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Sitech broschuere 2014_eng


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Sitech broschuere 2014_eng

  1. 1. Innovative, top-quality seating technology – worldwide
  2. 2. 3 2 For years, the Sitech brand stands for expert design and manufacture of car seating. For our customers, this expertise and competence means top- quality products and on-time delivery. We are systematically expanding our expertise: in the future, we will as- sume even more responsibilities in the design of innovative seating technol- ogies, increase our overall unit numbers and manufacture more component parts in-house. These objectives call on everyone’s full commitment and collaboration. Though our work is carried out in several different plants around the world, we share a common goal: safeguarding and expanding Sitech operations. Our global presence as a maker of innovative, high-end automotive seating is the best way towards that goal. Strategically oriented towards global markets
  3. 3. Editorial/Contents Our Team Product Management Technical Development Logistics Engineering/Industrial Engineering Quality Assurance Locations Polkowice/Poland Wolfsburg/Germany Emden/Germany Hanover/Germany Shanghai/China Worldwide delivery History Customers/Products 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30
  4. 4. 5 4 Sitech customers are entitled to products of the highest qual- ity. The quality of our delivery service is no less important. We make every effort to meet these demands, and ensure that all our customers are completely satisfied. At Sitech, we are driven by the need for constant improvement. Together we design and manufacture innovative products that afford superior, safer seat- ing. We are also permanently striving to improve operational processes. By producing robust, durable, high-quality goods at an impressively reasona- ble price, our work has constant value. Our best efforts produce the best products As a team and at every work station: we’re only satisfied once we’ve found the best solution
  5. 5. Our Team We are constantly aware that assuming and carrying out personal responsi- bility is the essential requirement for high productivity. This accountability is demonstrated day in and day out – by each of us in his respective roles, and together as a team. Sitech operations span the globeSeat manufacture is a demanding job: we welcome this challenge everyday
  6. 6. 7 6 Strategically positioning Sitech for the future requires design- ing specific products for specific markets as much as it requires developing suitable manufacturing concepts for those prod- ucts. The latter is the main task of Product Management, along with the equally important responsibility of providing support to current seating customers. Along with a great deal of engineering and manufacturing know-how, a host of administrative processes undertaken by Product Management are re- quired to produce car seats in a timely and cost-effective manner. These in- clude constant coordination with customers, processing their invitations to bid, preparing bid offers, or re-calculating offers as a result, for example, of changes to production batches due to product upgrades. Meanwhile, keeping engineering design and innovation in mind, Pro- duct Management must constantly remain a step ahead: Where are the growth markets of the future? How can we benefit from that growth? And Customer service is our highest priority Future markets and present customers
  7. 7. Product Management From bid preparation to schedule monitoring: Product Management takes care of all admin- istrative processes what changes do we need to make now in order to do so? Product Manage- ment constantly concentrates on these questions, and takes great care in finding the answers. Our company’s future activities are elementary on these answers. Each market has its own demands. We design the products that fulfil them Essential to Product Management: direct lines of communication to all company departments
  8. 8. 9 8 Ideal seating begins in the mind – and on the drawing boards and computers of our developers. The main development team in Wolfs- burg (Germany), together with their colleagues at Sitech operations in Polkowice (Poland) and Shanghai (China) either transform our own ideas for better car seats into proprietary designs, or develop finished car seats according to a customer’s design model. From the preliminary development, design and seat cover de- velopment phases to prototype construction, comprehen- sive testing and finally to production supervision, the Tech- From conception to start of production Prototype construction: development work involves manual labour In engineering our seats, all parts must match together in an optimal way
  9. 9. Technical Development All seats developed by us are subjected to comprehensive testing before going into serial production To ensure that our cars seats are ergonomi- cally perfect, the human body is our yardstick nical Development team directs the entire process. Nearby to production operations in Wolfsburg, Polkowice and Shanghai the Technical Develop- ment ensures that production requirements are introduced into the devel- opment of new products at an early stage. Product management performed by Technical Development constantly ensures that the development teams cover all process areas and remain precisely within specified time and cost constraints. In the future, Technical Development will expand its competence includ- ing seat covers, headrests, seat structures, metal frames and seat adjust- ment systems. It will also continue to advance our global orientation with an enlarged scope of innovative products fit to market and customer needs – thereby creating a solid basis for our worldwide operations.
