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Unit 7 Lesson D


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Unit 7 Lesson D

  1. 1. BlackboardWorkshop<br />Unit 7 Lession D<br />OldFriends<br />Maira Alejandra Guevara Ortiz<br />Ingles IV<br />Pontificia Universidad Javeriana<br />August 14 2010<br />
  2. 2. Oldfriends Pre-Reading activities<br />When I was 5 yearsold my bestfriendswere Alexandra and Johana, muy neighbors(1) I meetmost of my friends at 5 yearsold, in my neighborhood(2) Theywere muy bestfriendsbecause I spendedalmostall my time withthem, weplayedallday(3) Wehad in commonourhappiness, ourinnocence and welovedspendall time together (4) Weusedtoplaywithourdolls, run at allneighborhood, gotothe pool and enjoyourfriendship (5).<br />
  3. 3. Oldfriends - Reading activities<br />The web sitehelpsthepeopletofindtheiroldclassmates, justtheperson has tosing up tothe web site, filloutformswiththeirinformation, thencheckthedatebasetoseeallthenames, and ifthepersonfindsomeone, theirhavetopayforthe personal informationaboutthisperson(1) I neverused a web siteto look forsomeone, maybe I would use a web siteliketheseto look for muy oldneighbohood (2) - Sumbledonto “foundbyaccident” – Chaperones “supervises”<br />
  4. 4. - Regular Joes “ordinarypeople” – Forkover “pay” – Fast-Forward “veryfast” – Dot-Com “internet company” (3)<br />
  5. 5. Oldfriends- postreadingactivities<br />False, becauseshesaidher “¿Howcould I forget my firstlove?” (1) True (2) True (3) False, becausethepersons can seetheclassmatesnamesbutiftheywanttomakecontact. Themustfirstbecome a payingmember (4) True (5).<br />