Nos projets - Projets 3A - Challenge Zodiac - Projet 4 – Dossier


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Nos projets - Projets 3A - Challenge Zodiac - Projet 4 – Dossier

  2. 2. ContentsPage 3 Executive summaryPage 4 Step 1 : Marketing mix and positioning analysisPage 6 Step 2 : BrainstormingPage 7 Step 3 : Marketing plan
  3. 3. Executive summaryINT ROD UCT IONProblems  Low sales for the Nature² line  Low rate of cartridges renewal  Difficult launch of Nature² FusionKey issues and weaknesses  Product perception  Consumer and Retailer relationships MA IN B U SINE S S POINT SFacts Change the name of Nature² Fusion  Only 20% of resellers have sold Nature²  Increasing credibility products and hav e them in stock  Using brand name Z ODIAC  Crowdsourcing Consumer relationship  Loyalty program  (E)mail reminders  Satisfaction surv eys BEN EF IT S Retailer relationship Making customers to trust even more  Multiplying training seminars consumers and retailers  Point-of-sale displays with QR-Code  Transparency about R&D Rebuilding the brand image erasing commercial fail of Nature² Pro Plus Increasing sales up to 80% … Hav e we convinced you ? Read on to find out more on our marketing proposal ! Page 3 sur 9
  4. 4. Step 1 | Marketing mix and positioning analysis 1. Analysis of current Zodiac’s marketing mix 2. Analysis of current product positioning>>> Product “ Nature² : Sans doute la solution idéale pour avoir une eau pure et douce ! „Strengths : Weaknesses : This slogan literally represents the positioning for this line of products  Easy installation  Cheap appearance which is based on the alliance of efficiency and comfort of use.  Easy to use (Plastics, unreliability)  Adaptable to all kinds of pool  Two technologies combined With this slogan, the company reall y insists on the fact that the  Less chlorine product is more efficient than any other one concerning the quality  Long lifetime of the result and the pureness of the water. However, it seems to be  Cartridge replacement only able to define more clearl y this message. once a year We believe that Zodiac could improve its positioning by using>>> Price feedbacks given by consumers in order to be in ad equation with their expectations.Strengths : Weaknesses :  Low installation costs  Solution slightly more  Low prices of cartridges (from expensive than chlorine The results of a survey performed in 2010 showed that the most 69 to 99€ incl. VAT) important criterias for Nature² products consumers are : 1. Swimming comfort 2. Ease of use>>> Placement 3. DisinfectionStrengths : Weaknesses : 4. Clear water  2000 Zodiac certified resellers in  Undiversified distribution 5. Less chemical products France channels  Partners able to advice Those results show that the current positioning “eau douce” fits quite customers well with the first criteria : swimming comfort. However it also mentions the fifth result : fewer chemicals in the water.>>> Promotion To sum up, even if two criterias are mentioned, the catch-phraseStrengths : Weaknesses :  Eco-friendl y  Bad image from N² Pro Plus ignores 3 of the 5 most important factors according to consumer’s  Healthy  Lack of communication with voice which means that the positioning could be easil y improved by  Simplicity partners putting forward.  Desinfectant  Lack of partners motivation  Mineral purification action for promoting Nature² Page 4 sur 9
  5. 5. 3. New positioning proposalConcerning the catch-phrase, it appears that it From our analysis of the current positioning and and bacteri cide proprieties provide a highcan be perceived by the reader in a way that is thanks to the consumers’ feedbacks we can set quality water treatment.too infantile and too simple, which could be up an improved positioning that will convinceperceived quite negatively by consumers and both retailers and consumers of the Nature² Moreover, the Nature² products are used byretailers. products benefits. several kinds of professionals : kinesiotherapy, thermal and cosmetic centers. We can add thisIndeed, even if the Nature² product line is for The idea of the new positioning is to insist on the idea to the catch-phrase in order to make thehouseholds it would be benefic whether the professional use, their technicality and their customers feel that they are using a product ofcatch-phrase could sounds more technical, mineral proprieties. professional quality, in order to make themmore “professional”. By this manner, Zodiac believe that Zodiac enables them to benefitwould insist on the efficiency of the products Ceramic balls, copper and silver are used in the from a professional service at home.belonging to the Nature² product line. treatment process which means that consumers benefit from their natural proprieties : algaecide Page 5 sur 9
  6. 6. Step 2 | Brainstorming Basic ideas for possible Selection of the most improvements : relevant ideas : C HAN GI N G T HE NA M E OF NA TUR E ² FUS I O N Rise the price Change the name of Nature² Fusion The name of a product takes part to the buyer Others solutions are to involve resellers in the Co-creation and crowdsourcing decision process. Decision making is a choice of a new name (increased proximity Highlight the brand name “Zodiac” Highlight the eco-fri endl y message psychological construct. The goal is to with partners) or by crowdsourcing, also known Highlight the healthy message increase credibility in future customers mind. as community-based design, in form of an Put forward the relative low-cost The company has the opportunity to use a open call for solutions, or an online method Create events where customer is directly brand name with over 100 years of