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India 360 wwa brochure

  1. 1. Worldwide Adventures India P Ltd, Suite 211, Tower A, Spazedge Building, Sohna Road, Sector 47, Gurgaon - 122018, (NCR-DELHI), Haryana, IndiaPh : +91-124-438-7371 journeys@worldwideadventuresindia.comFax : +91-124-438-7378
  2. 2. 55 05 07 54 07 53 08 Trek LE TRAVEL 11 as ) tan L Gangtey / Gogona lay 51 13 SOCIA hu INTRODUCTION B ima a– TY S Itine ath Trek p RE di am H RESPONSIB IBILI (In rary 03 ORATE TU TH erary to the C 02 S 14 50 se EN YA RE ONS k a MA 1 M rar y re LA DV B P TU HI 0 pT TEA tin rney CORP Itine st Druk UL EA 17 RESP re m Y Ca IT EC E ra Eve OK Jou OUR L UR ITA 02 e 49 TH as T E SP EN ne t Iti oun SP ry I B V BE BE 19 na AD “Life is HO BI al) M ur 01 AT AN ION IM ap r y ep E RE ECT (N E UR n An nera S IC L 47 YA TH G OL Iti LA Y TO k EP EC AN A E Wal UR either a HIM URN T VEN rips Sp ice AD ling T JO ern 22 outh y 01 S Cyc 01 Pala ces erar y outes & rar Itine H INDIA Itin an R great SOUT v Cara India Cycling) 45 Exploring th e Wild (North Itinerary 02 co te ts Itinerary 02 adventure 23 NORTH INDIA Temple,Tiger & the Taj Mahal Land of (North India by Bicycle) Maharaja Itiner s Itinerary ar y 0 03 44 NOR Sanda or nothing” TH I 1 NDIA (Sou lwood & S Tre th p India ices kki by Bic 23 Itin ng ACT ycle) Hi erar y throu IVE Itin mala 04 gh Itin FAM ILY Fro erar Pin era yan eT HOL Hi ry ree Co m y 01 IDA YS HELEN KELLER m 03 Foot s ffe the Iti al 43 eP G 24 hil ne ay ard Iti ad com la Dh ound y 01 I M A L ls ra an ne to m Ro ith nt e R erar N G H Tre at n Ci r (w a ra th un y0 Fo Itin P O S I ula Tre k io IM r y e H ity ns ty to Itin Road ot 2 The THE ORE INDIA hi dh k in 02 42 EXPL Itiner WALKIN lls On the N era On the Water Trail Itinerary 05 ar IMPO ry 0 ss Tra Fo he 26 ar y 04 im wo oth 3 t ala rk) le ill G & HIK SI 41 ature Tra s ya NG H s AYA IMAL 29 vell ON FO ING: 40 S il ed AYAS OT 39 30 36 33 342 3
  3. 3. Twelve years ago we set out Rajasthan to Family Adventures in Kerala, from on our very first journey Trekking in the Himalayas to Walking through a Tea through India and Nepal Plantation. Choose your own time frame and set your own pace: From easy week-long escapes to with our dear associate Lewie Gonsalves. The month-long challenging expeditions. Our custom- strong impression these magnificent places made made journeys are planned to match budgets and on us together with the warm camaraderie that interests. To cater to the diversity of our developed among our travellers inspired us to participants, we have graded our trips to suit both create exciting adventure tours for others. The beginners and the more experienced adventurer. passion that fuelled our early years is still very WWA offers a wonderful mix of fun, learning and much alive — clearly evident in the travel challenges. Our carefully crafted journeys are experiences we continue to provide each year. guaranteed to rejuvenate your body and spirit and bring you a fresh perspective on our world. This year we have added many new experiences i ro uc io as well as a selection of Family Adventures. We extend a warm welcome back to those who have Travelling with us is more than just a holiday — used our services — and to our first-time guests, its a unique opportunity to meander off the you can look forward to some amazing biking trips, beaten path onto Roads Less Travelled — to walks through a snow-covered pass or across the marvel at breathtakingly beautiful scenery, and to starkness of a vast desert, water rafting on wild interact directly with the people of the land and rivers, and exploring remote villages. share their culture. Our philosophy of discovery and interaction offers an unforgettable experience of real travel. BE ACTIVE, INQUISITIVE Worldwide Adventures continuing success lies in AND ALIVE! our commitment to small groups, carefully crafted Balu Menon itineraries, expert staff and trained professional leaders/resource people. Our Adventure Collections span a wide choice of exciting activities and wonderful locations: From Biking in4 5
