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English (1)


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Published in: Technology, Education
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English (1)

  1. 1. • Presented to:Madam Maliha Sherwani• Presented by:Ammara AhsanNajia Majid
  2. 2. The Importance of EnglishByAmmara AhsanNajia Majid
  3. 3. IntroductionBackground:There is one language in the world thatdeserves to be called Lingua Franca. Thisis English. It is almost spoken andunderstood in every nook and corner of theworld. In the 14th century English becamedominant in Britain. The sun never set onthis great British Empire, and its officiallanguage was none other than English
  4. 4. Introduction• This language is called Middle English. It was thelanguage of the great poet Chaucer, but it would still bedifficult for native English speakers to understand today.• Towards the end of Middle English, a sudden anddistinct change in pronunciation started. In 1604 the firstEnglish dictionary was published.• Hamlet’s famous, “To be, or not to be” lines written inearly Modern English by Shakespeare.
  5. 5. Introduction• Let us discuss the importance of English language: It’s international language (global language) Language of communications between the people withdifferent culture English language links the whole world together This is the language in which most of the information andwebsite are available. If you don’t know English then you would be in need of atranslator to do the job.
  6. 6. Introduction• In education, people that study abroad will use Englishas their medium language.• English is the ideal language for many governmentaround the world and it is also prominent inbusiness, education, world news and communications.• We think English is becoming more and more importanttoday. That’s why before starting teaching we must tellthem about it. I mean not only IN words but also inpractice. When you learn how to speak.
  7. 7. Literature Review• “ English is the key to the store-house of knowledge not yetavailable in the Indian Languages and as a window to therapid progress of technology and scientific knowledge that isconstantly taking place in the world.” The Official LanguageCommission Language of Science & Technology• “English is a language of international commerce, it is thelanguage of diplomacy and it contains many a rich literarytreasure; it gives us an introduction to western thought andculture.” M. K. Gandhi• A Window to the World The Gateway to the Thoughts andCulture “Anyone who can read English can keep in touch withthe whole world without leaving his own house.” F. G. French• “We know it a good deal and we have people who can teachit.” Jawaharlal Nehru.
  8. 8. Research methodology9• Descriptive studyTYPE OF STUDY• LahoreSTUDY PLACE• 5 individualsSAMPLE SIZE• Self-administrated QuestionnaireDATA COLLECTION
  9. 9. Questionnaire• Question#1:Is English essential in every field of life?• Question#2:Do people want to learn English in this modern era?
  10. 10. ResultsQuestionnaire Agree DisagreeN % N %Is English essential inevery field of life?3 60 2 40Do people want to learnEnglish in thismodern era?4 80 1 20
  11. 11. References•••
  12. 12. Thank You