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Dont stereotype-campaign-movement

Dont stereotype-campaign-movement,
Ict performance task. business idea

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Dont stereotype-campaign-movement

  1. 1. { Don’t Stereotype Campaign Movement
  2. 2.  We are here to answer the prayers of those people who are always underestimating their own existence and we are also here to prove that they are wrong. It’s all motivating and cheering them up. About the campaign
  3. 3.  This is somehow compared to the anti-bullying campaign but it is more than that. We support people who needs attention to achieve their goals.  This could help to reduce the rate of suicide and depression and make the society healthy and happy. Don’t Stereotype
  4. 4.  We come up to this name of campaign because I, realized that there are many people ignoring strange people because they found it creepy. They literally judged the book by its cover.  Stereotyping is 60% okay and 40% not okay. It’s a kind of discrimination towards other people who do not know anything about them when it is used in the wrong context. Don’t Stereotype Campaign
  5. 5.  The first main goal of the “Don’t Stereotype Campaign” is to help to reach the goals other people who they think of themselves as different such as becoming a singer, music producer, actor, architect, etc.  Second is to obtain the rights of these kind of people their rights to live and to be happy.  Third is to boost the confidence and to give support to these people in order to strengthen their will to live in this happy world. Agenda
  6. 6.  This campaign is only supporting “different” people and never intended to hurt other people. We just came here because it’s the right time to fight for our lives and stop derogatorily stereotyping us and we will be used as the voice of the voiceless! Everybody should be treated right in the name of justice!!! Don’t Stereotype