  4. 4. res o sib e cor or te tr ve soci At Worldwide Adventures ever since we started out more than a decade ago, sustainable and res o sibi ity responsible have always been the two key words Worldwide Adventures is committed to giving irrevocably linked with our journeys. something back to the community and we endeavour to make a positive contribution by We are convinced of the incredible importance of supporting a wide range of educational and health travel. Its only through travelling and through initiatives in India. Education brings people into meeting people that we understand that all of us the mainstream and we have, with the support of share this world. That got us thinking about how well-meaning NGOs, identified a select group of much we can enjoy travelling and at the same bright school children from underprivileged time create a better world for our children — by sections of society and provide them free changing our travel habits and thinking differently education. Worldwide India also actively and about how, where and why we travel. We consciously engages local guides to generate understand our need to sustain the natural and employment and boost the economy of the local cultural wonders of our planet so that our children community. can enjoy the same life-changing experiences that we have savoured. Many of our travellers and associates spend a Responsible Travel means assessing our day or two at these impact on the environment and local facilities to be with culture and acting to make that impact as these enthusiastic kids positive as possible. Our local guides, staff and realize the impact and resource people are fully aware of of how a little help and their duties as responsible citizens of support from our side our planet. can go a long way in securing the future of the next generation.6 7
  5. 5. “Adventure is worthwhile” ARISTOTLE Our Team extraordinary services and loads of fun Worldwide Adventures professional, highly trained leaders and resource people are the backbone of our team. Those of you who have enjoyed travelling with us know them as the core part of our family. If you are a first-timer with us, we guarantee that you will be delighted with their professionalism, expertise in Managing Expectations, and their warmth which comes across so naturally, thanks to their genuine interest in people. Our team members have an instinct for extraordinary services, and this, together with their passion for the regions you will visit makes the journeys a truly engaging and fun experience.8 9
  6. 6. BESPOKE ADVENTURES The Adventure Collection features itineraries but these are our just suggestions to inspire you and give you an idea of what we can offer. We have years of experience in creating Bespoke Adventures — each adventure can be tailor- made for you, to experience the destinations and activities to suit your individual preference. Choose from exciting journeys — zorbing, rafting, hiking, bicycle tours, camel safaris, horse safaris, trekking, mountaineering, kayaking, and other adventures.10 11