  10. 10. 11 10 And, naturally, in the right quantity and quality. What may seem like a standard logistics phrase is in practice a highly complex matter. For instance, exactly those parts that are required on the production floor at any given moment must always be sup- plied on time from approximately 4,800 locations. The challenge for Logistics goes much further. Before reaching the assem- bly line, the components must be procured. Placing orders for the produc- tion of a car seat involves arranging the supply of all required components and parts – from pilot production to serial production – and coordinating their demand-based delivery with an array of suppliers. The department also manages the complete planning of logistics streams, including producibility planning, warehousing facilities and capacities, con- tainer management and much more. Moreover, Logistics is responsible for the entire physical handling of materials, from the smallest screw to heavy seat sets. At Sitech production locations, car seats are supplied directly to Logistics creates the conditions whereby an entire car seat can be assembled from many individual components The right part in the right place at the right time
  11. 11. Logistics Well-qualified personnel and high-performance loading and transport machines ensure efficient logistics workflows the car assembly plants. Logistics guarantees impeccable just-in-sequence delivery – so that the right seats arrive at the right place at the right time. Not to mention, in the right quantities and qualities. A finished car seat on its way to the loading zone Just-in-sequence delivery means compo- nents arrive on the minute Supplying all required components to work stations is one of the Logistics department’s many tasks
  12. 12. 13 12 The Engineering/Industrial Engineering (E/IE) department’s main task is the realisation of production facilities. Manufac- turing concepts are thereby developed and industrially imple- mented, while meeting customer requirements and utilising suitable resources in keeping with innovative production tech- niques. The E/IE team also carries out ongoing optimisation trials, and is actively committed to providing an ergonomic and safe work environment. Finding the best combination of automated production and human labour is a key task of technical planning Economically and humanly suitable manufacturing processes
  13. 13. Engineering/Industrial Engineering Our manufacturing process always employs the most efficient technologies and incorporates the latest developments in workflow and process orga- nisation, in order to ensure the best environment for competitive produc- tion at the highest level of quality. Following the start of production (SOP), the supervision of series production team carries out the work of optimising processes and tasking. Supervising the car seat’s entire value chain is the overall responsibili- ty of the E/IE department – from the seat’s metal framework to its full as- sembly. This responsibility extends across Sitech’s worldwide operations. E/IE also gathers key productivity figures, and determines measures, to- gether with respective employees, to optimise procedures and eliminate all forms of waste. Welding metal frameworks and work place ergonomics: yet another responsibility for E/IE planners Procedures are put to the test and improved in KVP workshops Careful technical planning is the basis for optimal manufacturing processes
  14. 14. 15 14 In order to consistently achieve the highest level of product quality, every step of the production process must be meticu- lously defined and every operation must conform to the most stringent quality standards. The job of Quality Assurance is to guarantee these conditions at our company. This entails working closely with all production-tasked employees to iden- tify deficiencies and risks in the production process and the value chain, to eliminate their causes, and to test the effectiveness of remedial measures. An important component of their work is to instil a lasting quality-based philosophy amongst employees. Furthermore, Quality Assurance must clear all components destined for in-house processes, and approve all products leaving our production line before customer delivery. This is ensured by internal audits as well as in- Quality from proven processes and strict guidelines
  15. 15. Quality Assurance Only zero-defect car seats leave the produc- tion line Systematic quality management: all of our plants are ISO/TS 16949 certified Steadily declining losses due to damaged goods demonstrates the effectiveness of our quality management After undergoing all testing procedures, the prototype receives another close visual in- spection Selecting necessary testing equipment and performing respective tests are amongst the tasks of Quality Assurance spection equipment that is integrated into the production line, conducting universal testing as well as regular spot checks. The effectiveness of qua- lity management at every branch location of Sitech has been certified ac- cording to the internationally recognised standard ISO/TS 16949. You can rely on our quality. We offer our customers complete security.
