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CMP museum of complaints-hope


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Published in: Education
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CMP museum of complaints-hope

  1. 1. Museum as a method…
  2. 2. … to visualize the community
  3. 3. Museum of Complaints APAP2010
  4. 4. Complaint as part of urban culture Complaints as an index of urban living Complaints as indicator of need and hope How can complaints become the force of change?
  5. 5. Grass-roots/ Shops Middle Class/ Apartments Grass-roots/ Middle Class/ Apartments Shops Grass-roots/ Shops CMP Museum of Complaints – Area of Study
  6. 6. New apts (Samsung Old ind Lemian / Ddue shops Ran Chae) Anyang Station New Old apts Shopping (Jinheung) area Chungang Old ind shops CGV Bldg Mkt Nambu Mkt CMP Museum of (Conceptual map based on Complaints – development around Anyang Area of Study Station; outling the area and samplings of research)
  7. 7. Museum of Complaints: The Process Museum 1: Area-wide “signage” NGOs Museum Data making: Museum 2: collection visuali- Local tours Citizens zation Museum 3: Indoor exhibition
  8. 8. Project: Street as Museum series A form for visual culture (2005- )
  9. 9. The study of visual knowledge & ecology of the “Wedding Card Street”
  10. 10. Visual culture: From the most obvious – Iron gates
  11. 11. Visual culture: Letterboxes & door bells
  12. 12. Ecology: Evolution of print shops
  13. 13. Ecology: Kaifong relation
  14. 14. Guided tour by local residents
  15. 15. LTS image as anchor
  16. 16. LTS image as anchor
  17. 17. Project: You Are What You Freeze How fridge speaks (2008)
  18. 18. Interim sharing
  19. 19. Interim sharing
  20. 20. Interim sharing
  21. 21. Reference: “signage”
  22. 22. Reference: “signage”
  23. 23. Street as Museum: Cultural Tour Series Reference: local tours
  24. 24. Museum of Complaints: The Process Museum 1: Visualization & Area-wide articulation “signage” on site NGOs Museum Joining the Data making: Museum 2: dots under collection visuali- Local tours various themes Citizens zation Museum 3: Categorized analysis; Indoor anchor for exhibition discussion