  7. 7. imbibe t e cu ture A unique feature of our trips is the in-depth experience that we offer. It is not about just passing through or pausing at a destination. India is a land of extraordinary diversity, and all her contradictions, sights and sounds are in our soul. Our love and pride inspires us to ensure that our Adventure Collection programmes offer initiated travellers and first-timers the opportunity to immerse themselves in the stunning variety that is the real India. Getting to know the people and the culture is a refreshingly different experience: A simple chat with a teashop owner in Narlai; or an invitation to tea at the home of a middle-class family in Kumarakom over a chat about how the state of Kerala achieved 100 per cent literacy. Whether you choose an easy-going pace or an exciting journey packed with new challenges, we offer you an environment that matches your needs and offers you all the modern day comforts.12 13
  8. 8. great ospita ity Our travel planners have spent over twelve years journeying throughout India and our neighbouring countries in search of very special places to stay. Their discoveries are often of lesser-known accommodations, and these too are part of our adventures. There is a vast choice but each is carefully chosen for its great hospitality and because it has its own story to tell. Family-run havelis, once the homes of noblemen or wealthy merchants, have been restored to their former glory and renovated to offer modern comforts and amenities. As have forts and palaces that are steeped in and reflect the history and culture of the region. At some places we offer our own modern tented accommodation. For us deluxe is not always a five- star property. Whatever the type of accommodation, our selection is based on a combination of top quality, great hospitality, and places that have a story to tell. We suggest properties that will make you feel pampered, spark your curiosity and ignite your imagination. Yet another opportunity to embrace the spirit of adventure!14 15
  9. 9. a epic rea Perhaps no other region in the world can boast of the variety that the adve t re Indian subcontinent has to offer, making it a passionate foodies paradise. Each region boasts of its Indian cuisine has been influenced by own special recipes, authentic its 5000-year-old history. Each region ingredients and styles of cooking has its own unique cuisine reflecting and presentation — making it a the local produce, terrain and climate gourmets delight. and the various groups and cultures that have made India their home over We offer a culinary adventure with the centuries. The diversity of visits to local kitchens and flavours has been further enhanced interactions with creative chefs, the by the Mughals, British, Turks and best of cooking schools, family Portuguese. dinners and visits to local markets.16 17
  10. 10. Cyc i g Trips We at Worldwide Adventures are passionate about cycling which inspires us to constantly look for the best routes on the roads less travelled that the country has to offer. Our cycling adventures, through the countryside with stops at some iconic places, offer an unbelievable experience. These biking journeys suit anyone who enjoys recreational cycling. We cycle on high quality bikes for between 2 to 6 hours a day. In the true spirit of adventure, the emphasis is on flexibility to enjoy the villages we stop at, to imbibe the local culture. A support vehicle is on hand at all times so that you can opt for mechanized transport in case of rain or whenever you want a break from cycling.18 19
  11. 11. The “Adventure may hurt you ADVENTURE but Monotony will kill you” COLLECTION20 21
