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private faqs for swapzaar

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Faqs swapzaar final

  1. 1. WHAT IS SWAPZAAR?Swapzaar is proud to have forged the way for online swapping of fashion & lifestyle goods inIndia.SwapZaar is India‟s first and most popular FREE online fashion swap site with over x ACTIVEmembers from all over the country, It is the largest country-wide fashion & lifestyle items storeand it‟s open 24/7!It‟s the fun, FREE, and eco-friendly way to save money and refresh your closet or home!Swapping on swapzaar.com offers an alternative way to access new styles thats healthy for theplanet and your bank account, or we like to say shopping is the new shoppingWHY SWAPZAAR?Swapzaar.com is proud to have forged the way for swapping online. A recent consumer studyshows that one in three high fashion items in an urban Indian woman‟s closet is worn only oncebefore being discarded.The tradition in India is to either pass on your “fashionable” clothes to younger siblings ordepending on their price to the “maid‟s fashionable young daughter”.Great, we say, but what to do if you are just bored of high fashion items that are in perfectshape and practically useless for giving away (because they are obviously really high fashionitems)?Plus sometimes don‟t we just buy things on the spur of the moment and wear them only oncebefore moving them to the back of your cupboard never to take them out again, even though theitem is in perfect shape and is perfectly stylish, what a waste!So how do you make sure you clear your wardrobe of these items while still recovering greatvalue not necessarily cash but maybe other fashionable stuff you will use, do you list them onclassifieds or on e-bay? Not great options are they?Swapping on swapzaar.com offers an alternative thats healthy for the planet and your bankaccount, just put up your great stuff on SwapZaar and see if you like someone else‟s great stuffin exchange! It‟s like shopping without the spending.Who knows you might find the stuff of your dreams, event vintage, which you could nevermanage to find in the shops. After all Vintage fashion is so in vogue, it is seen regularly on redcarpets, don‟t believe us check this websitehttp://vintageclothing.about.com/od/redcarpetvintage/tp/Red_Carpet_Hub.htmHOW DO YOU SWAP?It‟s easy! Simply follow the steps below and you will soon be swapping with women from all overthe country, looking gorgeous and saving $$ in the process!BECOME A MEMBER FOR FREE!Its FREE to be a member on swapzaar.com so what are you waiting for?Simply follow the registration prompts in the top menu bar and start swapping today!VERIFICATION EMAIL PROCESSOne of the easiest methods of registering to become a swapzaar.com member is by using yourFacebook account, Once you sign up using facebook you will be sent an email to verify youremail address. Simply click the link within the email,It is important that you keep this email as you may need to refer back to it later down the track ifyou forget your log in details.
  2. 2. You can complete your user profile at a later date, after you log in as a registered user.I DIDNT RECEIVE MY EMAIL VERIFICATIONIf the email does not show in your email account within twenty minutes, be sure to check yourjunk mail box.SIGN UP PROCESS COMPLETE?Read through the steps below to learn how to create your profile page, upload items andnavigate swapzaar.com to get the most out of your swapping experience.CREATE A PROFILEYour profile is your own personal home page, a space where you can introduce yourself and letother members know your swapping style. You can also list your swap rules and wants, uploada profile image to share your amazing personal style, show case your swap items, view yourwish list, your sold and purchased items and keep track of your wishlisted and favorited items.You can also see you recent purchases and sold items here, as well as the number of buttons(Swapzaar Credits) you have in your wallet etc.HOW DO I EDIT MY PROFILE PAGE, PASSWORD, ADDRESS & EMAIL?Go to the “my account” button in the top menu bar, and click on it now on your account pagelook for user profile on the left column and click on “edit user profile”Edit your details then click save at the bottom of the screen and you‟re done!START SWAPPING TODAY!When you want to do anything swap related, the SwapZone” button in the top menu bar is yourgo to button! If you click on this button you will land inside the Swapzone where the items onsale are listed by category and subcategory. Start browsing for stuff and ejoy!If you mouse over the Swapzone tab, a drop down menu will appear with the choice to buy orsell i and also the various categories within Swapzone.TAKING PICTURES OF YOUR SWAP ITEMSTake pictures of your items with a digital camera or a phone with a good quality image. Makesure your items are in good, clean condition with no rips, tears or stains - and have the wrinklesironed out.Its highly recommended that you take pictures of your swap items being worn. Clothes look100% when shown on a body as opposed to laying flat. It gives other swappers a better idea ofthe fit and the sizing and the way the fabric sits when being worn.You can also take pictures of your swap items laying flat on a clean clear surface or hanging ona clothes hanger.Take a shot from the front and the back of the item, and if there are any details that you wouldlike to point out, take some extra close up shots. Upload the images to your computer andyou‟re ready to get started!You can upload up to three pictures of each item.
