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We shop, who pays


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We shop, who pays

  1. 1. We shop, who pays? 1. When did you last buy an item of clothing? How much did it cost? 2. What did its’ label say? Made in … 3. What is the most important thing about clothes – good price, quality, … ? Why? 4. Do you agree that ethical trade means higher prices for consumers? Would you pay more for your clothes? 5. Does fair-trade only have positive effects? 6. What do you think would happen to the world if the people in India would buy as many things as the people in North-America and Europe? 7. How much would you pay for clothes made in Estonia knowing that the salary in Estonia is 12,000 EEK but the salary in India is 300 EEK? 8. Would you give up going to the movies or practices (trennid) and pay more for your clothes? 9. How many sweaters and jeans could students afford to buy per year knowing that clothes made in Estonia cost 6,000 EEK. 10. Are less clothes better or worse?