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Retargeting or-remarketing


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Retargeting or-remarketing

  1. 1. Remarketing is a simple way to connect with users, based on their pastinteractions with your website.Imagine you’re a travel company, and you’re trying to excite users during theholiday season about deals to tropical Caribbean destinations. Users may come toyour website, browse the offers and think about booking a trip, but decide thatthe deal is still not cheap enough. Then, they continue to browse the web. Ifyou later decide to offer discounted deals to the Carribean, how do you reachthese users who have already expressed interest in travelling there?Set UpYou can easily set up and create a remarketing campaign through the new’Audiences’ tab in AdWords. A remarketing campaign allows you to take advantageof the same features and reports you can use today in AdWords - it’s just a newway to reach the best audience for your ad.How it workHere’s an example of how it works. Let’s say you’re a basketball team withtickets that you want to sell. You can put a piece of code on the tickets pageof your website, which will let you later show relevant ticket ads (such as lastminute discounts) to everyone who has visited that page, as they subsequentlybrowse sites in the Google Content Network.