  12. 12. Caravan Routes & Palaces ACTIVITIES Temple, Tiger & the Taj Mahal Sandalwood & Spices (North India Cycling) Cycling (North India by Bicycle) (South India by Bicycle) Camel Safari TRIP DURATION Cultural Encounters TRIP DURATION TRIP DURATION 11 DAYS Day 01 Day 02 Arrive Delhi Delhi ACCOMMODATION Deluxe HOTEL Luxury 10 DAYS 10 DAYS Day 01 Arrive Delhi Day 01 Arrive Kochi Day 03 Fly to Jodhpur Palace Camp Day 02 Day 03 Delhi Delhi – Agra Day 02 Day 03 Kochi Kochi – Munnar Day 04 Day 05 Jodhpur Jodhpur – Manvar Boutique Hotels Day 04 Agra – Bharatpur Day 04 Day 05 Munnar Munnar – Periyar Day 05 Bharatpur – Ranthambore Day 06 Manvar – Naralai Day 06 Periyar Day 06 Ranthambore Day 07 Naralai Day 07 Periyar – Kumarakom Day 07 Ranthambore – Jaipur Day 08 Naralai – Delwara Day 08 Kumarakom Day 08 Jaipur Day 09 Delwara Day 09 Kumarakom Day 09 Jaipur to Delhi Day 10 Delwara to Udaipur Day 10 Kumarakom – Kochi, departure Day 10 Departure from Delhi Day 11 Departure ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Cycling Cycling Jungle Safari ACCOMMODATION ACCOMMODATION Deluxe HOTEL Deluxe Hotels HOTEL Boutique22 23
  13. 13. ACTIVE FAMILY HOLIDAYS Our multi-activity adventures have been Down south in Kerala, a bike ride through the designed to help you discover exciting places quiet backstreets of Kochi adds a unique flavour via a combination of modes of travel. Perfect to the grilled fish lunch that could follow. As for family trips, these comprise one or more of does a private nature walk through cardamom a choice of activities: walking, hiking, kayaking, and tea plantations in Munnar. rafting. Imagine you and your family biking to the Taj Mahal, the greatest monument of love. These family adventures are exciting for adults and children alike without being too physically A walk through the alleys and traditional challenging. An eye-opener into another world markets of Jodhpur after visiting the that enchants all irrespective of their age, these magnificent 15th century Mehrangarh Fort atop multi-activity adventures are also a great way a hill offers a whole new dimension. Hike up to for families to spend quality time together. the Elephant Hill to enjoy a breathtaking sunrise or ride to a small tribal village. Delving deeper into these various cultures helps expand childrens intellectual horizons and teaches them to appreciate and celebrate different ways of life. India is a perfect destination for Family Adventures. People go out of their way for families with children, quite like no other place in the world. You are truly welcomed as a friend.24 25
  14. 14. From the Garden City to Coffee Plantations TRIP DURATION Day 01 Day 02 Arrive Bangalore Bangalore 9 DAYS Day 03 Bangalore – Mysore Day 04 Mysore – Kabini Day 05 Kabini Day 06 Kabini – Coorg ACTIVITIES Day 07 Coorg Cycling Day 08 Day 09 Coorg Coorg – Bangalore, departure Boat Ride Elephant Safari Nature Walk Jungle Safari ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN as per interest ACCOMMODATION Deluxe Hotels HOTEL Boutique Cottages26 27
  15. 15. Road to the Himalayas (with community work) TRIP DURATION Day 01 Day 02 Arrive Delhi Delhi 11 DAYS Day 03 Delhi – Walking Tour – Old Delhi Day 04 Delhi – Manali Day 05 Manali Day 06 Manali Day 07 Manali – Dharamsala Day 08 Dharamsala – Trekking Day 08 Dharamsala – Amritsar Day 09 Amritsar Day 10 Amritsar – Agra Day 11 Agra – Delhi, departure28 29
  16. 16. The Road Less Travelled TRIP DURATION Day 01 Day 02 Arrive Delhi Delhi 16 DAYS Day 03 Delhi Day 04 Delhi – Agra Day 05 Agra – Ranthambore Day 06 Ranthambore – Jungle Safaris Day 07 Ranthambore – Siras Village Day 08 Siras – Jaipur Day 09 Jaipur Day 10 Jaipur – Kochi Day 11 Kochi – Periyar Day 12 Periyar Day 13 Periyar – Bullock Cart Ride, Elephant Ride, Boat Ride Day 14 Periyar – Kumarakom Day 15 Kumarakom – Fishing, House Boat Ride, Family Visit Day 16 Kumarakom – Kochi, departure ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN as per interest30 31
