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Celebrating Kenya


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The number one spot that we hold and we keep on rising. If only we can stick together

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Celebrating Kenya

  1. 1. Kenya LEADS Africa and the World In many ways!! A heroes’ tribute from Dr. G.K. Maiyoh GKM. for the love of country
  2. 2. Fellow Kenyans • Local politics are disheartening to say the least. • Corruption scandals in parliament, judiciary and in the executive. • Wrong priorities (e.g. MCA’s are more important that teachers, nurses, doctors and lecturers). • Imagine all the other crazy things we see and hear about yet we still stay a float globally. Flip the coin, imagine where we can be if we get rid of these ugly deterrents. GKM. for the love of country
  3. 3. Nianzie wapi?, Acha nianzia popote! • World Grand Prix S (Women volleyball) - Australia • The Malkia strikers!!, they are our new found pride in the sporting world – winning the first ever international title, not just for Kenya but Africa!! They more than deserve the VIP reception. We honor you for this achievement! Their coaches David Lung’aho and Japheth Munala – true heros in the hearts of Kenyans Cudos to Churchill and Madowo for hosting them……. More air time for them please Must do??, give them express access to the indoor arena at Kasarani with a handsome stipend. GKM. for the love of country And the celebration too!
  4. 4. We celebrate our new crop of world beaters • Julius Yego (KEN) Massive Throw 91.39m NR, DLR, AR, WL Javelin Birmingham DL 2015 • • Willy Tarbei and Kipyegon Bett in a 1-2 finish in Colombia, GKM. for the love of country You are a true star Eunice sum, excellent replacement for Pamela and Janet, Thanks Men to look out for: And many more Kumari Taki
  5. 5. 1st ever sub-sahara GES summit, Nairobi, July 25-26th 2015 • Only the sixth GES sumit the world over; • But why is Kenya the chosen host? We are not only the leading economy in East Africa but the 3rd fasted growing economy world over – only behind china and the Philippines. Nigeria only other African country in the top 20 President Obama (most powerful man on the planet) will be here – His second home of course……… he curries genes from this land. We feel honored, 1st ever black prezo of the mighty USA GKM. for the love of country
  6. 6. Anything good in academia? • Oh yes, the 2015 Ranking of African Universities and Higher Institutions by journals consortium is out. (based on research publications and citations from the last five years (2010 to 2014) as well as visibility on the internet. ) • Are we in the top 10?, yes UoN is 4th position. The only top 10 east African University, congrats! • Others?, not so bad but could be better, KU (28), MU(47) and JKUAT (57) and Egerton(62) out of 1447 Universities and institutions of higher learning in Africa GKM. for the love of country
  7. 7. How safe are we? • Sometimes it does not feel like it, but guess what?, KDF is ranked 6th strongest military in Africa after Egypt, Ethiopia, SA, Nigeria and Algeria • We are at 68 worldwide …. GKM. for the love of country
  8. 8. Athletics – We’ve come along way! Perhaps more than anything else, Kenya is re-known all over the world for its track and field athletes. Since the 1960s, Kenya has produced more world class athletes, more world record holders and more Olympic Medalists in long distance running than any other country. Kenya's history in Track and field goes back to 1951 when the Kenya Amateur Athletics Association was formed. Soon it became apparent that Kenya had a reservoir of talent which if tapped could produce several world Class runners. GKM. for the love of country
  9. 9. Pioneer world beaters • At the Rome Olympics of 1964, Wilson Kiprugut Chuma became the first Kenyan ever to win an Olympic medal when he won a bronze in the 800 meters. At the Mexico Olympics of 1968, Naphatali Temu became Kenya's first ever Olympic gold medalist when he won the 10,000m, outsprinting Mamo Wolde of Ethiopia. But it was Kipchoge Keinos heroic achievement that was most memorable. Keino was at the time suffering from gallstones and participated in the Olympics against his doctor's advice. He finished second in the 5000m and in the 10,000m he collapsed with only a few laps to go. He thus opted out of the 1500m final, which was to be run the following day, only to change his mind a few minutes before the race began • Read more….. Kip Keino celebrates victory at Mexico 68 GKM. for the love of country
  10. 10. Kenya leads Africa in mobile pay technology • A recent study by MasterCard shows that Kenya leads the developing world in readiness to adopt mobile payment technology, • This has enhance Kenya's global reputation as a leader in technological innovation. • The report accompanying the MasterCard index, said that M- Pesa success has created an alternative payment network in Kenya, making it, in terms of sheer usage, one of the most advanced markets in the world. • GKM. for the love of country
