildings industry is highly competitive. Builders can choose from a host of manufacturers as authorized builders. Companies therefore recruit builders yearly. Those firms that offer the greatest value are positioned most favorably with builders. Solution: A year long builder recruitment effort was centered around nine key reasons for selecting it as the provider of choice. These nine reasons became “tactics” from a creative standpoint, with the theme “Strategy -- Play To Win” the overarching message. Through the nine tactics -- advertising support, direct mail, training, lead generation, and more -- the builder would be positioned for success. The campaign consisted of a series of direct mail pieces. The first mailing equated success in the game of tic-tac-toe to business. The second presented award winning buildings within a brochure having the same cover. Business Reply Cards with each mailing offered an executive toy -- a lucite board game. Essentially a matched pair program, the pieces were hand-delivered by the ABC District Sales Manager at the meeting. Results: Requests by builders for the executive toy approached 40%. A total of 50 new builders were recruited. The value of an average metal building is approximately $100,000. One building by one of these builders paid for the program.
  16. 16. Brock Manufacturing Situation: Brock is a manufacturer of grain storage, treatment and handling equipment selling through independently owned and operated dealerships. Many of the dealers were not selling the full line (only selling grain bins, but not handling or treatment equipment) and in fact represented other manufacturers as well. The company needed to increase the product mix and overall loyalty among its dealers. Solution: Market research conducted among current Brock and non-Brock dealers revealed perceptions of product superiority. Non-Brock dealers even said they would happily carry the line. This input justified a program that became known as the “Best of Brock” Dealer Program. Following dealer/grower mapping to determine market size, current product mix, location of competing dealers, etc., current Brock dealers in specific areas received an enrollment kit detailing the program offer: Special advertising, direct mail, image, sales incentives, training, and other activities could be purchased by Best of Brock dealers from cooperative marketing dollars they would receive with their Best of Brock enrollments. Dealers could select mailing list options, ads, and four customizable direct mailers as part of their marketing efforts. The direct mailers allowed dealers to select specific sales messages, pricing amounts, etc., relative to their markets. A condition of enrollment included the requirements to stock minimum quantities of ancillary equipment (improve the mix) use the direct mailers (be active marketers) attend training (be more technically proficient), etc. Because of positive non-Brock dealer perceptions about the company and its products, these conditions were not perceived as a threat to alienating dealers; the data showed that if a Brock dealer elected not to participate, there were other dealers that could serve as suitable replacements in that local trade area. Brock District Sales Managers (DSM) were charged with presenting the Best of Brock program to their dealers and earned an incentive for doing so (travel). DSMs and their dealers were given access to grower leads via a special Best of Brock internet site. Results: The goal of 85 participating dealers was surpassed -- 150 out of approx. 500 dealers enrolled as Best of Brock dealers. The Best of Brock dealer campaign won a Gold Quill and Gold TAM in 2004. The program approach has been copied by at least one other grain storage systems manufacturer since.
  17. 17. Enterprise Bank Check Imaging Campaign Situation: This St. Louis bank was implementing its new check imaging system, and was concerned that its customers would have issues with the changeover from printed checks to imaged checks. Solution: An overall campaign was developed consisting of a free binder for bank customers to store their check image monthly statements, along with inserts describing how to read them, the benefits, etc. A direct mail piece was created as well in order to announce the new system and to tell customers to come to the bank to receive the free binder. Additionally, the brochure reinforced the avail- ability of the bank’s new online banking system. Posters for the bank lobby told customers to ask for their free binders. Results: This 02-03 program was proclained the most successful campaign ever implemented by the bank. No customers left the bank as a result of the change to imaged statements. Online banking sales increased by 20% over the previous period.