  17. 17. On the Nature Trail TRIP DURATION Day 01 Day 02 Arrive Kochi Cycle to Thattekkad Sanctuary 12 DAYS Day 03 Thattekkad Day 04 Cycle to Munnar Day 05 Trek in the Silent Valley National Park Day 06 Trek to Suranelli ACTIVITIES Day 07 Cycling around Anaerangal Lake and shuttle to Periyar Kayaking Day 08 Periyar – Bamboo River Rafting or Trekking with the Local Community Cycling Day 09 Periyar – Kumarakom Bamboo Rafting Day 10 Biking to the Plains Day 11 Fishing in Vembanad Lake and Trekking explore the Backwater Villages Day 12 Kumarakom – Kochi, departure Fishing Community Service ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN as per interest ACCOMMODATION Deluxe HOTEL Boutique Camp32 33
  18. 18. On the Water Trail TRIP DURATION Day 01 Day 02 Arrive Mumbai Fly Mumbai – Mangalore and drive 12 DAYS to Bekal Day 03 Bekal Day 04 Bekal – Thalassery (Home Stay) Day 05 Thalassery Day 06 Thalassery – Wayanad (Home Stay) Day 07 Wayanad Day 08 Wayanad Day 09 Wayanad – Kochi Day 10 Kochi – Kumarakom Day 11 Kumarakom Day 12 Kumarakom – Kochi, departure ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN as per interest34 35
  19. 19. WALKING & HIKING exp ore o oot The most exciting way to explore rural India is by foot. We have walking trips as part of our regular These journeys offer wonderful programmes besides dedicated walking journeys for opportunities to travellers who love to explore by foot. Our series of understand the village walks in Rajasthan, Kerala, and close to the everyday life of Himalayas, in Kumaon, Leh and Sikkim are at a the region. Walking comfortable pace rather than challenging trekking. through a seaside You will be accompanied by a resource person as township or medieval well as a support vehicle should you prefer to be hilltop village offers driven in between walking. you the chance to savour the culture, get to know the people and taste the local flavours. Join us to partake of one of the most pleasurable ways of seeing, inhaling and feeling the real India.36 37
  20. 20. THE IMPOSING i The towering Himalayan range in the ys has captured the north of the Indian subcontinent is one imagination of of natures most magnificent and awe- mountaineers and inspiring gifts. The “abode of snow” explorers for more extends from Assam in eastern India to than 100 years. Meet Afghanistan to the west of the country. people in remote The chain of the highest and youngest mountain villages mountains on earth encompasses deep whose lifestyle has and varied religious and cultural not changed in traditions, an amazing diversity of generations. people, incredible and varied habitats for its rich flora and fauna, forests, lakes We at Worldwide and ice-bound peaks. Adventures welcome you to the Great A Himalayan trek is one of the most Himalayas — where rewarding holidays. Here is a region that Earth meets Sky!38 39
  21. 21. Travel Tips for the Himalayan Foothills Adventurous REVV UP FOR ADVENTURE WITH THESE TIPS AND MAKE THE BEST OF YOUR ADVENTURE HOLIDAY. TRIP DURATION 1. TRAVEL LIGHT: Pack fewer clothes and more money than you think you need. Travel light, but smart. Make sure you have plenty of cash on hand. Remote Himalayan base camps dont have ATMs. 10 DAYS Day 01 Arrive Delhi Day 02 Delhi 2. READ & RESEARCH: Read about and research your destination very well. Try to understand all you can about Day 03 Delhi – Chandigarh by train and your destination. Get a good guidebook, explore photos drive to Dharamsala online, and imbibe the experience of the country before Day 04 Kareri Village to Bahl Village you even get on the plane. (1900m) 13 km, 5/6-hour walk Day 05 Bahl to Triund (2870m) 12 km, 3. SAFE & SECURE: You can never be to safe. Check your 4/5-hour walk safety and double check it. Make sure you have a sturdy