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Kccl final report by majid khan


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its internship report on kohat cement factory K.P.K for help purpose for BBA and MBA students

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Kccl final report by majid khan

  1. 1. Internship report KCCL 2
  2. 2. Internship report KCCL 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all I thank to Allah, The Most Beneficent and Merciful who made me able for work and study. I am very happy to avail this golden opportunity of getting internship work experience of 7 weeks in Kohat cement factory. I am thankful to head of finance department Mr Wali Ur Rehman, and the head of marketing and sale department Mr Dildar khan who provided me such a valuable opportunity of learning so many professional skills and manners. After that I especially thank to assistance manager finance Mr Jamshed Afridi for such a nice super vision in finance office, and giving opportunity for seeking work officially and formally. Here I special thanks to all other staff of finance department for any kind of help during internship. After that I especially thanks to assistance manager marketing and sales department Mr Asad Afridi for such a nice opportunity for seeking work officially and formally in marketing department. Here I special thanks to all other staff of marketing and sales department for any kind of help during internship. I would like to thank Madam Humaira Siddiqi, my supervisor of QASMS for such a great and nice supervision and guideline for work and also Mr M.Junaid, HOD of our department for giving me the opportunity to carry out this internship
  3. 3. Internship report KCCL 4 experience, I am thankful to faculty of our department for co-operation and their encouragement during the internship and also my all friends and colleagues in department and in organization. I am thankful to my parents who supported me in this time period and pray for me for this success and all my friends who co-operated to complete this internship period. Muhammad Majid khan.
  4. 4. Internship report KCCL 5 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Kohat Cement Company is the one of the leading company of cement in the country. The company was started by the state cement of Pakistan (SCCP), established a 1000 TDP Romanian cement line at Kohat at Kohat in 1984. The Government of Pakistan in open bidding in 1992 privatized the Company. The company is well known for producing quality cement at a low price. The head office of the Kohat cement factory is in Lahore, while the plant of Kohat Cement Company is located on Rawalpindi road Kohat. The board of directors are consist of 7 members with a majority of Non- executive directors, all directors are the shareholders of company and the function of the chair man and CEO are different. During my 7 weeks internship, I have studied all the important success factors of cement industry. Those factors in which the industry should bring continuous improvement for his success. I have also learned about the Finance department and its functions and processes of Kohat Cement Company Limited. During my internship I also learned in marketing and sales department about sales process and how to take orders and then further procedures and I also learned about the Kohat cement factory marketing policies. During this internship period I also taught about Pakistan cement industry but here I will give an overview and I will give brief detail in this report introduction sector of Pakistan cement factory.
  5. 5. Internship report KCCL 6 Here I will talk briefly about cement industry of Pakistan, and then about the changes and development gradually taken place. It also includes key success factors of the cement industry, those factors that are necccessary for a company to achieve its objectives. This section contains the market size analysis in the cement industry and to find opportunities in the expansion of market size of cement industry. It contains industry analysis that divided into two broad regions, the northern region and the southern region and also discussion about exports and international markets. Now follow I will describe remaining summary in a few parts……….. 1.1 Purpose of Study The basic purpose of conducting this study was to fulfill the requirements of BBA (Hons) degree at Qaid e Azam University Islamabad and the other objectives for the conduction of study were: a. To polish the hidden skills efficiently. b. To learn negotiation skills for what we would like to learn and contribute to the employer/Organization. c. Describe the function and performance of the Kohat Cement Company. d. To do SWOT analysis of Kohat Cement Company. e. To do FINANCIAL analysis of Kohat Cement Company. f. To give useful recommendations for bringing about improvement in the Kohat Cement Company.