  3. 3. WANT TO MANAGE / REMOVE OR EDIT YOUR SWAP ITEMS?Click on „my account‟ in the top menu bar, then choose “My sale additions” on the main page ofyour account. Here you can edit the information and images in your swap items, and deleteswap items.HOW DO I ADD A SWAP ITEM?Click on the „SwapZone‟ button on the top menu bar, click „Sell‟ and follow the prompts.You will be asked to fill in the size, fabric, style of the item. Add a description and some images.Get creative with the description, there is nothing more uninspiring that a description that reads:"Top, pink worn once" yawn....This is your chance to really market your item!For example, let the other swappers know about the texture of the fabric. Is it soft and warm, isit sheer, is the color true to the images you provided or did the flash wash the color out a little?What is the condition of the item like? Is there a small mark or tear that people should knowabout? If so, be sure to describe the fault in as much detail as possible.It is important to be as honest and clear with your description as possible. It will save you timeand energy if you are open from the beginning about any faults. If you neglect detailing anygarment faults, you will only disappoint the other swapper and its highly likely they will leave younegative feedback, which can make it difficult for you to gain other swappers trust in the future,which results in, you guessed it, no swaps!Get ready for a swap addiction!Once you have uploaded an item, you may feel a strange sensation come over you, dont bealarmed, its a case of swappers addiction which can easily be satisfied every time you receive aparcel from a swapzaar member!WANT TO VIEW YOUR SWAP OFFERS?Click on the my account tab on top and on the main page of your account you will see “saleadditions” under this you will see a list of items you have added for sale. When someone buysyour item you get a notification and email alert, you need to ensure you ship off the item withinthe time period you specified, only then will your earned buttons (swapzaar credits)be releasedto you.Similarly in you account, under Purchased items and Sold items you can track which items youhave sold, wish-listed and purchased.
  4. 4. ALERT BARTo make things easier when you are logged into your account, any new notifications to yourinbox will be showing up right under your welcome message and name on the topmost part ofthe website near the logo. Here you will find alerts when you receive a new swap offer,message or you need to post a parcel or give a feedback token. Make sure you check inregularly or you may miss a sale opportunity and earn a poor reputation on Swapzone for beingvery slow to respond.WHY DO I NEED TO USE BUTTONS OR SWAPZAAR CREDITS TO SWAP?The idea is to avoid guilt while still being able to shop for new things to add to your wardrobeand also reduce impulsive purchase behavior. Most of us are used to whipping out our credit ordebit card and instantly buying what we want, this is probably why we have so many items toswap in the first place.So by encouraging people to take stock of all the good things they bought and never used, andmaking them wait till they sell their items and earn the required number of credits to make anynew purchases, we will help them appreciate the true meaning of style and to curb impulsepurchasing and wastage.Delayed gratification and thoughtful purchases will change the way you approach fashion andwill slowly train you to only pick up stuff that you really like and will look good on you, and not gocrazy buying wasteful things every time trends change.Eventually your wardrobe will be full of stylish things that you actually wear and use.NOTE: To start new members off or to help you buy those few credits when you are short, wedo allow people to buy credits using an online payment system, but we encourage people toearn credits by uploading stuff and waiting for it to sell.HOW DO I EARN OR GET SWAZAAR CREDITS?There are many ways to do this, ideally you upload stuff and wait for it to be sold and earncredits that way, or to get started in case you are new or you have nothing to sell but you wouldlike to buy stuff, we allow registered members to buy credits using a regular online paymentsystem.And then there is the fun way to earn free credits by liking us on facebook, following us ontwitter and by blogging for us or writing a review for us or by getting your friends to sign up.We also have games and promotions where the winner could get free credits.HOW CAN I USE MY SWAZAAR CREDITS?One of the most obvious ways is to buy stuff you like on the website.Apart from that there are many small Value added Services you can buy using yourcredits/buttons.You could use credits to promote your listed items so that they are displayed prominently andattract buyers. Or you could trade in some buttons to get yourself a “verified member” badgeand so on.WHAT IF I WANT CASH FOR MY GOODS?As of now that is totally not the point and we don‟t encourage that.
