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Cassava starch separation


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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Cassava starch separation

  1. 1. CASSAVA STARCH SEPARATION María Isabel Argote Turizo GRADO: 11-2 JM
  2. 2. BACKGROUND  The production of cassava starch in Colombia comes mainly from the northem region of the Cauca department in small agricultural industries know as “rallanderias”, in which the setting of the slurry occfurs in channels.
  3. 3. PURPOSE AND AIM  The fact that the setting process determines the capacity of the starch industry, it is important to evaluate the sedimentation process performed in rectangular channels which are generally used in the region. Two main components were evaluated: determination of the change in the concentration of the slurry entering the settling zone and determination of the particle size distribution in the settling zone
  4. 4. METHOD USED  It is important to evaluated te sedimentation proccess perfome in rectangular chanals (0.3m high; 0.4m wide; 1.05 long)
  5. 5. FINDINGS/ RESULTS  In relation to the affuent the channels it was found that the concentration of the slurry strainer operation was helween 0.1 ti 6% most of the time.
  6. 6. CONCLUSION Cassava starch industry, sedimentation by gravity, sedimentation channel starch particles. Keywords: Cassava starch industry, sedimentation by gravity, sedimentation channels, starch particles.
  8. 8. PURPUSE AND AIM  In Spain young people have their first sexual intercourse at an earlier age than in other countries; however, little is known about the relationship between age of sexual debut and sexual behavior in this population.
  9. 9. METHOD USED  Sexual practices and methods of protection are analyzed depending on the age of sexual debut among Spanish adolescents who are sexually experienced. The mean age was 15.9 years. Three groups were formed according to the age of sexual debut reported: early sexual debut , average (15 years) and late (later than 15 years).
  10. 10. FINDINGS/ RESULTS  The early sexual debut group reported further mutual masturbation, vaginal intercourse and oral sex with a higher number of sexual partners than the rest. Condom use at first intercourse, percentage of use and consistent condom use was significantly lower in the early sexual debut group compared to the others.
  11. 11. CONCLUSION The findings of this study suggest that the age of sexual debut has implications for the sexual health in young people. Key words: Sexual debut, Condom use, Sexual risk, Adolescence.