  6. 6. Internship report KCCL 7 1.2 Methodology of Report The methodology for collecting data for the report is using primary data as well secondary data. The biggest sources of collecting data are personal interview, Internet website, and also personal observation. Using the following method has completed the Project: a. Primary Data Primary data is collected through the interviews conducted with the Finance staff of Kohat Cement Company. Data was also obtained with the help of observations and informal discussions with persons working in related departments. b. Secondary Data Secondary data comprises of:  Website of Kohat Cement Company  Manuals  Magazines.  Annual Reports of Kohat Cement Company
  7. 7. Internship report KCCL 8 1.3 Scheme of Study This report only reflects the important functions that are being undertaken in the Company. The report covers all the operations of the Finance department of Kohat Cement Company. The report is divided into the four sections which are; the introduction, industry analysis, company analysis and suggestions. Cement Industry of Pakistan This part is about overall cement industry of Pakistan, and then about the changes and development gradually taken place. It also includes key success factors of the cement industry, those factors that are necccessary for a company to achieve its objectives. This section contains the market size analysis in the cement industry and to find opportunities in the expansion of market size of cement industry. It contains industry analysis that divided into two broad regions, the northern region and the southern region and also discussion about exports and international markets. Kohat Cement Company Limited In this the background of Kohat Cement Company will be discussed. This section has also the mission and vision statement of Kohat Cement Company. In this section history and Company Analysis of Kohat Cement Company will be discussed and financial aspects of Kohat Cement Company will be discussed, it also describes the financial analysis and swot analysis of Kohat Cement Company, and what functions performs in Finance department.
  8. 8. Internship report KCCL 9 Suggestions This part is about the findings observed during whole process, and to suggest recommendations for the betterment of the Kohat Cement Company in future.
  9. 9. Internship report KCCL 10 List of abbreviations KCCL Kohat cement company limited GM General manager APCMA All Pakistan cement manufacturer Association LCCI Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry KPCCI Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. CEO Chief of executive officer HOD Head of Department
  10. 10. Internship report KCCL 11 Table of contents Contents.………………………………………………………………………………….. Page no Acknowledgement …………………………………………………………………… 4-5 Executive summary………………………………………………………………… 6-11 List of Abbreviations………………………………………………………………… .12 Chapter no 1 Organizational introduction and Departmental description…………………………14-24 Chapter no 2 Personal learning and working experience…………………………………………. . .24-34 Chapter no 3 SWOT analysis…………………………………………………………………… .35-45 Chapter non 4 Conclusion and recommendations…………………………………………………..46-50 Bibliography……………………………………………………………………… .50-52
  11. 11. Internship report KCCL 12 Chapter no 1 Organizational introduction and departmental description: INTRODUCTION TO KCCL (KOHAT CEMENT COMPANY LMITED) History of KCCL KCCL was incorporated as a State Cement unit with an installed capacity of 800- 900 tons/day and the cost of installation was about 718,900 million. At start there were 250 officers and 1000 workers for the operation of business. It is situated in the southwest of the Kohat city near Babri Banda on the Rawalpindi road. Its distance from the Kohat city is about 12 kms (Kilometers) and its distance from the other cities of Pakistan is i.e. 64 kms from Peshawar, 142 kms from Bannu, 165 kms from Rawalpindi and Islamabad etc. Its total height above the sea level is about 450 meters. The total area bound by the KCCL is about 164 acres i.e. 656 kanals and this enclosed area consists of the factory plant, hill, colony, hospital, school, mosque, playground, hostel for single workers, club and community hall
  12. 12. Internship report KCCL 13 for the refreshment of employees, railway siding and also the leading road to the main road. For the operation of business the first machinery was imported from Romania in the month of April 1978 and in Pakistan only KCCL has the Romanian machinery. KCCLwas incorporated on 30th April 1980 under the companies’ act 1913 and now the act has changed to Companies Ordinance 1984. Lt. Gen. Saeed Qadir, minister of production, on 30th June 1983, performed the opening ceremony. The first commercial production of the KCCLwas started on 1st October 1984. As the total outlay of the company was 718,900 million and its registered authorized capital was 200 million. In the early stages, the shares of worth 188 million were floated in the capital market. The first Board of Directors of the KCCL were; MR. Zaheer Sajjad (Chairman), MR.M. Saleem (Director/ GM), MR. Mushtaq Hussain (Director), MR. Ghulam Murtaza (Director) and MR. Fida Hussain (Director). The first Secretary of the company was MR. Fazal Karim (GM Finance). During the first year of inauguration KCCLearned a net profit of 3 million. In early days, company faced the problems like: delay in the supply of equipment, defective supply of equipment as well as problems with the technical services but the Pakistani engineers and the management of those days overcome the problems efficiently.