  16. 16. 17 16 Our colleagues in Polkowice manufacture metal seat structures. The latest welding and painting equipment as well as a new pressing facility afford an exemplary level of efficiency by any international standard. As a Sitech Centre of Excellence, the Polkowice plant also builds prototypes and designs its own metal structures. The Polkowice plant’s breadth of manufacturing expertise comprises the en- tire value chain. Every day, the plant presses approximately 150,000 parts, which are then welded, painted and assembled in back rests and seat frames. The assembly line is divided into four production sectors: preliminary and final seat frames assembly, and preliminary and final seat base assembly. The plant is equipped with everything necessary for the modern manufac- Polkowice: location of the Sitech Competence Centre for metal structures Complete car seat metal structures Employees Production space Daily output Key figures 1,600 32,900 sq m (354,133 sq ft) 216,000 parts (incl. pressing operations)
  17. 17. Operations in Polkowice, Poland Ergonomic provision of materials at every manual work station contributes to ideal working conditions Complete seat structures are built on several production lines We have been cooperating with the Wrocław University of Technology since 2011 in imple- menting an advanced laser welding process as a core technology in the field of seat ad- justment systems The range of production capabilities at Polko- wice: design, pressing, welding, painting and assembly ture of metal structures, including automated rivet, screw and mating sta- tions, as well as welding robot cubicles. Led by a young management team, the Polkowice plant’s 1,600 employ- ees produce 40,000 metal structures daily.
  18. 18. 19 18 The Centre of Excellence in Wolfsburg designs and plans inno- vative car seating systems for global markets. As many as 3,700 assembly-ready seat sets are produced daily in its modern manu- facturing plant, and supplied just-in-sequence to customer as- sembly lines. Approximately 1,200 employees work in three shifts on several production lines that are laid out in accordance with the latest technical standards. Work cycles are determined according to customer needs. The lead time to obtain seat sets for a given car model is four hours. Once a supply or- der is received for specified seat sets, the plant then demands the required seat covers. At that point, foam pads and trim covers are assembled to the seat met- al structures at the Polish plant in Polkowice, the car seats are equipped and finished at various assembly stations precisely according to the cus- tomer’s requirements – whether luxury versions with electric seat adjust- Wolfsburg: Germany’s automotive capital Overarching corporate responsibilities and futuristic manufacturing Employees incl. headquarters Production space Daily output 1,500 30,000 sq m (322,917 sq ft) 3,700 car sets Key figures
  19. 19. Operations in Wolfsburg, Germany Our Wolfsburg employees manufacture high- quality products with utmost care and atten- tion Sitech’s executive offices, central administra- tive offices and its Wolfsburg plant are com- bined on one site ment, heating and leather covers or standard versions for base models. Front-seat head restraints are also manufactured. Once the seat set is com- plete, it is loaded onto a palette and transported by lorry directly to the customer’s assembly line. In the seat cover development unit at Heinenkamp Business Park, the en- tire production process for comfort-related components is carefully mapped out. Guided by these design specifi- cations, foam pieces are sculpted and pattern pieces are drafted, digitised and sent to the cutter, before seat covers are finally assembled on spe- cialised sewing machines. In the neighbouring prototype workshop, every completed seat is upholstered for inspection trials and road tests, while its suitability for serial production also undergoes analysis and documentation. Heinenkamp Business Park hosts the pro- totype workshop and seat cover develop- ment unit, as well as the training work- shop and the ergonomics centre
  20. 20. 21 20 Line production at the customer’s location Employees Production space Daily output Key figures 500 15,200 sq m (163,611 sq ft) 1,150 car sets 1,150 centre consoles/ instrument panels As in Wolfsburg, the Emden plant produces complete seat sets on a just-in-sequence basis, supplying the customer’s assem- bly line to exact specification. Approximately 1,150 seat sets are produced on two state-of-the-art production lines in two shifts every day. Nearly all of the plant’s 500 employees work in a production capacity. Emden: a holiday spot for some, a place to build car seats, centre consoles and instrument panels for others In July 2010, the product range at this location became even broader. Given a lead time of just 68 minutes, we can now deliver the new Passat’s instru- ment panels from Frisia Industrial Park to the assembly line, just-in-sequence. With the seats and instrument panel, as well as our other new product the centre console, we now build the majority of the vehicle interface that is ex- perienced by the customer.