history. competition for selecting the best name in contact with the product “Nature² by Zodiac” or “Fusion 2 Zodiac” (by proposal. Create meeting days of training Widen and diversify distribution channels highlighting the brand name, with a French Change the price of cartridges play on words in the second proposal) E-mail reminders for replacing cartridges RE TAI L ER REL ATI ONS HI P Suggest customers buying more cartridges once for a better price - Technical Training Seminars for retailers and C ONS UM ER REL A TI ONS HI P Insist on the lifetime reliability with focusing on the lifetime reliability, efficiency, retailers and customers Teach them more about the benefit The goal is to retain existing consumers and eco-friendly and healthy aspects of Nature². and effici ency of a double technology encourage them to purchase the cartridges - Point-of-sale displays including QR-Code Give them informations about what through incentives : redirecting to an entertaining video/animation. improvements have been done since Nature² Pro Plus - E-mail reminders with entertaining and - Being transparent about R&D dedicated on the Communicate on the brand website informative content (short animation explaining Nature² line by developing web marketing : about R&D made on this range of the action of mineral elements and its benefit …) Recording and uploading short v ideos of Zodiac products Point-of-sale display (including QR-Code - Loyalty program with the opportunity to get a researchers explaining how works the mix of or Datamatrix code) free cartridge after X purchases. technologies and what has been improv ed since Loyalt y program - User satisfaction surveys (with a gain of loyalty the last time. points by completing surveys) Page 6 sur 9
  7. 7. Step 3 | Marketing planObjectivesConvince existing and future dealers as well as existing and future pool owners of the benefit of Nature², in order to grow s ales and renew cartridges.Schedule 2012 - 2014 2012 2013 2014 Changing the name of Nature² Fusion 1st Emailing Campaign Training Seminar 2013 2nd Emailing Campaign User satisfaction surveys Training Seminar 2014 3rd Emailing Campaign Crowdsourcing Page 7 sur 9
  8. 8. BudgetO CT OB E R 2 0 1 2 MAR C H 2 0 1 3Changing the name of Nature² Fusion by Next to the seminar, we will dispatch point -of-highlighting the brand name “Zodiac”. This sale displays to inv olv e retailers and beingaction is the first step to rebuild brand image and visually attractiv e and more present. W e willincrease credibility. include QR-Code to POS displays, redirectingBudget : 0 € Smartphone users directly to our promotional video. DE C EMB E R 2 0 1 2 800 POS displays at 20€ each. Estimating the impact of the first campaign. Budget : 16 000 €O CT OB E R 2 0 1 2 Preparing the training seminar 2013 (looking for aAt the same time, recording a new video for the place, negotiating rental rates …)promotion of Nature² focusing on the new Budget : 0 €positioning (professional service at home, mineralproperties and ceramic balls) to be included in JANUA RY 2 0 1 3the first e-mailing campaign with entertaining Sending invitations to the next month’s Greatcontent. Ev ent by targeting mainly unconvinced retailers.Budget : 500 € Budget : 100 €NOV EMB E R 2 0 1 2 FEB RUA RY 2 0 1 3Rebuilding brand image. Starting the first e- Training Seminar 2013 for one hundred people.mailing campaign B2B to further communicate The seminar focuses on the differentiation of thiswith retailers. An adapted v ersion could be sent water treatment method and the benefit ofto existing customers. The usual cost is from 0,10€ mineral 0,40€ / e-mail sent. This first campaign implies Train tickets : 10 000 €, Trav el expenses : 2 000 €,at least 10 000 recipients. Hotel : 8 000 €, Security : 500 €, Logistics : 2 000 €Budget : 3 000 € Budget : 22 500 € Page 8 sur 9
  9. 9. APRI L 2 0 1 3 JANUA RY 2 0 1 4 The second campaign. E-mail reminders B2C Sending invitations to the next month’s GreatTEST IT ! with entertaining content to inform pool owners Ev ent by targeting mainly unconvinced retailers. with your why is it essential to replace their cartridges. It Budget : 100 € smartphone could include an exclusive discount for replacing cartridges and the introduction of a loyalty FEB RUA RY 2 0 1 4 program (Buy 5 cartridges get 1 free) Training Seminar 2014 for one hundred people. Budget : 3 000 € This seminar focuses on the main points appeared in user satisfaction surveys. Partners S EPT EMB E R 2 0 1 3 can consequently adapt their advices to pool Ev aluating first results after one year. Preparing owners. The Nature² product line will be more the new promotional video informing retailers attractiv e for future customers since it suits more and consumers about what has been improv ed accurately their needs. since the last year. The goal is communicate Budget : 22 500 € about Zodiac R&D dynamism. Budget : 500 € APRI L 2 0 1 4 The thrid campaign. E-mail reminders B2C with O CT OB E R 2 0 1 3 entertaining content to remind users to replace Designing and sending user satisfaction surv eys. their cartridges and loyalty program activ ation. The goal is to stay v ery close to users’ needs and Budget : 3 000 € expectations in order to improve products for next years. Budget : 3 000 € S EPT EMB E R 2 0 1 4 Ev aluating the two-year campaign. Analysis of DE C EMB E R 2 0 1 3 the ov erall results and possibly setting up a new Measures of customer satisfaction. Preparing the campaign for the 2015 seaon starting with a training seminar 2014 (looking for a place, crowdsourcing competition for a new logo. negotiating rental rates …) TOTAL BUDGET : ~ 75 000 € Budget : 0 € Page 9 sur 9