  13. 13. Internship report KCCL 14 a- Privatization of KCCL Being working under the State Cement Corporation of Pakistan, KCCL was privatizing by the Privatization Commission of Pakistan after nine years i.e. it was privatized on October 31st 1992 in the Government of Main Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. Privatization was followed through an open auction. Atta Muhammad Sheikh, who has a prominent name in the business society, made the highest bid and purchased the 90 percent shares of the company,. The partial amount of the bid was 520 million and 300 million were paid to the State Cement Corporation of Pakistan and hence, the total amount of the bid was 820 million. The company started its operation under the new management team and showed a great efficiency. However, company suffered the loss in 1993 because of large amount deducted as taxes but the new management made the tremendous efforts to overcome the loss. b- KCCL Achievements after Privatization After Privatization, the new management team performed a vital role in the growth of the company. In present the authorized capital of the company has been extended up to 1000 million and plans to increase the authorized capital to 1500 million by changing the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company to reflect the increase in the authorized share capital of the company.
  14. 14. Internship report KCCL 15 c- MissionStatement  Our customer with quality cement at competitive pricing  Our share holders with good returns and sustainable growth  Our employee with care and career development opportunities. d- Vision Statement  Be the best in the eyes of all stake holders e- Company Background Kohat Cement Company Limited (incorporated in 1980) is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, listed on Stock Exchanges of Pakistan and engaged in manufacturing of Grey and White Cements. Quality of our products is better than approved British and Pakistan Standards. Company Registration Number & National Tax Number 1: Company Registration Number CUIN: 0007693 2: National Tax Number 1758919-3 Board of Directors Mr. Aizaz Mansoor Sheikh Chief Executive Mr. Nadeem Atta Sheikh Director Mrs. Ghazala Amjad Director Mr. Omer Aizaz Sheikh Director Mr. Muhammad Atta Tanseer Sheikh Director
  15. 15. Internship report KCCL 16 Membership of industry associations and trade bodies 1. APCMA (All Pakistan Cement Manufacturer Association) 2. LCCI (Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry) 3. KPCCI (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chamber of Commerce and Industry) 6. Employers Federation of Pakistan
  16. 16. Internship report KCCL 17 ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE OF KCCL KCCL is a Public limited Company because of changing its state from private to the limited liability in the year 1994. A single family because of the 90 percent ownership in the company runs it. It is bureaucratic in nature; because it is a formal organization with a clear division of labor, abstract rules and procedures and impartial decision-making that use technical qualifications and professionalism as a basis for promoting employees. It has a centralized management team and centralized decision-making dominates it. KCCL has a Product/ Market Organization Structure i.e. it often referred to as organization by divisions, brings together in one work unit all those involved in the production and marketing of a product or related group of products, all those in a certain geographic area, or all those dealing with a certain type of customer. In KCCL, Atta Muhammad Sheikh is the Chairman because of the 90 percent ownership and the Board of Directors consists of the family members like: son, daughter in law, son in law etc, come under the supervision of the Chairman. Chief Executive is also the family member and works under the supervision of the Board. Two GMs (General Managers) i.e. GM Works and GM Administration, works under the supervision of Chief Executive. GM Works is the overall in charge of the plant operation and the following management team comes under the supervision of GM Works i.e. Electrical Manager, Production Manager, Quality control Manager, Maintenance Manager and Mining Manager. The other GM i.e. GM Administration is the overall in charge of the administrative
  17. 17. Internship report KCCL 18 measures of the company and the following management team works under the supervision of GM Administration like: Administration Manager, Finance Manager, Marketing Manager and the Internal Audit Manager. The organizational structure is as follows:
  18. 18. Internship report KCCL 19 Organizational structure of KCCL
  19. 19. Internship report KCCL 20 DEPARTMENTATION IN KOHAT CEMENT COMPANY LIMITED Departmentation is the gathering of people for business activities in order to distribute the workload and to improve the efficiency of company. Any department in the company has its own assigned function. In KCCLthere are the following departments that are working for the growth and efficiency of the company.  Finance Department  Marketing Department  Administration Department  Internal Audit Department  Production Department  Mining Department  Quality Control Department  Electrical Department  Mechanical Department  Quarry Crusher And TPT Department
  20. 20. Internship report KCCL 21 Because of the insufficient time of two months it was not possible to understand and work in all the departments of KCCLhowever, the following departments were explored i.e. the Finance Department, Internal Audit Department, Administration Department, Human Resource (Wing) and the Production Department.