  11. 11. Not just locally! • Kenya also leads Africa Diaspora cash growth on mobile money use – Even better than SA Why is this good? “Mobile money will play a pivotal role in global remittances, helping to reduce fees, improve speed and convenience for users and Most importantly, mobile money is a key enabler of financial inclusion,” says Alix Murphy, senior mobile analyst at WorldRemit GKM. for the love of country
  12. 12. Top Women entrepreneurs • Tabitha Karanja et al, women who have eaten into the male dominated space in amazing ways. http:// / Only recently, Tabitha was named the Businesswoman of the Year in the CNBC Africa All Africa Business Leaders Awards (AABLAs). Congratulations lady! GKM. for the love of country
  13. 13. Kenya leads Africa in mobile government services • Africa is the world’s fastest-growing mobile market, and Kenya’s government is leading the charge. A recent report shows that Kenya is the second most ready African nation “to embrace mobile government services.” • In keeping with its commitment to transparency and good governance, Kenya is leading the quest to deliver public information and services via cellular technology, such as offering agricultural advice to businesses and allowing citizens to pay utility bills remotely. • A robust E-government is only part of Kenya’s broader effort to make its government more accessible. Earlier this year, Kenya launched its Open Data Project, a user-friendly database that includes national census data and government spending records, and even information of parliamentary proceedings. • Source: Associated Press GKM. for the love of country
  14. 14. Kenya Leads African Peers in Computer Literacy • ‘Nairobians’ are ranked amongst the most technology savvy city dwellers in Africa by a recent survey. • The comparative survey, dubbed Maisha was carried out in eleven leading commercial cities in African countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Nigeria, Zambia, Madagascar and Angola by Consumer Insight, a leading research agency in the region. • The 2008 study established that 74 percent of residents in Nairobi – Kenya have used a computer at least once. The second and third best in computer literacy are Lagos - Nigeria and Kampala - Uganda at 69 and 68 percent, respectively. Lusaka - Zambia was ranked last with 32 percent. • GKM. for the love of country
  15. 15. Kenya leads Africa in cyber monitoring • With a global surge in countries' requests from Google for user data, Kenya leads the continent in keeping a very close eye on the online activities of their citizens • Last year Google received over 50,000 requests for user information, an increase of 26% since 2012. Over the last four years, the internet behemoth says such requests are up 120%. • On the African continent, Kenya had the most requests for such information, with eight demands in the last half of the year. By global standards, eight is not a very high figure but towers in comparison to other African countries. GKM. for the love of country
  16. 16. Kenya leads Africa in exclusive high-end property market • The most amazing aspect of the coffee table book is the fact that Kenya holds the crown for the number of high-end properties featured in the book. • Global property manager Knight Frank has whet the appetite of Kenya’s wealthy class with the launch of a premium book which reviews multimillion-shilling private residential properties across the continent. • GKM. for the love of country
  17. 17. Kenya leads in Connectivity in Africa • With the fastest internet speeds, some of the lowest internet connection costs and the highest bandwidth per person, Kenya is emerging among the top countries in Africa for internet access, spurring investment in the process. • "Investment in the continent's connectivity is creating multiple benefits that Kenya demonstrates as a clear example of a virtuous circle, where each investment accelerates the next, with an ever increasing footprint of beneficiaries," Ben Roberts, CEO of Internet provider- Liquid Telecom Kenya has said. • GKM. for the love of country
  18. 18. Kenyan vision – Nation-wide connectivity To be achieved if trend continues GKM. for the love of country
  19. 19. KENYA LEADS AFRICA IN EMV STANDARDS COMPLIANCE ON CARD PAYMENTS F • Kenya Bankers Association (KBA), the umbrella body of the commercial banking industry, has announced that its 44 members have successfully adopted the EMV compliance standard for Payments Cards with most banks realizing the three milestones in the phased implementation plan. • The move from the magnetic stripe card, which is prone to cloning by fraudsters, to the Chip and Pin-based card with enhanced security features is in line with global trends that have seen issuers and schemes around the world adopt the standard that is named after its developers -- Europay, MasterCard and Visa. Besides being more secure, cards systems based on Chip and Pin technology have additional value as they can be leveraged by banks for data-driven business strategies. • Kenya is now one of only three countries in Africa – after Nigeria and South Africa – to adopt the EMV standard at an industry level. • leads-africa-in-emv-standards-compliance-on-card-payments.html GKM. for the love of country
