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Our school


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Published in: Education
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Our school

  1. 1. COMENIUS PROJECT A.R.T.S.through Arts in Europe
  2. 2. OUR SCHOOLOur school is fairly small (200 students aged13-16) with total number of studentsamounting to about 1300. It is located in arural town of Bilgoraj (30,000 inhabitants).The official name of our institution is ZespolSzkol Ogolnokształcacych, which is actually aset of two schools: upper secondary schooland lower secondary school. The latter wascreated due to changes in theeducational system and studentsand parents’ interest instudying at our school.
  3. 3. The prestige, high level of education, very good conditions, wide range ofpossibilities to develop both intellectually and physically distinguish ourschool from other schools in the whole area. As a result, our school isgenerally chosen by clever, ambitious young people who are ready tostudy and demand a lot from themselves.At the school students can:-learn 2-3 foreign languages out of 6: English, German, French, Russian,Spanish or Latin-learn foreign languages in small language groups-have professional help with preparations for subject contests andcompetitions-benefit from cooperation with universities: Maria Curie-SkłodowskaUniversity (UMCS) in Lublin and Biłgoraj, AGH University of Science andTechnology in Kraków, which invite our students to their lectures andclasses-exchange trips abroad to sister schools in France and Germany.
  4. 4. In order to enable our students to developuniversally our school offers various formsof extra – curricular activities. These are:clubs and school organisations such asLeague of Nature Protection, UNESCO Club,Student Government, Book Fans Club,European School Club, School Red CrossClub, Voluntary Organization, Scouts Team,Students Cooperative, UFO - StudentsFund of Education, clubs of studentsinterests broadening their knowledge inparticular subjects, shooting and sportsactivities, trips to Zakopane to "Whiteschool" and to Mazurian lakes to “ Sailingschool”. There are also bicycle rides andhikes, journalistic and dancing activities,cooperation with the Youth CommunityCenter in Bilgoraj, regional newspaper"Nowa" and Cable TV.
  5. 5. Students can also use: computer labs, a librarywith impressive book collection, including over2000 books in the English language, the Internetaccess, a shooting range, three gyms, a dormitoryand a canteen. Students can also getprofessional help from our school counsellor.The great success of our school is that it has ahigh position in the rankings of the best schools inPoland which have at least two laureates orfinalists of subject contests. In 2011 our school gotthe ranking of 76th place, from among over 6thousand classified institutions and the 1st placein our region.
  6. 6. The prestige of our school ismainly achieved by success ofthe students who take part insubject contests and in all -Poland competitions andregional preliminaries.Moreover, our students’achievements in basketball,volleyball, handball, swimmingand athletics competitons arealso the great pride of theschool.