  21. 21. Internship report KCCL 22 CHAPTER NO 2 My Activities / Learning in Kohat Cement Company The eight weeks internship is very important for a student to match his/her theoretical knowledge with practical experience. During the 7 week internship in Kohat Cement Company Limited in Finance Section, I have done a number of activities given as follow in form of fortnightly sequence: Firstfortnightly work experience:  During two weeks I was given work mentioned below at the office of Assistant finance manager.  I Learned about Microsoft dynamic GP software which was being use in office for financial transactions.  I learned that How to manage petty expenses (lower then 3000) and other expenses more than 3000 rupees.  During these two weeks I put files serial wise and other documents related to financial vouchers.  Also know about short term payments period of organization which is 18 months  I have done Calculations of advance payments of salaries.  I have asked for Serial numbers checking and checked it.  Petty cash and cheque separations and putting in sequence wise.  Documents drop for OCS in Admin office.
  22. 22. Internship report KCCL 23  Analytical Accounting entries which we pass for given general entry detail for example mobile expense, vehicle expenses, wear and tear expenses etc.  Print out of mobile expense form.  I have done Calculations of expenses.  I have done Relative cheques attachment with relative documents.  Writing cheque numbers and date on documents.  I have done Stapling relative vouchers with relative documents and their slips and gate passes of Kohat Cement Company plants.  I have Checked Opening and Ending stocks calculations in inventory report. 2nd fortnightly work experience:  During these 14 days I have done the following work in my internship.  Stapling relatives vouchers with relative documents and slips.  Bring deposit slip file from cashier office for verification of some of expense.  I sequenced the documents serial no wise.  I have put other documents in date wise sequence.  Stapling vouchers and cheques with relatives documents, slips and plant entrance gate passes.  Documents drop on the table of head of finance Mr. Wali Ur rehman.
  23. 23. Internship report KCCL 24  I was asked to search the vouchers of last and current year of different months and different dates according to given references from Lahore head office for audit.  I have put all documents in monthly sequence wise for binder who binds them in date wise sequence.  I have put telephone bills in sequence.  I have done Separation of petty expense and cheques or other expense.  Drop documents in the cabin of head of finance for signing and after that forwarding them to head office Lahore after scanning.  I have done Calculation of cash.  Searching documents according to given reference date from head office Lahore.  Taking signs and give him a cheque of annual percentage of profit.  Stapling vouchers in relative registers.  I stapled different vouchers with relative cheques and slips of payments’.  I have put all documents in date wise sequence.  During these two weeks our management send me in HR department on my request but in Kohat cement factory Kohat there is no proper system for HR because HR sector is handle by head office Lahore, but on the request of Assistant manager finance Mr.jamshid Afridi they again send
  24. 24. Internship report KCCL 25 me in finance department because of audit from head office Lahore there was a work burden. 3rd fortnightly work experience:  Marketing and sales Department fortnightly work,  Order form  Followings are some types of payments those are use in order form for payment:  Online payments  Adhoc: payment in a few days.  They have a Short term payments in sales; (during in month).  The head of marketing start with me discussion on pricing strategies.  Kohat cement factory use value base pricing strategy.  Their pricing strategies also base on Govt, policies about taxation and price limit etc.  The sales manager Discus with me about the business field.  The head of marketing and sales ask from me a question on an overview of finance and marketing management department work.  We discussed in the office the difference between finance and marketing field.  We discussed about different cement brands and their main difference from KCCL.
  25. 25. Internship report KCCL 26  FECTO CEMENT: much quantity of chemical.  LUCKY CEMENT: sandy stone.  KOHAT CEMENT: Kohat cement have natural benefit that they have strong stones which give them benefit during process of mining and making cement.  Kohat cement use in Kohat tunnel about 96 percent.  Learn how to make booking form for customer parties  They give long term credit to government projects but in Kohat they have only one government organization which use their product named Pakistan railway.  Learn about payment clearance form of last and current payments.  Learn about price level.  Kohat cement factory use different price level for different areas such as layyah, hangu, karak, para chinar etc  The marketing manager creates Discussion about four P’s.  The marketing manager creates discussion about how to promote your product.  Discussion about price strategies and push and pull strategies.  We discussed about marketing old and new concept.
  26. 26. Internship report KCCL 27 Last week work experience:  During the last week I have done the following work in my internship organi8zation.  I have done Calculations and verifications of files.  Documents drop on the table of head of finance.  Documents drop in the cashier office for making payment cheques.  Documents drop on the table of head of finance for signing and approval of payments of cheques.  I Stapled cheques with relative vouchers.  Documents drop on the table of head of finance for signing and forwarding to head office Lahore.  Counting cash and stapling with relative person name list for payment.  I have Make form for advance expense payment.  I have Stapled cheques and other documents with relative vouchers.  Sequence wise them according to their serial numbers.  I have done Separation of petty expense documents with other expense documents and cheques.  I Verified amount against the proper person payment and working hours.  Documents drop on the table of head of finance for payments approval.  I have Make excel sheet for employees working hours and their wages according to their working hours.
  27. 27. Internship report KCCL 28  Documents drop on the table of head of finance for forwarding them to head office Lahore.  I had Drops cheques of payments to cashier office.  Writing cheques record in record register according to their expense and giving narration for these cheques.  I Got evaluation forms in sealed envelope and certificate of internship from HR office. The learning activities:  Payments of salaries  Payments against expenses Petty cash Bank cheque  Clearance of Utilities Bill  Royalties  Payments of Taxes  EOBI Payments  Kohat Cement Education Trust Payments Each of the above activity is briefly described below:
  28. 28. Internship report KCCL 29 Payments of salaries: Payments of salaries to the employee are paid by Finance section. Advanced Salaries are also paid by Finance Section through Individual Bank Accounts. Payment against Expenses: Payments of expenses are paid by finance section through petty cash and through cheques like Mobile Charges, fuel expenses etc. Clearance of Utilities Bill: Utilities bill of electricity bills, Telephone bills, Raw material bills are paid by Finance Section of Kohat Cement Company from the concern of Head Office. Payment of taxes: Excise duty taxes and sales taxes are paid by the Head Office. Employee old benefits payments: Payments of old employee benefits are paid by finance sections.
  29. 29. Internship report KCCL 30 Chapter no 3 SWOT analysis: To arrange showcasing and administration procedures for business it is critical to perform circumstance examination. One such investigation, a SWOT examination looks at "qualities, shortcomings, opportunities and dangers inside of specific business field. The concrete business is likewise a field of business for which the SWOT important to enhance showcasing and administration methodologies. The SWOT examinations of Kohat Cement Company Limited are as under: a- Strengths Suitable Location The geographic area of KCCL is exceptionally suitable in light of the fact that it is situated close to the famous urban areas like Islamabad and Peshawar where it can without much of a stretch access in these business sector on the grounds that development movement expanding step by step in these huge urban areas, Another open door for KCCLis Kohat Tunnel opening for fare the bond to Afghanistan and so forth and different nations effectively and safely. KCCL is arranged close to the primary city Kohat 12 kilometers away. The organization's
  30. 30. Internship report KCCL 31 representatives don't confront any issue and can without much of a stretch go to the principle city in view of the accessibility of nearby transport. Raw Material Availability Typically, industrial facilities are arranged near the crude material due to lessening the expense of generation. Crude materials are supplied from distinctive territories like Gypsum from "Siabb (Gumbat)" and "Krapa", Lightrate from "Mianwali", Silica sand from "Mianwali" and Marble Powder from "Siabb & Krapa". In this way, the crude material for the assembling of concrete is additionally accessible three kilometers away in the mines of KCCL and the huge dumpers are accustomed to convey the crude material to the plant so it is a quality for Kohat bond organization to give crude material by the supplier requiring little to no effort. Infrastructure and Suitable Working Environment Kohat Cement Company has a major base because of high apparatus plants furthermore a different square for Finance, advertising, Human Resource and administrator Office. Workplaces designs are great and completely outfitted with Centralized Air Conditioner framework. KCCL give offices like Water, Tea and
  31. 31. Internship report KCCL 32 Urine Facilities to the workers. KCCLgives a suitable workplace to the officers i.e. both to the specialized and non-specialized staff to keep their psyche crisp in light of the fact that they are included in doing the mind boggling computations, passages and tired endeavors. In this environment the representatives work serenely. Accounting System The new innovation and standard enhancements are obligatory for organization organizations. Microsoft Dynamic GP is a money related (Microsoft Dynamics GP gives organizations like yours complete control over funds, assets, and choice characterizing data) new bookkeeping frameworks is utilized as a part of Finance division and SDBA framework is utilized as a part of offers and advertising office. This product is utilized for record keeping like costs, pay rates, taking requests and so on. Modern Machinery KCCL is running present day innovation to add to its items and enhance the nature of Cement. KCCL was utilizing old hardware that has been gotten from Romania however 2006 KCCL introduced another present day innovation plant that imported from china and that create a mass limit of concrete on regular
