How can I ask more of people?


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Know how can you ask more of people. Read our human relation job related guidelines for tips on reputation management, employee retention & skill utilization

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How can I ask more of people?

  1. 1. How can I ask more of people? Ranstad's latest world of work report offers a detailed insight into the current jobs market across the vast number of sectors Randstad specialises in. Joel Natfal, Major Players Head of Recruitment for Research Insight & Analysis jobs gives a brief overview of how to attract talent to your organisation. Alternatively, if you want to read the full report you can get your hands on it by requesting a copy here. Or if you're looking to find your next star employee then get in touch with one of our many specialist consultants or submit a brief. Reputation management These are straitened times for organisations in both the public and the private sectors. A third of all organisations surveyed (REC Jobs Outlook) are still making redundancies, similar numbers are experiencing a headcount freeze and elsewhere organisations have reached a point where they say it’s simply
  2. 2. not possible to reduce the size of their workforce any further. So it’s no surprise that the big challenges in today’s world of work are managing internal change and increasing productivity. Retaining each valued individual There’s no hiding from the fact that conditions are tough. The atmosphere in workplaces is reported as “tense” by half the survey. In June, nearly 70% of people said that their workload had increased during the preceding quarter, and half of those surveyed anticipate that in the coming months they simply won’t be able to cope with increasing demands. These increased demands are affecting the amount of time off that people are able to take. Organisations need to be mindful of the implications of this for retention, since length of leave is viewed as an important differentiator between workplaces. Utilising skills During the recession around 10% of people have taken positions which do not fully utilise their skills. That’s a resource which can be leveraged to benefit organisations, and critically, to engage and enthuse staff. Finally, there’s also a sizeable proportion who say they’ve got more to offer their workplace either within their existing role, or in a more suitable position, but their skills have just not been identified.
  3. 3. “Most organisations use a mix of permanent, fixed-term contracts, interim, contract, temporary workers, outsourced service provision and consultants. Responsibility forthese pools of people is often split. Few organisations view or manage this workforce holistically or realise that by doing so, they can optimise efficiency”, says Kelly Quirk, MD of Randstad Corporate & Managed Services. About Major Players Headquartered in Covent Garden, London, Major Players’ team of more than 80 consultants provides freelance and permanent personnel. The firm recruits for various advertising jobs, marketing, design, digital media, events, interactive media, creative, design, PR jobs in UK.for more information visit Contact MajorPlayers: +44(0)207 836 4041 Mike Iannella: Charley Caines: