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  2. 2. DOCUMENT OVERVIEW The main street program has become an elemental planning strategy in the culture of Canadian local economic development. The following is introducing this program.The list below illustrates the layout of the document.  Introduction  American main street consulting  Virginia HDC  Rues Principales Quaticook  Rues Principales Contre Coeur  Rues Principales Saint Romaud  Point Saint Charles  Other Main Street Programs  Additional resources Important contacts identified by interACTION appear in grey text throughout these pages.
  3. 3. INTRODUCING MAIN STREET The Main Street program is a widely recognized initiative that embraces a four pronged approach to local economic development: merchants organization, local economic development strategies, design strategies, monitoring strategies.The program had its start in Canada in the early eighties under the Heritage Canada Foundation. In the United States this program began atroughly the same time. It is currently administered under the national historic trust inWashington DC. It has become a popular resource for community groups who wish to develop strategies for the economic development of their local main street. TheAmerican model has followed a private sector, consulting format whereby services are purchased from the organization (see the following page). Main Street programs are spread throughout the U.S. In this document a project from only only one will be examined. Quebec has chapter of the same organization called Rues Principale headquartered in Quebec City. They have been very active in Quebec for over 25 years, and their collaboration with different communities across the province has resulted in a number of valuable projects. Many of their best practices and annual updates are available online. A sample of these which might prove instructive for the SDBSL can be found in the following pages. Fig.1 Terrasse photo: interACTION
  4. 4. PRIVATE SECTOR MAIN STREET MODEL This is a typical advertisement for information available from the American Main Street model in Washington DC This webinar can be purchased for $10.00, for example, from the website of the national historic trust. http://www.preservationnation.org/resources/case-studies/
  5. 5. AMERICAN EXAMPLE This group acting as a business improvement association used the Main Street program to to develop a campaign for filling vacant store fronts with temporary businesses. The campaign was called “pop up shops” Using simple marketing and good research they were able to make this idea of temporary or itinerant store fronts viable and sexy. Virginia Department of Housing & Community Development Main Street Centre, 600 East Main Street, 12th Floor North Conference Room Richmond, Virginia 23219 Douglas.Jackson@dhcd.virginia.gov
  6. 6. Rue Principales Quaticook This group was able to implement a program for business development funding to the tune of $75 000.The program that helped to stimulate existing businesses and kick start a few new ones. The money for this project was gathered from the municipality and the association with and the support from Rues Principale helped Rues Principales Quaticook to attain the funds from the municipality and activate those funds through a participatory process involving case by case project evaluations. On Saint-Laurent money is already available for business development through the PR@M program. At the SDBSL it is Laure who administers interaction with the merchants concerning this program. Perhaps communicating with Rues Principales Quaticook would offer new ideas and directions. Julie Favreau Agente de liaison commerciale 150, rue Child Coaticook (Québec) J1A 2B3 Tél. : 819 849-9677 Courriel : jfavreau@ciril.qc.ca
  7. 7. RUE PRINCIPALES CONTRE COEUR Rue Principales Contre Coeur marketed their business development campaign using “Buy Local” rhetoric and ran a Christmas decoration competition during the holiday season. The winner was awarded a spread in the local paper and a $700.00 gift certificate for future publicity. The Christmas decoration competition is an excellent idea. On a street as diverse as Saint – Laurent the variety decorating styles alone could become an attraction. The incentive this group offered the winner of the competition was also very good. The promise of a credit for publicity is an appropriate reward geared for developing the business. Marie-Noëlle Girard, chargée de projet 4865, rue Legendre, bureau 209 Contrecoeur (Québec) J0L 1C0 Tél. : 450 587-5588 Téléc. : 450 587-7104 Courriel : ruesprincipales@ tlb.sympatico.ca Fig.2 Le Monde Sur La Main photo: SDBSL
  8. 8. RUES PRINCIPALES SAINT ROMAUD Rue Principales Saint Romaud used this network to help it put on line their own list of enterprise. It is a different style of list from the one currently employed by the SDBSL characterized by a different categories. It is interesting to note that a connection to the Rues Principales program can enable a group to accomplish efforts of very diverse nature – from Chrismas decoration solutions to web application solutions. www.ruesprincipalessaintromuald.com Martine Bussière, coordonnatrice 2321, chemin du Fleuve Saint-Romuald, Lévis (Québec) G6W 1X9 Tél. : 418 834-3662 Téléc. : 418 839-2794 Courriel : info@ruesprincipalessaintromuald.com
  9. 9. HISTORIC PLAQUES IN THE POINT This was a colaboration between the Comité de revitalisation des rues du Centre et Wellington et la Société d’histoire de Pointe-Saint-Charles The southwest borough in Montreal worked on the RUE Centre. Their project connected historical plaques with the local merchants by having them displayed in the shop windows (ie. instead of on the street) This is a project that mirrors the efforts by the SDBSL and les Amis du Saint-Laurent along the main. For the continuing/future success of the SDBSL’s historical plaque campaign colaboration with Pierre Luc Côté might bear fruit. Pierre Luc Côté, Responsable du Projet et Commissaire, Développement Économique Local 815, rue Bel-Air , 1er étage Montréal (Québec) H4C 2K4 Tél. : 514 868-5037 Courriel : pierre-luc.cote@ville.montreal.qc.ca Fig.3 Guitar Circle photo: SDBSL
  10. 10. OTHER MAIN STREET PROGRAMS  TheYounge Bloor Bay Busines Development association http://www.ybba.org/  TheTorontoBusinessDevelopmetnCenter http://www.tbdc.com/  The Oregon commercial district revitalization Program   http://www.oregon4biz.com/  Portland Mainstreet http://www.pdc.us/bus_serv/business_support/mainstreet.asp   The Boston Main Streets Program http://www.cityofboston.gov/mainstreets/   The Alberta Main Street Program  http://www.albertamainstreet.org/default.aspx
  11. 11. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES  Holdsworth “Reviving Mainstreet”  National Main Street Center book “Guiding Design on Main Street:The Professional’s Manual for Managing Design”  Canada Foundation for SaskatchewanTourism, Parks, Culture and Sport (2009) “Main Street Past and Present”  Main Sstreet Handbook “Fill-in-the-Blank Business Recruitment:AWorkbook for Main Street Business Development” Please See the bookstore at the website of the National HistoricTrust: http://www.preservationbooks.org/Bookstore.asp?category_id=76