  32. 32. Internship report KCCL 33 routine. As of late KCCLTwo-Three months prior introduced another pressing plant that imported from India. Advanced Machinery of KCCL demonstrates its reinforce as contrast with its rivals. b- Weaknesses: Regardless of the wonderful qualities KCCL has a few shortcomings likewise, in light of the fact that on the planet we see that each substance either man or association has qualities and shortcomings. In this way, in KCCLthe accompanying shortcomings exist: Power Crises The primary shortcoming of Kohat Cement Company is force emergencies. KCCL is entirely relied on upon WAPDA .KCCL contributed a gigantic sum all alone power plant yet it was not being used still now, due to high creation per unit cost. Since there is the issue of burden shedding and increment in costs of coal and gas. Insecurity to Officers In KCCL the officers are not permitted to tune in the union along these lines, there is no such instability other than the occupation end whenever and without
  33. 33. Internship report KCCL 34 relegating any motivation to the worker concerned i.e. it can be the individual sharpness or whatever other reason. Principle reason is that because of strict guidelines of KCCL furthermore a privately owned business so the effect of unreliability is reflected by the representative execution and hobby towards the employment and therefore general profitability is influenced. Inconsistent sports Policy In KCCL the games approach exists however not yet actualized for all intents and purposes. This strategy is utilized only for gaudiness or flaunting. As the solid body contains the sound personality thus, this approach ought to be actualized for keeping the workers fit and enthusiastic. Absentees Truancy is the significant shortcoming in each association and it ought to be fathomed on the grounds that the non-attendance influences the organization's development and this issue ought to be explained by investigating the fundamental reason.
  34. 34. Internship report KCCL 35 Lack of Professional Expertise inside of the Kohat Cement Company In Kohat Cement Company a large portion of the representatives are chosen on references. They can't receive legitimately the legitimacy framework. That is they are not able to enhance the organization's execution. Execution of worker is checked through Annual Confidential report. c- Opportunities: Opportunities allude where the shots of development and flourishing exist for the association i.e. the association ceaselessly finds new routes for gaining most extreme benefit furthermore to maximize the shareholder's riches. For KCCL the accompanying open doors exist: Construction of New Khushal Garh Bridge The new development of Khushal Garh Bridge is finished and it will be open for overwhelming transport. It makes an open door for Kohat Cement Company to fare bond to India with little transport cost.
  35. 35. Internship report KCCL 36 Construction of Kohat to Khost High Way As Kohat to Hangu high way is now under development. This high way will be unmitigated to Khost Afghanistan. After development of this high way the fare of bond will be more productive and extraordinary open door for Kohat Cement Company Increasing Construction in Kohat and Peshawar Zone Instantly there is blast in development industry. There are numerous tasks under development, University lodging plan, NGO, s ventures other individuals who originated from tribal territories to Kohat and Peshawar zones. They are building their own homes there and it is additionally beneficial open door because of high deals in these zones. Establishment of the Own Power Plant Power is the essential need of life and the KCCL is utilizing this need for its plant operation and for settlements. WAPDA (Water and Power Development
  36. 36. Internship report KCCL 37 Authority) supply the force transmission to the organization and it pays a month to month bill in millions which is a vast cost. The organization is auditing to build up its own particular force plant to decrease the month to month cost furthermore the expense of creation. d- Threats: Independent the success and development dangers additionally exist for each association. Just that association stays in the business whose eyes are open for the future difficulties. The accompanying dangers exist for KCCL, which the organization needs to screen always i.e. High Tax Rates In Pakistan the development movement has been given the business status and the business assessment is diminished up to 15%. In any case, in Pakistan as a result of the incessant changes in government the danger of high levy is still present for the bond business. Passage and nearby assessment on overwhelming vehicles additionally bring about expansion in transport charges, which specifically cause in expansion in costs of concrete.
