What makes an organisation stand out?


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Know what makes an organization stand out with Randstad's latest World of Work. Read more for brilliant HR job related guidelines.

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What makes an organisation stand out?

  1. 1. What makes an organisation stand out? Ranstad's latest world of work report offers a detailed insight into the current jobs market across the vast number of sectors Randstad specialises in. Joel Natfal, Major Players Head of Recruitment for Research Insight & Analysis jobs gives a brief overview of what makes an organisation stand out. Alternatively, if you want to read the full report you can get your hands on it by requesting a copy here. Or if you're looking to find your next star employee then get in touch with one of our many specialist consultants or submit a brief. Talent attraction and employer branding Employer brands have undoubtedly suffered significantly during the past 18 months. There have been many cases of poor financial performance. Organisations have embarked on extensive redundancy programmes, and have restructured significantly. They’ve had to be reactive, which has diminished brand equity and has left little space to focus on developing a positive profile. Some sizeable
  2. 2. and respected organisations have gone to the wall or have required state intervention to survive. Reputation management Under these stressful conditions, reputation management has taken on a new importance in recruitment terms. That’s particularly true because social media now offer people an open forum for the expression of discontent. There may be an uncomfortable reality behind the image, which demotivates permanent staff, temporary workers and contractors, and actively deters potential future recruits from engaging with the organisation. In March, nearly half of all people polled stated that the way in which they talked to others about their workplace (both online and off) was prevailingly negative. Retaining each valued individual In response to this trend, a large number of organisations are now monitoring online conversations to assess how they’re perceived. The positive aspect to this is that online discussion offers valuable feedback, and it presents opportunities to engage with the public to re-shape perceptions.
  3. 3. The process has to start from within. The imperative for brands is to meet current people’s needs. This will promote retention (as far as market conditions allow). People whose needs are met will provide the personal testimony which will help to rebuild the brand. Whilst improving an organisation’s profile in social media clearly doesn’t represent the only channel for restoring reputation, the survey highlights it as an important consideration. The steps which organisations are now beginning to take are bearing fruit. About Major Players Headquartered in Covent Garden, London, Major Players’ team of more than 80 consultants provides freelance and permanent personnel. The firm recruits for various advertising jobs, marketing, design, digital media, events, interactive media, creative, design, PR jobs in UK.for more information visit http://www.majorplayers.co.uk/ Contact MajorPlayers: +44(0)207 836 4041 Mike Iannella: mike.iannella@majorplayers.co.uk Charley Caines: charley.caines@majorplayers.co.uk