How to cross over to digital media sales


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For digital media sales you have to develop a good working knowledge of mechanics behind the websites and the impact of advertising through various formats, including the value of digital advertising like mobile advertising, apps and targeted GPS ads. For more details read…

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How to cross over to digital media sales

  1. 1. How to cross over to digital media salesBased on the briefs we’ve been receiving from ourclients recently, it’s apparent that there is a greateremphasis and demand for media sales candidateswith an understanding of digital. Whilst the coreprincipals may be the same, clients have begun toexpand their digital offering and as such needcandidates who can sell in such spaces effectively andhave a clear understanding of the medium. So hereare a few pointers on how to cash in on onlineadvertising sales…Core skillsFirst off, there are some core transferable skills thatyou’ll need as well as some new ones to learn. Ifyou’re already working in the industry you willprobably already have strong presentation,communication and negotiation skills. You’ll also beincredibly media savvy and of course haveexceptional sales skills. If you’re a little unsure ofyourself in these areas then it’s wise to approach yourcurrent employer for additional training or take anexternal course. One of the most renowned courses
  2. 2. for negotiation training is Scotwork , they aim todevelop your negotiation skills helping you to createmore structured and efficient deals. For general salestraining there are the industry recognised DIPADAand AIDA models; you’ll find an array of coursesoffering sales training based upon these methods.Grasp digitalTo take that step into the digital sales space you’llneed to develop a good working knowledge of themechanics behind websites, understanding the worthand impact of advertising through various formats,such as banners and skyscrapers. You’ll also need toread up on the value of digital advertising; the ROI ismuch higher than that of traditional advertising dueto the rich data it offers, enabling companies to targetconsumers more directly. Which is where currenciesstart to come into play; CPM, CPA and PPC, as well asan understanding of how they are influenced byexternal factors such as Ad Networks.Another flourishing area of advertising where sales isseeing huge benefits is mobile advertising, apps andtargeted GPS ads have really opened up the scope forcreativity. Whilst privacy laws in the UK are currentlyrestrictive the ‘third screen’ is a new and promisingarea that anyone wanting to move into digital shouldbe aware of.Industry knowledge and awarenessEmployers will want you to not only show that youunderstand the technical side but also demonstrateyour knowledge of what competitors are doing, that
  3. 3. you’re up to date on the latest digital campaigns andshow a passion for digital in general. So, it’s a goodidea to play around on competitor websites and get afeel for how adverts impact upon consumers – whatworks and what doesn’t work. That way you canunderstand from a client’s perspective what makescommercial senseContactsA major part of moving into a different mediumalways requires strong contacts which couldpotentially be of value somewhere down the line.Interacting with people in the digital space throughthe various forms of social media, e.g. LinkedIn allowsyou to build and develop strong relationships whichwould give you the edge over other candidates andshows great initiative, which in turn is equallyimportant.About Major PlayersHeadquartered in Covent Garden, London, MajorPlayers’ team of more than 80 consultants providesfreelance and permanent personnel. The firm recruitsfor various advertising jobs, marketing, design,digital media, events, interactive media, creative,design, PR jobs in UK.for more information visit
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