New work order system


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  • New work order system

    1. 1. New Work OrderProcess and System
    2. 2. Step 1• New Work Order Created buy Call Center
    3. 3. Step 2• Work Order Given to RSM Step 3• Work Order Sent to Tech via Email Step 4• Tech responds with receipt of Work Order Step 5• Tech arrives onsite and advises dispatcher of work to be performed and how long he will take.
    4. 4. Step 6• Tech proceeds to complete the work order if the job is under the NTE Step 7• Tech compiles all the necessary information and goes to service truck to complete the required paperwork
    5. 5. WorK Order Tech will begin by pulling up the correct work order in the system. The system is a web based system where tech can access with any device as long he has internet access.
    6. 6. Tech Info and Time EntryX 1)Tech will input the number of peopleX required to complete the job.X 2)Tech will input his name or names - ThisX step will categorize the tech or techs forX timesheet purpose. 3)Tech will input his dispatched, arrived and completed time which will automatically be sent to his online timesheet. 4)Tech will not be able to continue to complete the work order until he enters the complete and correct data.
    7. 7. CT, Equipment, CC # and DateX 1)Tech will be able to attach the CT to the work order directly from here 2)Tech will be able to add any equipmentX used on the work order which will transpose to the invoice.X 3)Tech will be able to add the CC # and this will transfer directly to the invoice. 4)Completion Date will self populate with the current date work order.
    8. 8. IVR and Material (PO)X 1)Tech will need to make sure he checks in and out with the required IVR 2)When technician enters that he usedX material an automatic PO pops up after he enters the amount. The amount will have a drop down box with 5 or10 of the most common used suppliers. HD, CC #’s, Ferguson, Grainger, etc. If the purchase is out of the ordinary, the dispatcher can create a po on the work order. We will be able to catch 95% of the purchases. Once again the work order cannot complete until the po is given.
    9. 9. Time Summary1)The time input on the dispatched, arrived and completed will self populate on the “Total Time” Summary.
    10. 10. Material Summary1)The material total will self populate in the “Total Material” Summary.
    11. 11. “Notes” Work Performed 1)Tech will type into the notes the workperformed and preferably a code that is in our system. This will self populate to theinvoice so ther is no double entry for the billing department.
    12. 12. RSM StepEvery morning the RSM will print out all ofthe work orders that were completed the day before. RSM will review at a glance what was done and add anything needed. Billing StepBilling Clerk will take the work orders andprint the corresponding invoice. Clerk willadd anything the RSM added and the pricethat has been given to them by Pat. There should be very little to change as the description has self populated and the times are there.
    13. 13. Benefits• There is no triple input of time.• There is no triple input of description.• Tech times go directly to his timesheet.• Immediate PO’s on every work order.• Exact cost of each and every work order.• Reporting of exact tech time to RSM daily.• Better accounting of drive time.• Better accounting of guaranteed time.