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Speaking Corner


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for Final Project ICT

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Speaking Corner

  1. 1. SPEAKING Describing Peoplehow does she/he look like?
  2. 2. You have just lost your little sister in a department store. Ask thesecurity guard for help. Describing how your little sister looks like.Practice the dialogue twice. Change roles with your partner for beingyou and the guard.You : Excuse me, Sir. Could you Guard : How does she look like? You : She’s plump. She’s pretty. please help me? I can’t She’s about 110 cm. she find my little sister. I’ve has cut short curly looked everywhere! hair. Her skin is fair andGuard : Where were you when she has large brown you noticed she was eyes. missing? Guard : what is she wearing?You : I was looking at that new You : She is wearing a red brand of TV display. dress.Guard : How long ago was that? Guard : Miss, isn’t she your sister?You : Just a few minutes ago. The one who is standingGuard : How old is she? near the cashier.You : Five years old. You : Oh, my God. Praise the Almighty.Guard : What’s her name? Yes, she really is my littleYou : Zana Maharani. sister. Thank you very much for finding her.
  3. 3. Now, answer the questions individually!1. Who was missing? Note :2. When was the last time she is Study the expressions to seen? describe people3. When was it? What does he / she look like?4. How old is the little sister?5. What’s her name? He / she is fairly tall / short6. How does she look like? He / she is pretty thin / heavy7. How tall is she? He / she is kind of tall and8. What kind of hair does she thin have? He was average height and9. What was she wearing? weight10. What kind of skin does she Note : fairly, pretty, kind of, have? short of, rather have11. What kind of eyes does she similar meaning with quite, have? enough.12. Can the guard find her?