  21. 21. Operations in Emden, Germany At Emden we also produce the centre console of the new Passat Car seats are assembled precisely accord- ing to customer specifications In our new production hall at Frisia Industrial Park, we install more than 1,000 centre con- soles and instrument panels everyday
  22. 22. 23 22 Production cells and sequence buffer Employees Production space Daily output Key figures 320 8,500 sq m (91,493 sq ft) 630 car sets In contrast to Sitech’s two other German plants, the facility in Hanover produces car seats at production cells rather than lines, meaning that every work stage is performed at one station. Hanover: renowned for its international trade fairs and conventions At our Hanover location, we manufacture our seats in production cells, and then the finished seats are brought to a holding unit, the sequence buffer, where they are made ready for the customer’s production line. As a result of the enormous variety of customer vehicles, Sitech products are extraordi- narily complex.
  23. 23. Operations in Hanover, Germany Finished seats are transported to the sequence buffer From the sequence buffer into the vehicle. Our seats mounted in the T5 A challenging task: complete seat assembly takes place in one production cell
  24. 24. 25 24 Our plant in China has become an all-round talent. In order to work together with our customers on new products, the Shang- hai team has complemented complex production facilities with a fast growing technical development operation. Both seat struc- tures and complete car seats are produced under one roof. Shanghai, the most important economic centre in China, is the home of Sitech Dongchang. Founded in 2004, our joint-venture business moved into a new- ly built facility in 2008, equipped with the most modern technology. Our em- ployees deliver complete car seats just-in-time to our customer Shanghai Shanghai: China’s leading business metropolis is an ideal location to gain access to Far Eastern markets From metal structures to complete car seats Employees Production space Daily output Key figures 600 20,000 sq m (215,278 sq ft) 700 car sets 2,200 metal struc- tures components Production takes place with modern equipment in new facilities
  25. 25. Operations in Shanghai, China Every operation in the production of our seats has to be right A wide range of capabilities in Baoshan, Shanghai. Finished car seats are built from frameworks manufactured on-site Volkswagen. The requisite seat structures are mostly self-produced within our manufacturing complex (ca. 20,000 sq m). In order to produce car seats of the highest quality, advanced 3D measur- ing devices and a multi-functional testing facility are employed. Well-qualified, highly motivated employees reflect our commitment to product quality Technical development work is performed in-house in collaboration with our cus- tomers
  26. 26. 27 26 With our products, we maintain a worldwide presence. Our com- pany delivers not only to customers in Europe, but also on oth- er continents. No matter where our seat structures, components or complete car seats may be required, we always deliver the highest quality. Locations, Customers, Delivery Flows America. South America is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. The Sitech plant in Polkowice, Poland, delivers metal structures to the Volkswagen facility in Argentina for the seats of the Amarok. Africa. For many years, Volkswagen has been producing vehicles for mar- kets in the southern hemisphere at its location in Port Elizabeth, South Af- rica. Furthermore, Volkswagen South Africa now produces all right-hand- drive Polo cars for the entire world market. In cooperation with a local part- ner, Sitech delivers components for seat structures which are used across the customer’s product range. Europe. Our customers in Europe profit from the strong presence of Sitech on this continent. At Volkswagen’s German sites in Emden, Wolfsburg and Hanover, Sitech manufactures complete car seats and delivers them just-in- The Sitech seat logos indicate our branch locations, the flags our customers Russia China South AfricaArgentina
