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Common Seo Mistakes


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Common Seo Mistakes

Published in: Technology, Design
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Common Seo Mistakes

  1. 1. Common SEO Mistakes<br /> <br />Following are some of the common SEO mistakes happened while optimizing a Website, care to be taken to avoid those mistakes,<br /><ul><li>Using the same keyword more than twice in a Title tag.
  2. 2. High keyword densities.
  3. 3. Not having a Valid XML Sitemap.
  4. 4. URL’s not containing any keywords.
  5. 5. Using H1 tags more than once on a single page.
  6. 6. Not giving each page unique Meta data.
  7. 7. Using the same anchor text in all links.
  8. 8. Putting analytics code at the beginning of your body content.
  9. 9. Not using accurate image descriptions.
  10. 10. Not having a 301 redirect setup.
  11. 11. Lack of keywords in the content.
  12. 12. Concentrating too much on Meta tags.
  13. 13. A Flash Website without a HTML alternative.
  14. 14. Keyword Spamming and Stuffing.
  15. 15. Picking a Poor Content Management System.
  16. 16. Use Crawler Unfriendly Development Methods.
  17. 17. Not Investing in Site Promotion.