  5. 5. But if you really don‟t find anything you like on the website and you have been with us for 6months or more as a verified member, and you have more than Rupees 5K worth of credits, wemight allow you to trade it in for cash.However please note every month we only allow a certain number of encashments so you mighthave to wait your turn. CAN I USE MY SWAZAAR CREDITS ON OTHER WEBSITES?As of now Swapzaar credits can be used only on the Swapzaar website, but in the very nearfuture we plan to tie up with some interesting vintage fashion retailers and indie fashiondesigners and you might be able to trade in your SwapZaar credits for items on those websites.What fun!WHAT ARE SWAPZAAR CREDITS WORTH IN TERMS OF REAL MONEY?As of now we have only one denomination and all purchases and sales are made in multiples ofthe same denomination. So one swapzaar button or credit is worth Rupees 100 in real money.Therefore if you have a mango skirt you bought for RS 2000/- and you have worn it only onceso you hope to sell it for Rs 1200/- you should quote the desired sale price as 12 buttons orswapzaar credits. Swapzaar admin might approve it for a listing at 10 buttons or Rupees 1000/-I WANT TO BE A VERIFIED MEMBER, HOW DO I DO THIS?Being address verified shows other members that you are a trusted and dedicated member ofthe SwapZaar community. We highly suggest that you only swap with verified members.Becoming an address verified member also shows that you appreciate the service thatswapzaar.com provides, and that you want to help keep the site running by putting acontribution towards the server costs and general fees.Click here to become verified today (add link to form here and allow 2 buttons to be exchangedto purchase verification)HOW DOES VERIFICATION WORK?This is a manual process. All you have to do is send an email request to SwapzaarTeam askingto become a verified member. You will then receive a form by postal mail and you will have tosend back the filled out form to us. For this activity you will have to give up 20 buttons or pay Rs200 as a one time annual fee.Once the completed form is received by us you will receive a verification call from our team. Oncompletion of this process you will become a verified member. This will be reflected on yourpersonal home page and on every item that you list.Many swappers with quality items will only swap with verified members, so ensure that youbecome a verified member today, and enjoy being a part of the gorgeous swapstyle community!Click here to become verifiedBROWSE THROUGH ITEMS TO FIND SOMETHING YOU LIKETo browse through swap items on the site simply click the „swapzone‟ button on the topnavigation bar. You can also choose a category or subcategory from the drop down menu orbrowse through the latest listing by clicking on „all item list‟. You can then sort by newest tooldest or by their value in buttons for all the listed items or within the category.ARE THEY ADDRESS VERIFIED?Its highly recommended that you only swap with members that have taken the time to becomeAddress Verified or „verified members‟By paying a one time small fee of 2 buttons / or Rs 200
  6. 6. a member will get a letter with a form sent to their postal address. This helps to create a trustingswap community and reduce swap lifting. Generally if someone has been conscientious andrespectful enough to support the community they are a part of, you can rest assured that theywill be more likely to be a honest and thoughtful swapper. If something doesnt‟t feel right, itprobably isnt! Always check member‟s profile before swapping. If they have a negativefeedback, negative comments and reviews and are not verified, it is your choice if you want togo ahead and swap with them.Also be sure to check that they don‟t have a number of buttonsfrom just one or two other unverified members, as they may be trying to trick you, and havesimply created two swapping accounts so they can give themselves buttons. Sounds sneaky Iknow, but unfortunately very occasionally you may come across a swapper that will be trying todo the wrong thing.If you keep your wits about you, you will soon instinctively know whensomeone is honest or dodgy. Just remember, if something doesnt‟t feel right, it probably isnt!Make friends in the forums and use your common sense. Soon you will get to know othermembers on the site and you will become a part of the thriving swapping community here.SEE SOMETHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO SWAP? So youve fallen in love with an item? Great!Click either the „Buy Now‟ button below the item or go into the item and click on „add to favourite‟ depending on what you want to do. To Buy Now you will have to have the required amount of buttons in your own account. If you are short or have no buttons, you can buy buttons from Swapzaar using your credit card or net banking account and use the buttons to buy your desired item. By clicking on „add to favourite‟ the item gets added to your list of favourite items and gets listed under that section in your account. You can then start swapping your cool stuff to earn buttons and buy your favourite things when you have the right amount. Simple isn‟t it?CLICKED ON BUY, NOW WHAT?If you have the required amount of Buttons (Swapzaar Credits - your very own virtual currencyon the site) in your wallet you will be allowed to proceed with the „buying‟ of the item you desire.However, if you do not have the required amount of buttons in your wallet you will have topurchase the buttons from swapzaar.com to have the sufficient amount in your wallet to buy theitem you want.Buying buttons is simple - just go to our payment gateway and enter the number of buttons youwant and purchase them in 2 easy steps using your netbanking account or cash card. Once thebuttons get credited to your account you can proceed to buying the item.If you have the appropriate number of buttons to buy your item, you will be taken to a windowwhere you need to complete the form with all the required fields such as your shipping addressetc. If this is completed in your profile, the transaction will be completed without the effort offilling out any forms! So be sure to have a completed profile to save you time while swapping!WHAT HAPPENS AFTER I HAVE BOUGHT AN ITEMUpon your buying an item the seller of the item and you receive a notification email. This willprompt the seller to send you the item by post.
