Integration SharePoint 2010 with CRM 2010 by Mai Omar Desouki


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SharePoint 2010 Integration with CRM 2011

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Integration SharePoint 2010 with CRM 2010 by Mai Omar Desouki

  1. 1. SharePoint 2010 integration with CRM 2011 News*
  2. 2. Mai Omar DesoukiSenior Solutions Blog: Website: MSDN Profile: Facebook: Twitter: #Mai_ITEgyptCorp
  3. 3. SharePoint Sites
  4. 4. Local copy saved for offline access Synchronizing only updated Editing conflict resolved by merge sections (deltas) engine
  5. 5. SharePoint Insights
  6. 6. SharePoint Insights
  7. 7. What can be deployed?• Web Parts• Event Receivers• Feature Activation Receivers• Workflow Actions• InfoPath Forms• Site and List Templates Restricted to Limited resources • Code CPU Time • SQL Execution Time • Number Exceptions Custom Code is Isolated • Separate Process/Server • Scale Out
  8. 8. My Artists Artist Tracker > Artists Contracts Artist Name Address City State Artist Artist Name: Mandible DeathrattleArtists Concourse Jay Hamlin Trio Down on the Bayou Andrew Datars Quartet Agent: Concourse Stuck in the Mud Jay Hamlin Trio Tastes like chicken Down on the Bayou Mandible Concourse
  9. 9. Front End Integration Web Outlook Mobile Integrated Extensible Application: Form and clientApplications Reporting side events, Ribbon, Sitemap, Web Resources, JSlibraries… (Dashboards, Charts, Excel and SRS) Web Services Back End Integration server-to-server Pre-Event Plugins Post-Event Plugins Custom Workflow (.NET Assemblies) (.NET Assemblies) (.NET Assemblies) Synchronous and Asynchronous Business Logic Business Entity Components Workflow Security Data Access Components Data Access Platform Filtered SQL Views Metadata Data
  10. 10. • .NET 4 & WF4 • Solution PackagingFundamentals • Strong types & LINQ • Field Level Security • Visualizations • Web Services • WCF / REST / oData for Client Apps Integration • Transaction Support • SharePoint, Office • Claims Authentication • Custom code on Server Cloud • Sandbox with external calls • Azure Integration • Global Markets
  11. 11. Structured & Social Information Informal Rules Enterprise Across Teams & Semi-structured Engagement & Evolution & Search Domains Data Collaboration StorageSharePoint Structured Interactions, Information Formalized Data Query & Within Teams & Relational Data Activities & Generation & Processes Filter Domains Tasks Analytics xRM
  12. 12. Custom Workflow Activity
  13. 13. SharePoint OfficeSilverlight Web Part External Add-In Doc Open XML List Solution ASMX WCF BCS SQL
  14. 14. // Use the connection string from configvar crm = new CrmDataContext ("CRMOnline");//Create a new contact called Allison Brown.var contact = new Contact(){ FirstName = "Allison", LastName = "Brown"};crm.AddTocontacts(contact);crm.SaveChanges();
  15. 15. What Does it Mean for CRM & SharePoint SharePoint Silverlight SP COM ASMX/WCF/BCS
  16. 16. Videos
  17. 17. • Introduction• Solutions• User Experience Extensibility• Visualizations and Dashboards• WCF Web Services• LINQ and oData• Plugins• Processes• Client Programming• Silverlight• SharePoint & CRM• Windows Azure & CRM• Upgrading from CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011• Dynamics Marketplace
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Select entities to be enabled for Define folder structure to be used in Document Management path names
  20. 20.
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