  20. 20. Kenya leads African countries in bandwidth per person, lowest costs and fastest speeds • Kenya currently leads other African countries in terms of connectivity with the highest bandwidth per person on the continent, the fastest speeds, and some of the lowest internet costs, according to a presentation by • Ben Roberts, CEO, Liquid Telecom. GKM. for the love of country
  21. 21. Kenya Leads Africa with 2% of GDP for Research and Development • Funding provided in the Science, Technology and Innovation Act Kenya already leads Africa with its allocation two percent of the GDP for research and development activities. It is apromise that as eluded the content for the last four decades despite endless promises. • It is the strongest indicator that Kenya intends to a leader in science technology and innovation in Africa while preparing to catch up those in Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and others which were at per with it in the 1960s. • By Otieno Owino( ScienceAfrica Reporter) GKM. for the love of country
  22. 22. Kenya leads Africa in M2M uptake • Kenya leads Africa as an early adopter of machine-to- machine (M2M) technologies, with uptake more prevalent than for other enterprise solutions including videoconferencing and cloud computing, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC). • The IDC’s recent Middle East and Africa (MEA) Enterprise Communications Survey revealed 50 per cent of Kenyan survey respondents had already deployed M2M technologies, while a further 27 per cent intended to within the next three years. • africa-in-m2m-uptake/ GKM. for the love of country
  23. 23. KENYA LEADS THE WAY IN ECO- TOURISM • Kenya is one of the global leaders in community-based ecotourism, working with the many local tribes to develop innovative ways to protect the environment and local culture. • A leader in innovative eco-lodges, Kenya has won many international eco-lodge awards. Il N'gwesi and Tortillis Camp both won the British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow award in recent years. Ol Donyo Wuas was a finalist for the same award this year. • Kenya is ahead of the ecotourism pack in other areas as well, planning to be Africa's first country to develop and use international criteria to rate eco-lodges and tour operators. Ol Donyo lodge GKM. for the love of country
  24. 24. Kenya Leads Africa in Male Circumcision • A World Health Organization (WHO) report on the progress of voluntary medical male circumcision shows that out of the 555,022 circumcised men in 13 sub-Saharan African countries, 327, 479 were circumcised in Kenya. • - See more at: hp?id=3191#sthash.2kcmQE1f.dpuf GKM. for the love of country
  25. 25. GKM. for the love of country
  26. 26. Kenya tops Africa in backing the US spying on leaders • Kenya leads in a listing of African countries whose citizens accept American government spying on their leaders and on private citizens. • Forty nine per cent of Kenyans interviewed in a survey agreed that e-mails and phone conversations of their political leaders should be monitored by US intelligence services for whatever reasons, while 44 per cent disagreed. • The survey by the US-based Pew Research Centre, also showed that 51 per cent of Kenyans opposed US spying on Kenyan citizens, with 43 per cent in support. • Mmm not sure if this is to be celebrated though!! • Centre-US- Spying/-/1950946/2393848/-/format/xhtml/-/v009ssz/-/index.html GKM. for the love of country
  27. 27. Who is top president in Africa 2015? • Thousands of university students from across hundreds of institutions of higher learning in the continent also recognized President Kenyatta for initiating progressive economic programmes aimed at uplifting the lives of Kenyans. • of-the-year-award/ GKM. for the love of country • Politics aside, UK won the prestigious Africa Education and Leadership Awards for his ability to build consensus locally and abroad, efforts to change policies for the better and supervise solutions that address Kenya’s pressing issues.
  28. 28. Other Top Awards And YOU, are a hero waiting to be discovered GKM. for the love of country Alex Muiruri Won at the Innovation Prize for Africa awards Lupita - Oscar Idah – Ms world Dr. Moses Makayoto, Kenya Industrial Research and Development Won prestigious fellowship with the top Britain’s Institution of Chemical Engineers
  29. 29. GKM. for the love of country My country, my choice K E N Y A