Exploring Coliberation - New Games and The Well-Played Game


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These are the slides from the presentation I will be doing at DiGRA 2011

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Exploring Coliberation - New Games and The Well-Played Game

  1. 1. Thumbs
  2. 2. Three Thumbs
  3. 3. Thumb Circuits
  4. 4. Playing well together The experience of Coliberation
  5. 5. Bill Russell – Boston Celtics
  6. 6. From: Second Wind: Memoirs of an Opinionated ManEvery so often a Celtic game would heat up so that it became more than aphysical or even mental game, and would be magical... When it happened I couldfeel my play rise to a new level. It came rarely, and would last anywhere from fiveminutes to a whole quarter or more….It would surround not only me and theother Celtics but also the players on the other team, and even the referees. Tome, the key was that both teams had to be playing at their peaks, and they hadto be competitive. The Celtics could not do it alone. I remember the fifth andfinal game of the 1965 championship series, when we opened the fourth quarterahead of the Lakers by sixteen points, playing beautifully together, and then wesimply took off into unknown peaks and ran off twenty straight points to go upby thirty-six points, and astounding margin for a championship series. We wereon fire, intimidating, making shots, running the break, and the Lakers justcouldn’t score. As much as I wanted to win that championship, I remember beingdisappointed that the Lakers were not playing better. We were playing wellenough to attain that special level, but we couldn’t do it without them.
  7. 7. Communities of PlayThe Sports CommunityThe rules and officialsdecide if the players aregood enough to play. Ifnot, they change players.
  8. 8. Communities of PlayThe Sports Community The FUN CommunityThe rules and officials The players decide if thedecide if the players are game is fun enough togood enough to play. If play. If not, they changenot, they change players. the rules.
  9. 9. The Lap Game
  10. 10. People Pass
  11. 11. Rock/Scissors/Paper Tag
  12. 12. Rock/Scissors/Paper Tag
  13. 13. A New Games Event
  14. 14. Coliberation • Document, explore, define, expand • Online and off • In fun, love, social change • In school, at work, playground and battlefield • Between friends and strangers, communities and cultures, species and planet, we and me
  15. 15. Twoddling