  37. 37. Internship report KCCL 38 Inflation Rate Swelling rate is likewise a danger for the organization in light of the fact that the reliable increment in the cost's components of generation preferences: coal; can bring the immediate impact on the completed item. Finally due to the expansion individuals will get to be un-utilize and their obtaining force will decrease and henceforth the business volume of the organization will likewise decay. Entrance of New Competitors Passage of new rivals in the concrete business is a noteworthy danger for the organization. In light of the reinforce arrangements and their executions and long haul systems the contenders can catch the business sector. Along these lines, the business volume of the organization will decay and the organization can defeat this circumstance in the wake of checking on its item regarding quality and cost. Pakistan Cement is the new conceivable contender of KCCL.
  38. 38. Internship report KCCL 39 Power Crises In the event that the force issue is not settled, it will bring about extraordinary misfortune for Kohat Cement Company. It will bring about expansion in costs and general impact on Kohat Cement Company. Law and Order Situation in Kohat Because of touch in limits with distinctive tribal territories Kohat faces diverse issues, for example, transport crosswise over Dara Adam khel and other security issues. In the event that these issues are not settled, it well gravely impacts the transportation of Kohat concrete furthermore Chapter no 4
  39. 39. Internship report KCCL 40 Conclusion and suggestions Conclusion: From the above examination it can be effectively comprehended that bond industry in Pakistan is prospering. There are high passage hindrances for concrete industry, in light of the fact that it needs an enormous measure of settled resources. There is high fascination for new firms in bond industry, as there is little rivalry; there is no nearby substitute to concrete in the business sector. As there is predetermined number of firms in the bond business so there is next to no contention impact inside of the concrete business. Because of over the organizations can without much of a stretch set their costs. The purchaser's energy likewise exists however practically nothing. They go about as value takers. The supplier has high bartering force, yet the concrete firms request tremendous measure of crude material, so they get crude material in low costs when contrasted with others. Despite the fact that there are high section hindrances and haggling force of supplier in bond industry, however the client's energy is practically nothing, there is no nearby substitute to concrete, and little competition because of predetermined number of firms, and there is no issue of setting costs. So there is much appeal for new contestants in bond industry. 1 Suggestions
  40. 40. Internship report KCCL 41 Recently Pakistan is experiencing force emergencies which gravely impacts every one of the organizations particularly generation. KCCL ought to instantly begin their own particular force plant to defeat that issue without interference in its exercises. Kohat Cement Company is a rumored organization in Pakistan. The nature of its dark concrete is up to the imprint. They ought to likewise focus on their other product offering white concrete; the nature of their white bond is not that great as required. KCCL ought to do a few stages for environment, as it is getting harmed because of the manufacturing plant's smoke. Kohat Cement Company ought to low their cost in the neighborhood Kohat as the vehicle expense is low. The interest in Kohat is high as outcasts of tribal regions are moved to Kohat in a huge numbers; with low value KCCL can without much of a stretch get the neighborhood market. Kohat Cement Company ought to extend their current business sector inside Kohat and Peshawar zones.
  41. 41. Internship report KCCL 42 The enrollment and determination procedure ought to be on the premise of legitimacy. The meriting individuals ought to be enlisted. Kohat Cement Company ought to give the bricklayers the apparatuses of development to make them steadfast, on the grounds that a great many people allude to them while buying bond for development. Kohat Cement Company ought to additionally open organization stores inside of the current business sector to check and control the unpredictable increment in Kohat bond costs by wholesalers. Company ought to enhance its stock administration framework for productive utilization of assets. there ought to be a change in receivables gathering as organization has vast measure of receivables yet to gather. Company ought to concentrate on expanding benefit rather than advancement. Company needs to center those nations for import where there is less duty and no share suggestions.
  42. 42. Internship report KCCL 43 Company ought to productively use advantages for create deals. Company ought to search for diverse choices for financing its operations instead of making immense liabilities however obligation financing, which in the long run prompts expanded account expense and punishments of due installments. there ought to be increment in advancement to increment in deals around the world. there ought to be productive administration which is completely
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