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  1. 1. Our Product: Bangkok and Pattaya Tour...!! for 5 days, 4 nights...!!! Incl. Stay, food, Want to fly in the sky...! Trust Sachin, join this company sight seeing... ` Trust Sachin, join this company
  2. 2. Package worth Its worth it 17,000+ Hotel – 3000x4 = 12,000 Food – 500x5 = 2500 Travel – 500x5 = 2500 You get it for Rs 9000 Trust Sachin, join this company
  3. 3. Jain food available 3 Star Hotel Accomodation Trust Sachin, join this company Go to bangkok, enjoy this, tell your friends about it
  4. 4. Special Features: Full 12 month Validity!! + Transfer, Gift or Sell it!!! Bangkok is beautiful, you must go, everyone wants to go so its a good business Trust Sachin, join this company
  5. 5. We buy many things like TV, etc. which cost 9000+ but dont give us any income........... This will give you 70,000 / week by investing 9000 once in a lifetime and working with the team to achieve it. Just go for it, there is nothing like this in the market, this the best MLM Sachin, join this company Trust
  6. 6. Refer to 3 people and get your Air Ticket free!!! or get Rs 14,000 This is an excellent offer, very good first payout, very motivating join this company Trust Sachin,
  7. 7. HUGE Demand for Bangkok Tour!!! 95% of people Will say YES to you when you ask them 'Do you want to go to foreign tour for just Rs 9000?' You want yes, you get yes Trust Sachin, join this company
  8. 8. Now, take advantage of this fact, join us & earn more money... This is a big opportunity , grab it Trust Sachin, join this company
  9. 9. Make That's upto 2,80,000 70,000 per per Month week per ID per ID Trust Sachin, join this company You can do it, yes you can
  10. 10. How you can Earn... After your initial 3 promotions, For every 2 promotions [1 in left, 1 in right] you get 1000 Rs Example if in a week: 10 people join - you earn 5,000 140 people join - you earn 70,000 Trust Sachin, join this company You will earn this and more, start it with sachin
  11. 11. Rewards and Recognition!!! 12 pairs - 5000 or Mobile 25 pairs - 10k or Digi Cam 50 pairs - 25k or Malaysia Tour!!! 100 pairs -50k or Switzerland Tour!!! Have this as your first few goals Trust Sachin, join this company
  12. 12. 200 pairs -1 lakh or Couple Tour to Switzerland 300 pairs -1.5 lakh or 12 days Tour to Europe 600 pairs -3 lakh or Alto or Couple Tour to Europe See yourself enjoying this 1000 pairs -5 lakh or Ritz or World tour 2000 pairs -10 lakh or Honda or World Tour for couple Trust Sachin, join this company
  13. 13. With our support, Share this opportunity with 3 people & start earning!! Get your 3 in 1 week Trust Sachin, join this company Grab this opportunity
  14. 14. TEAM Support: Send friends to meetings or Arrange home presentation Sachin will help you or take his guidance use the tools, be positive Show them this presentation Trust Sachin, join this company
  15. 15. call or sms me on +91 9004580740 work hard you will win` Call sachin now, he is a good leader go to bangkok achieve the targets 1 by 1 Now Trust Sachin, join this company Join this company