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  1. 1. Near the High School Girls North Almazar Irbed 21610 Jordan E-mail: Phone: +962777383923 WORK EXPERIENCE RJAF directorate of supply cargo section January.1996 — Feb 2016 RJAF directorate of supply cargo section Dec 2013 — Feb 2016 Jordanian embassy military attaché in Washington DC - USA Feb 2011 — Feb 2012 cargo man - warehouse clerk - store keeper 1. Receives and inspects all incoming materials and reconciles with purchase orders; processes and distributes documentation with purchase orders; reports, documents and tracks damages and discrepancies in orders received. 2. Makes Intra- and inter-campus deliveries of requested surplus office furniture and merchandise; maintains records of all deliveries. 3. Fills supply requisitions; assists buyer to order adequate merchandise and supplies; delivers orders to faculty and staff. 4. Receives, stores, tags and tracks surplus property; prepares property lists for items to be sold at auction. 5. Receives stores documents and confidential files; maintains record of approved document and confidential file destruction. 6. Ships canceled and damaged items back to vendors as appropriate. 7. Delivers and sets up furniture as requested. 8. Handles and documents storage and transportation of hazardous materials. 9. Maintains the warehouse, records area and stores area in a neat and orderly manner. 10. Answers questions regarding procedures and resolves discrepancies regarding receipts, deliveries, warranties, repairs and surplus property. 11. Trains , supervise and directs the work of assistants. Noncommissioned Officer Senior Supervising the work and follow-up staff in the warehouse . Answers questions regarding procedures and resolves discrepancies regarding receipts, deliveries, warranties, repairs and surplus property Supervision of administrative tasks and monitor the opening hours and follow-up staff Training new employees to work and follow-up Department of foreign purchases Follow-up purchase orders and invoices with audited and converted the financial department Majdi Hassan Jarrah Majdi Hassan Jarrah 1
  2. 2. QUALIFICATIONS · Ability to Perform general storekeeping and warehouse duties; maintain accurate manual and computer records; perform physical labor; understand and carry out oral and written instructions; drive a forklift; maintain cooperative working relationships; demonstrate sensitivity to, and respect for, a diverse population. · Knowledge of Modern warehouse procedures including methods of proper and orderly storage and issuance of materials; basic stock inventory procedures; requisitions, purchase orders, invoices, packing slips, bills of lading, freight tags, and the use and meaning of each; computerized warehouse record keeping systems. · Excellent Computer Skills: Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) & The internet. · Strong communication skills. · Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems. · Understanding the implications of new information for both; current and future problem-solving and decision-making. · Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience. · Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions. · Building Rapport – developing healthy relationships; getting along well with people and · putting them at ease. · Client/Customer Awareness – exemplifying excellent customer service skills. · Interpersonal Relations – recognizing the “people” aspect of issues and the need for · positive relationships; produces good results through interaction with others. · Listening Skills – attentive hearing; demonstrating understanding from what has been expressed. · Organizing/Planning Ability – problem solving and time management skills; meeting as well as working under deadlines; goal setting based on priorities. · Personal Work Ethic – meeting as well as working under deadlines; setting high standards for oneself. · Attention to Detail – Checking for accuracy in one’s work; controlling/eliminating errors; · showing concern for all areas of a task, however small. · Analytical Skills – Collecting, comparing and relating data from different sources; Identifying issues; anticipating problems. · Integrity – can be trusted to perform duties in a proper and honest manner. · Computer Skills – using appropriate computer skills and knowledge, ranging from data entry to systems analysis, to achieve work goals. · Consultative Skills - Giving effective professional advice to meet the identified needs of the client/customer. · Team Skills – being able to work collaboratively with others in a participative · management environment; working independently as well as working on a team. · Written Skills - Conveying information accurately in an appropriate written format; · expressing oneself effectively in writing. EDUCATION Stockiest technician course august.17.1996 — December. 4.1996 Technical administration course Apr 2006 — jun 2006 Prince Faisal Technical College at RJAF King Hussein Air College at RJAF Majdi Hassan Jarrah 2
  3. 3. Basics and principles of insurance 19 Aug 2007 — 23 Aug 2007 English Learning Course 6 March 2007 — 5 June 2007 English Learning Course 26 Jun 2007 — 28 Aug 2007 English Learning Course 23 Oct 2007 — 5 Feb 2008 English Learning Course 28 Feb 2008 — 5 June 2008 English course 3/July/2008 — 4/Dec/2008 Secondary school - Scientific section — Aug 1995 JORDAN FRENCH INSURANCE CO. -JOFICO JBS Level 4A ( 24 course hours ) JBS Level 4B ( 24 course hours ) JBS Level 5A ( 24 course hours ) JBS Level 5B ( 24 course hours ) Armed Forces Institute of Languages (Languages institute-JAF ) English course at Armed Forces Institute of Languages (Languages institute-JAF ) from 3/7/2008 to 4/12/2008 full time course Public school REFERENCES References available upon request. LANGUAGE · Arabic: Mother language-first language, excellent. · English: a second language, V. Good. Majdi Hassan Jarrah 3

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