The Image of the Other


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Project with Denmark

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The Image of the Other

  1. 1. Lovely friends! “ The Image of the Other” Denmark and Spain
  2. 2. Once upon a time….. <ul><li>We started looking for a teacher in Europe to share our new project. </li></ul><ul><li>We wanted to discover a new possibility to communicate using English language….. </li></ul>
  3. 3. We met our “Image” in… Denmark
  4. 4. AND WE MET EVA!!! Our school is situated in a small town about 40 km from Copenhagen, just south of Roskilde. In our class are 18 pupils, 11 girls and 7 boys. If this sound interesting, let's exchange more information and let the first letters show us how to make our pupils partners. With kind regards Eva Heiberg. [email_address] Peder Syv Skolen, Ørstedvej 63 B, 4130 Viby Sjælland. Dear Maite Cervera ! I am a teacher in Denmark, I have a class of about 11 year-olds, who very much want to find friend with whom they can share information, and use their English language. They have learnt English for 2½ years, and I think it would be good to start with using the forms of the European Schools Project to get their first letters done. I have taught English for many years, but have never taken part in a project like this.
  5. 6. We were ready to start our project Letter 1: Letter 2: Letter 3: Letter 4: Introduction. My home. My school. My hobbies. Letter 5: Letter 6: 7: Do you really Letter 8: Details. My diary. know each other? My country. Letter 9: Letter 10: Showing you The image. around.
  6. 7. The first letters arrived…
  7. 8. Hello , we are two of your new friends and this is our school in Denmark This is our class. We work in groups of four students What about you?
  8. 9. nosotros Fotos cole We also work in groups of four students This is our class in Madrid. We are learning how to use new technologies
  9. 10. Last February we had a nice surprise. Eva, the Danish teacher came to school.
  10. 11. Eva, the postwoman, gave us our friends´ letters And some presents
  11. 12. Happy birthday Ida!!! Our Danish friends
  12. 13. We like healthy life! We have lunch at school. We usually have a sandwich, Fruit and milk
  13. 14. This is our school in Madrid. These are some of the activities we have during the year We answered:
  14. 15. CARNIVAL TIME at Montserrat School! February, 2007.
  15. 16. And the last day, when the party is over… we burn our fears out!! Days before, we usually prepare a symbolic sardine. Students write a fear on a scale and then, we glue it to its body.
  16. 17. We Keep on writing our lovely Danish friends And who knows... Maybe one day we can meet our friends