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Supernatural deception


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In Matthew 24:24, Jesus tells us that in the end times, Satan's deceptions will be rampant in an attempt to deceive everyone—even God's elect people. One way Satan tries to deceive us is to counterfeit God's wonder-working power.
An apparition of Mary appearing in the sky. Note the picture had to be put on it
An apparition of Mary appearing in the sky. Note the picture had to be put... read more.
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In the last century, signs and wonders have appeared more and more in connection with the Catholic Church.

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Supernatural deception

  1. 1. [Supernatural Deceptions Author: Wendy Goubej] September 19, 2012In Matthew 24:24, Jesus tells us that in the end times,Satans deceptions will be rampant in an attempt todeceive everyone—even Gods elect people. One waySatan tries to deceive us is to counterfeit Gods wonder-working power. In the last century, signs and wondershave appeared more and more in connection with theCatholic Church.The Catholic belief that Mary is the queen of heaven andmediator between us and Christ has been bolsteredrecently by apparitions of Mary appearing around theworld. She has become a key figure to be worshiped.Catholics have experienced all kinds of strangeoccurrences, but this should not be surprising,considering the Catholic statement that apparitions aremore important than theology: An apparition of Mary appearing inThe theologian Karl Rahner has pointed out that we are the sky. Note the picture had to bemoved much more readily and effectively by those put...divine interventions that we call apparitions than byabstract teachings of knowledgeable theologians orthe hierarchy of the Church (emphasis added).iSome of the miracles occurring in Catholicism seemvery similar to the experiences of New Age mystics.In 1973, for example, Catholic Father Stefano Gobbireceived over 600 dictated messages that he wrote down.He published them in a book entitled To the Priests, ourLady’s Beloved Sons.In the book, he urges priests to be faithful to the Popeand to render “total obedience to his commands,” “readyto fight even to the shedding of their blood in order toremain united to him.”iiThe New Age and Catholicism should have nothing incommon, but in reality the lines have always beenblurred. Both New Age and Catholic practices areadaptations of ancient Babylonian paganism, and nowNew Agers and Catholics alike are seeing the samedeceptive signs and wonders in their respective spheres.
  2. 2. [Supernatural Deceptions Author: Wendy Goubej] September 19, 2012The prominent New Age organization ShareInternational lists many instances of miraculous signsand wonders in Catholicism, the New Age movement,and even Islam and Hinduism:We are witnessing a huge increase in the number ofmiraculous appearances. People worldwide describeseeing the Madonna or Jesus, while many others reportmeeting ‘angels’. Hundreds see Maitreya in dreams,visions, or in person...religious statues and iconsweeping tears, real blood and even pearls; theextraordinary Hindu ‘milk-drinking’ statues in 1995;appearances or sightings of the Madonna; holy messagesin fruit and vegetables...iiiA Holland news service says this about miracles takingplace in Teheran, Iran: Statue of Lord Ganesha drinking milk."It is reported in various parts of the city that an image ofJesus has been seen on fences or in windows. Peoplehave gathered to witness it for themselves." So writes theIranian newspaper Akhbar in its 25 December 1995edition. Reuters news agency quotes newspaper reportsof the face of Jesus appearing on the wall of a flat in theIranian capital of Teheran. The report also mentions thespontaneous healing of a paralysed girl from a Christianfamily. Rumours spread like wildfire within the city andhundreds of Iranian Christians and Muslims alikeflocked to the apartment building. An elderly woman ina black chador claimed it had happened before and that aMuslim man suffering from cancer had been healed onthat occasion.ivNew Age teacher Benjamin Creme says that the signsoccurring in every religion are proof that the New AgeChrist—the Maitreya—is coming:These events are occurring on a world-wide scale, andare part of the signs which people expect and look for inconnection with the reappearance of the Christ today...They are signs that we have come to the end of one eraand the beginning of a new one, and that the Christ hasreturned to the world to inaugurate this new cycle...I was contacted by one of the disciples of the Christ in
  3. 3. [Supernatural Deceptions Author: Wendy Goubej] September 19, 2012January 1959, and soon afterwards was given, byMaitreya Himself, the task of preparing the way for Him.I have been doing this for nearly 20 years now. My roleis to create a climate of hope and expectancy for thereturn of the Christ, so that He can enter our liveswithout infringing our free will.v