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Internship | Summer Internship | Winter Internship | IT Internship in India: - Make Intern


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Looking for an internship in India? Make Intern help you find the internship that's a perfect fit for you. For college students in India looking at starting a great career is 2014 with some hands-on experience in a field, we have the best internship jobs and summer internships for you across IT, engineering,media and etc.

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Internship | Summer Internship | Winter Internship | IT Internship in India: - Make Intern

  1. 1. Welcome to Make Intern
  2. 2. Make Intern – Best and Most Useful Platform for Fresh Graduates or Inexperienced Jobseekers… Owing to intense competition and less opportunities for fresh graduates in job markets, Make Intern has initiated with a unique online platform to provide training and job opportunities for inexperienced jobseekers looking to enter in professional working environment. It has launched an online stage where such jobseekers can find Internship offered by various companies to newly graduates or inexperienced candidates having academic knowledge in specific field but are not able to find employment in the market.
  3. 3. About Make Intern Make Intern is an online web portal allowing companies and organizations to hire fresh candidates by offering Summer Internship and Winter internship to college students or who recently graduated and looking for such training and internships programme in India. It also allows jobseekers to search these job openings using key skills and educational qualifications demanded by the employers. It covers every size of organization and business enterprise to feely post such job vacancies and also facilitate job hunters to apply directly from here with minimum application and submission procedures.
  4. 4. Types of Internships Programme Available on Make Intern:  Summer Internship  Winter Internship  IT Internship  Industry Specific Internship  Profile Specific Internship  Management Trainee  Entry Level Job Trainee  Full-time Job Openings
  5. 5. Advantages of Internship in India:  Attainment of Practical knowledge.  Professional Working Life Exposure.  Apply Theoretical Knowledge Practically  Exposure to Current Trends in Industry/Sectors.  Acquire New Skills and Business Ethics.  Prospect to build Network with Professionals  Develop Interactional Skills with Teamwork.  Self Confidence and Personality Development  Temporary Financial Assistance.  Prospective Career Choosing Path  Prospects be hired by Current Employer.  Enabled with Better Job Opportunities in the Market.  Increased Productivity with Efficiency.  Learning Opportunity for Business starters.
  6. 6. How Make Intern can help to find Career Oriented Internship in India? Make Intern is an innovative platform for the candidates looking for training type jobs like internship as per their academic knowledge or technical qualifications and field of interest to work in a particular profile/industry. Candidates can search Internships offered by different organizations and business units operating in India or in other countries by searching with relevant key skills. Make Intern is the right destination for fresh graduates to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical working environment under the guidance of experienced professionals with the prospective to work with them as a full-time employee.
  7. 7. Why Make Intern to Find Internships in India? Make Intern is working with the goal to provide a qualitative professional edge to all the candidates and at the same time, filtering them in such a way that the employers can get the most eligible candidate with the perspective to hire them permanently in their organization. It provides the details of internship openings offered by numerous companies operating in diverse fields and looking to appoint such candidates. It covers every industry, sector and wide-ranging job profiles to provide a widespread job opportunities for every individual looking for such occupations. Anyone can find various types of internships like Summer Internship, Winter internship and IT internship India and can directly apply for any of the internship using its website and can join any of the company as per his/her educational background and interest of field to work in a particular domain with the sustainable remuneration offerings.
  8. 8. Benefits of Internships with Make Intern:  Easily Searchable Job Openings  Customize Search option using Kew skills and Eligibility  Technical Skills Based Internships Available  Wide-ranging Industries and Sectors Covered  Both Paid and Non-paid Internships Openings  Vacancies offered by well-known Business houses.  Easy to Apply for multiple Employers  Simple and Easy Job Posting form for Employers  Regular Updates for New Openings  Organize Events and Workshops for Jobseekers
  9. 9. contact us  MAKE INTERN 411 Rajindera Arehant Towers, B1 community centre, Janakpuri, New Delhi:110018 India   ,  ,  Phone No: +91-901-582-60-10
  10. 10.