Day 06 Triund – Khabrotu – Triund, and reliable suitcase or backpack. Bring along a padlock 5-hour walk for in-country travel. Remember not to lock the suitcase Day 07 Triund – Bhagsu Nag before checking your baggage on your overseas flight. Day 08 Drive Dharamsala – Shimla 4. BE FLEXIBLE: If a spur of the moment treat comes Day 09 Shimla along. If you find yourself in the middle of a festival or a Day 10 Shimla – Delhi, departure fair, take time to enjoy it. Be flexible in your schedule and enjoy spontaneous activities. Also, be prepared for cancellations, mudslides, minor illnesses and inclement weather. ACTIVITIES 5. LEARN THE LINGO: A few key words will go a long way in Trekking Hiking making your trip smoother. Memorize a few key phrases, and become familiar with local language greetings. You probably wont become fluent but you ACCOMMODATION Deluxe Hotels Camps HOTEL should be able to at least understand a word or two. Lastly, be inspired, be spontaneous and embrace the moment.40 41
  22. 22. Himalayan Foothills Trek Trekking through Pine Trees Secrets of Ladakh TRIP DURATION TRIP DURATION TRIP DURATION 12 DAYS Day 01 Day 02 Arrive Delhi Delhi 10 DAYS 12 DAYS Day 01 Day 02 Arrive Delhi Delhi Day 01 Day 02 Arrive Delhi Delhi Day 03 Delhi – Chandigarh by train and drive Day 03 Delhi – Kulu – Manali Day 03 Delhi – Chandigarh to Dharamsala Day 04 Manali Day 04 Chandigarh – Manali Day 04 McLeod Ganj – Boa Village Day 05 Rumshu Village – Rumshu Day 05 Manali – Kanol Village (1500m) Day 06 Rumshu – Base of Chanderkhani Day 06 Manali – Keylong Day 05 Kanol to Kareri Village (1800m) Day 07 Chanderkhani – (Pass) Malana Day 07 Keylong – Sarchu 12 km, 5-hour walk Day 08 Malana – Jari Village – Bhunter Day 08 Sarchu – Leh, Ladakh Day 06 Kareri Village to Bahl Village (1900m) Day 09 Bhunter – Chandigarh – Delhi Day 09 Ladakh 13 km, 5/6-hour walk Day 10 Delhi, departure Day 10 Ladakh Day 07 Bahl to Triund (2870m) 12 km, Day 11 Ladakh – Delhi Day 08 4/5-hour walk Triund – Khabrotu – Triund, ACTIVITIES Day 12 Delhi 5-hour walk Trekking Hiking ACTIVITIES Day 09 Day 10 Triund – Bhagsu Nag Drive Dharamsala – Shimla ACCOMMODATION Trekking Hiking First Class Camps HOTEL Day 11 Day 12 Shimla Shimla – Delhi, departure ACCOMMODATION Deluxe Hotels Camps HOTEL ACTIVITIES Trekking Hiking ACCOMMODATION Deluxe Hotels Camps HOTEL42 43
  23. 23. Land of Maharajas Exploring the Wild TRIP DURATION TRIP DURATION 12 DAYS Day 01 Day 02 Arrive Jaipur Jaipur 11 DAYS Day 01 Arrive Delhi Day 02 Delhi Day 03 Jaipur – Jodhpur Day 03 Delhi – Agra Day 04 Jodhpur Day 04 Agra – Bharatpur Day 05 Jodhpur – Rohet Day 06 Bharatpur – Ranthambore Day 06 Rohet – Narlai Day 07 Ranthambore Day 07 Narlai – Kumbalgarh – Narlai Day 08 Ranthambore – Jaipur Day 08 Narlai – Deogarh Day 09 Jaipur Day 09 Deogarh (walking) Day 10 Jaipur Day 10 Deogarh – Udaipur Day 11 Departure Day 11 Udaipur Day 12 Udaipur, departure ACTIVITIES ACTIVITIES Walking Walking Hiking Cultural Encounters ACCOMMODATION ACCOMMODATION Luxury Deluxe HOTEL Heritage Boutique44 45
  24. 24. Southern Spice Walk TRIP DURATION 12 DAYS Day 01 Arrive Kochi Day 02 Kochi Day 03 Kochi Day 04 Kochi – Periyar Day 05 Periyar Day 06 Periyar – Alleppey Day 07 Alleppey – Kumarakom Day 08 Kumarakom Day 09 Kumarakom Day 10 Kumarakom – Thattekad Bird Sanctuary Day 11 Thattekad Day 12 Thattekad, departure ACTIVITIES Walking ACCOMMODATION Deluxe HOTEL Boutique46 47
  25. 25. JOURNEY to the i ys (Nepal) The Himalayas – running through Pakistan, India, Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan – offer exceptional mountain scenery and excellent trekking opportunities that bring different pleasures to different people. For some it is the challenge of ascending close to the worlds highest peaks, for others it is the attraction of meeting hospitable mountain people and learning something of their lifestyle and culture. We are committed to providing exceptional trekking experiences that will give you the best opportunity of achieving your goals.48 49