  7. 7. Once you receive the item it is your responsibility to go to your profile under purchased itemsand click on „Yes‟ under „Received‟ for that item. This can be done by clicking „Edit‟ under theAction Column and changing the status to „Yes‟.Only then does the seller receive the Buttons you gave up for the item.WHERE CAN I GIVE FEEDBACK FOR MY SWAPPED GOODS? DO I NEED TO?If you are happy with the item‟s condition, the speed of receiving it, the condition in which it wasreceived you can „Post Feedback‟ for the seller on these features. There is a quick form for thispurpose. Naturally, the reverse is also applicable, if you are unhappy, you can give a poor ratingso that the seller can fool no one else in the community. So, be fair on both counts, your ratingswill help the swapzaar community to stay honest and weed out any bad apples.Tip: Look for Verified Sellers while buying an item!WHY IS FEEDBACK SO IMPORTANT?Feedback is an important reputation system that allows other swappers to decide if you are atrustworthy person to swap with.HAVE FUN AND JOIN THE BUZZING SITE WHERE THEREIS SOMETHING NEW EACH TIME!Swapping is all about having fun, saving money, reducing wastage of perfectly good things,making new friends, and of course fashion! All we ask is that you make the most of this portaland become a contributing member of this vibrant community. Help us to be the best onlinefashion swapping site where everyone feels welcome, happy and at home and there is trust andwarmth.
  8. 8. WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DON’T RECEIVE THE ITEM AS PROMISED?It is possible that a seller is not able to send an item in the mentioned time frame - which isusually between 1 week to 3 weeks. Swapzaar admin can be notified for any unusual delays sothat they can reach out to the seller to ensure that the item is delivered as per promisedtimelines. You can also go to the sellers profile and leave a comment to encourage quick action.Just remember to notify swapzaar admin before 21 days are up from time of purchase, as postthat the buttons get transferred automatically to the seller, as the system assumes that the itemis delivered.WHO CAN YOU GO TO FOR ANY TROUBLE WHILE SWAPPING?Why Swapzaar Admin afcourse! We are always happy to help iron out any concerns, delays orgaps in the swapping process on the site. so just write to us and we will find a way to help youupload, swap, buy, sell on swapzaar.comCODE OF CONDUCT ON SWAPZAAR.COMHere is a guiding list of best practices on the swapzaar.com site which will help strengthen thisfashion community and improve your swapping experience!Do read and practice them:1. Its a fashion site... not a garage sale. Please put up stylish, desirable items in good condition only.2. Items uploaded that do not seem suitable for the site will not be approved. This is at the discretion of the Swapzaar Management and their decision is final3. You should have in possession what you upload on the site. The item should be owned by you and ready to ship when you put it up for swapping.4. If you upload an item for a 30 day period, you have to have it available with you for that length of time. You can dispose of it or sell it on another site post the period of listing only and once you have deleted it from swapzaar.com5. You should put up a good quality photo of the item and a detailed description for the item to help a buyer understand it.6. You should respond to queries about an item posted by a potential buyer via the comments section under the item7. On the forum page, do not solicit or post rude comments. This could get you blacklisted from the community8. The Community is self regulated, so if you are not fair or misrepresent yourself and your items, or do not deliver as promised, you could be de-listed from swapzaar.com or worse, no one will buy your items.9. Valuation of the item in Button/ Swapzaar Credits is at the discretion of Swapzaar Management. You may suggest a value at the time of uploading an item, mention it‟s brand/ MRP/ condition etc however, the final value in button terms will be assigned by Swapzaar Management only. If you are not satisfied with this value you can choose to delete the item from listing.
  9. 9. 10. Once you receive an item it is good courtesy to update the status as received and leave positive feedback if you are satisfied. (Don‟t give feedback only when you are unhappy with something, though afcourse that is also very welcome)NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? SWAP ‘TIL YOU DROP!We are so happy that you have become a part of the swapzaar.com community, consider thisthe extension of your personal closet, your own zone where you choose to grow or reduce yourwardrobe and belongings in a way that suits your attitude and style. Now hurry up and getswapping ;)FORUMBe a part of the thriving swapzaar.com community by chatting in the forum! Talk about whatshot in fashion, eco ideas, get advice, give advice & general chit chat