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Growth hacking and User Experience: A love story?



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How User Experience / Growth Hacking can work together to short and long term success.

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Growth hacking and User Experience: A love story?

  1. 1. Growth Hacking and User Experience: A love story?
  2. 2. Not quite….
  3. 3. Growth hackers find creative solutions to growth-related problems within a product. User Experience experiments and tests to engineer a great experience and solve problems for everyone using a product. Digital marketers promote brands and increase conversions through targeted, measurable, and interactive techniques. Digital Marketing Growth hackers User Experience
  4. 4. Who came first….
  5. 5. Sean Ellis coined the term "growth hacker" in 2010 Growth Hacking
  6. 6. Don Norman popularised the term “user experience” while working at Apple in the 1990’s and companies like Xerox’s PARC were conducting formal research on computer-human interaction since 1970s. User Experience
  7. 7. Growth hackers User Experiencevs 5 years +20 years
  8. 8. User Experience is fundamentally about the relationship between people and technology. More than that, it’s about identifying and designing that relationship.
  9. 9. ….and getting businesses to generate commercial value too
  10. 10. Next to its scientific roots, the User Experience field itself has been around long enough to have developed its own best practices.
  11. 11. Growth Hackers tends to focus on tweaking product or existing marketing to acquire users.
  12. 12. It's easy to get Growth Hacking and UX convoluted since both advance their goals through understanding human behaviour.
  13. 13. Growth hackers User Experiencevs “How can we increase conversions or brand affinity?” “What do our customers need, and how can we best serve them?”
  14. 14. Growth hackers User Experiencevs Business view User view QualityQuantity Improves experiencesIncrease conversions Making things people wantMaking people want things All Testing (Quantitive / Qualitative)A/B Testing StrategicTactical Long TermShort Term
  15. 15. “If the goal of growth hacking is to create value for the business, then the goal of user experience is to create value for the customer.”
  16. 16. While Growth Hacking and UX are not core-value compatible, they are powerful assets to a company if managed wisely and held in proper balance.
  17. 17. Growth Hackers and UX Designers should work together because we share the common interests of understanding human behaviour and building brand loyalty.
  18. 18. User Experience can help Growth Hackers get valuable intelligence around how to sell or position a product more effectively.
  19. 19. A Growth Hacker should never ask a UX Designer to…
  20. 20. “GoDaddy” a website, stuffing it full of unnecessary crap that annoys and frustrates in the name of an extra $7.99 a year.
  21. 21. Nor should one be asked to conceive of solutions that exists solely to trick the user into a poor decision.
  22. 22. These types of experiences are counteractive.
  23. 23. The way that people interact with brands has changed. It’s not enough to simply tell people you have a product they want or need. They need to experience it. The need to feel it. They need to love it.
  24. 24. And that’s exactly what User Experience will help do.
  25. 25. Can UX Designers and Growth Hacking work together?
  26. 26. Absolutely. But only if UX Designers are given license to truly do their jobs.
  27. 27. The biggest misconception about User Experience is that it is about creating beautiful interfaces.
  28. 28. That is just a small part…
  29. 29. There are two type of User Experience Designers. Generalist and Specialist
  30. 30. I am a specialist. Also known as T-Shaped. Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO, defended this approach (IDEO is an award-winning global human-centered design firm founded in 1991)
  31. 31. Researcher CopywriterPsychology Product Design Strategist Information Architect Service Design Engineer User Experience Broad Knowledge UXDeepSkills User Interface Wireframes/ Prototype Graphic Design Mobile/ Apps Desktop Wearables Interaction Design
  32. 32. If there is just one thing you can take from all of this…
  33. 33. While Growth Hacking can generate revenue for the next two quarters….
  34. 34. Building a product/service that provides great service will generate revenue for the next two years.
  35. 35. User Experience is its own form of growth hacking.
  36. 36. User Experience + Growth Hacking = Magic