  26. 26. Day 01 Arrive at Kathmandu Annapurna Base Camp Trek Mount Everest Base Camp Trek Day 02 Flight from Kathmandu to Lukla and trek to Phakding Day 03 Trek from Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3450m/11,316ft) Day 04 Explore and acclimatize at Namche Bazaar TRIP DURATION TRIP DURATION Day 05 Trek from Namche Bazaar to Khumjung (3810m/12,500ft) 18 DAYS 10 DAYS Day 06 Trek from Khumjung to Tengboche (3870m/12,694ft) Day 07 Additional day in Tengboche Day 08 Descend to Namche Bazaar and further down to Monjo (2950m/9,676ft) Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu (1300m) ACTIVITIES Day 09 Day 10 Trek to Lukla Lukla to Kathmandu Day 02 Kathmandu Trekking Hiking Day 03 Kathmandu to Pokhara (914m) Day 04 Pokhara to Tikhedhunga. ACCOMMODATION Day 05 Tikhedhunga to Ghorepani (2675 m) Deluxe HOTEL Day 06 Hiking to Poonhill (3120m) – Back to Ghorepani and Trek to Tadapani Day 07 Tadapani to Chomorong (2,000m) Luxury Day 08 Day 09 Chomorong to Doban (2,500m) Doban to Annapurna Base Camp (4,130m) Camps Day 10 Annapurna Base Camp to Bamboo (2,500m) Day 11 Bamboo to Jhinu (1,750m) Day 12 Jhinu to Pokhara Day 13 Pokhara to Kathmandu Day 14 Departure ACTIVITIES Trekking Hiking ACCOMMODATION First Class Camps HOTEL50 51
  27. 27. THE Day 01 Arrive Delhi i ys Journey to the Himalayas Day 02 Fly Delhi – Guwahati and drive to Samdrup Jongkhar Day 03 Samdrup Jongkhar –-Trashigang (180km, approx. a 6-hour drive) TRIP DURATION Day 04 Trashigang (excursion to Trashiyangtse) Day 05 Trashigang – Mongar (96km, approx. a 3-hour drive) 22 DAYS Day 06 Mongar – Bumthang (198km, approx. a 7-hour drive) (India – Bhutan) Day 07 Day 08 Bumthang Bumthang – Trongsa (68km, approx. a 3-hour drive) Day 09 Trongsa – Gangtey (85km, approx. a 3-hour drive) Day 10 Gangtey – Punakha (85km, approx. a 3-hour drive) ACTIVITIES Day 11 Punakha – Paro (125km, approx. a 4-hour drive) Trekking Day 12 Day 13 Paro Paro Hiking Day 14 Paro –Thimphu (55km, approx. a 1½ hour drive) Day 15 Thimphu Walking Day 16 Thimphu – Phuentsholing (180km, approx. a 6-hour drive) ACCOMMODATION Day 17 Day 18 Phuentsholing – Gangtok Gangtok First Class HOTEL Day 19 Gangtok – Darjeeling Day 20 Darjeeling Deluxe HOTEL Day 21 Darjeeling – Bagdogra and fly to Delhi Day 22 Departure from Delhi Luxury Camps52 53
  28. 28. Druk Path Trek Gangtey / Gogona Trek TRIP DURATION Day 01 Arrive Paro (not from Delhi), direct arrival in Paro TRIP DURATION Day 01 Arrive Paro & transfer to Thimphu 11 DAYS 9 DAYS Day 02 Paro Day 02 Thimphu Day 03 Paro – Jele Dzong, 8km, Day 03 Thimphu – Gangtey, 135 km, 3-hour walk 4½- hour drive Day 04 Jele Dzong – Jangchulakha, Day 04 Gangtey Gompa – Gogona ACTIVITIES 10km, 3/4-hour walk ACTIVITIES (3100m), 14 km, 5/6-hour walk Day 05 Jangchulakha – Jimilangtsho, Day 05 Gogona – Khotokha (2790m), Trekking 11km, 4-hour walk Trekking 15 km, 5/6-hour walk Day 06 Jimilangtsho – Simkota, Day 06 Khotokha – Tikke Zampa & ACCOMMODATION 11km, 4-hour walk Hiking transfer to Punakha (1300m), Deluxe HOTEL Day 07 Simkota – Phajoding, 10km, 12km, 5-hour walk 4-hour walk Walking Day 07 Punakha – Paro, 125 km, First Class HOTEL Day 08 Phajoding – Thimphu, 5km, 4-hour drive 3-hour walk ACCOMMODATION Day 08 Paro Camps Day 09 Thimphu – Punakha, 75 km, Deluxe HOTEL Day 09 Depart Paro 3-hour drive Day 10 Punakha – Paro, 125 km, Luxury approx. a 4-hour drive First Class HOTEL Day 11 Depart Paro Camps54 55