  27. 27. Worldwide delivery We supply customers in America, Africa, Eu- rope and Asia Seat structures from Polkowice are sent to the German locations and Shanghai for further assembly into complete car seats, before delivery to customers. Our customers in the re- maining countries are supplied with structures and components sequence directly to the vehicle assembly lines of our customer. At the Em- den location, Sitech additionally installs the centre consoles and instrument panels for the new Passat and Passat CC. Our Polkowice facility is constantly on the cutting edge of modernisation, expanding our product portfolio every year by developing seat structures and components for many of the new models of vehicles that roll off the line at major plants across Europe. Volkswagen Pamplona and Bratislava, Audi Ingolstadt, SEAT Martorell, Skoda Mlada Boleslav and Kvasiny, as well as Porsche and Volkswagen RUS in Kaluga, are just a few of the major plants that Sitech supplies with seat structures from Polkowice. Asia. Sitech’s biggest customers on this continent have their facilities in Chi- na. Founded in Shanghai in 2004, our company Sitech Dongchang moved into a newly built site in 2008, in order to fulfil the growing needs of our cus- tomers. With highly advanced technologies guiding our manufacturing process- es, Sitech in Shanghai produces metal structures and complete car seats for vehicle models such as the Volkswagen Tiguan and Touran, as well as the Skoda Octavia and Superb, delivered just-in-time to the customer. Russia Germany Slovakia Spain Poland Czech Republic
  28. 28. 29 28 1998 when it all started Although our company is relatively young, we can already look back on an eventful history. The beginnings of Sitech go back to the period when the Beetle was still in production. Products may have changed over the years – but our demand for perfection and first-rate quality have remained the same. 1998 On 7 April, Sitech Sp. z o.o. is founded by Volkswagen AG and KWD GmbH in Polkowice, Poland. 1999 Polkowice sees production launch of the first parts, for the PQ24 and the A03. 2001 Founding of Sitech GmbH in Germany. Four dedicated production halls are opened in the Sandkamp district of Wolfsburg. 2003 Sitech becomes a full subsidiary of Volkswagen AG. 2004 Acquisition of seat production site in Emden. Also, Sitech Dongchang is founded in Shanghai, China. At the same time, the new pressing facility is launched in Poland, producing around 150,000 pressed parts everyday.
  29. 29. History 2005 Seat Development Centre is launched in Wolfsburg, as Volkswagen combines the seating expertise of Sitech, Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. 2007 Seat manufacture for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Hanover is taken on. The Wolfsburg location celebrates completion of the two millionth seating unit. 2008 Sitech Sp. z o.o. celebrates its ten-year anniversary, with a grand com- pany party for young and old. Numerous delegates of the City of Polkowice, as well as friends, colleagues and business partners join the festivities. 2009 Opening of the new branch factory in Shanghai, China. 2010 Opening of the new production hall at Frisia Industrial Park in Emden. September sees the production launch of centre consoles and instrument panels for the Passat B7 and Passat CC. 2011 The ten-year anniversary of Sitech Sitztechnik GmbH in Wolfsburg, to be celebrated with an open-house day. A grand party marked the ten-year anniversary of the Polkowice location Our first production facilities open in Polkowice and Wolfsburg
  30. 30. 31 30 Advanced car seats are highly sophisticated systems that pro- tect a car’s occupants and provide a relaxed, fatigue-free dri- ving experience. Every car seat we produce has these qualities, persuading our customers to equip their vehicles with seats of the highest level. Our job is to ensure that sitting in their cars will always be a pleasure. In order to offer customers this benefit, our experts work in close collabo- ration throughout the product development process. During both develop- ment and production phases, they incorporate the latest findings from ma- terials, ventilation and accident research. Cutting-edge ergonomics and or- thopaedics research is also exploited. Sitech produces car seats and seat metal structures for a wide variety of models – but the level of quality remains consist- ently high Safe, comfortable, innovative – our seating technology is standard-setting Sitech customers – We currently supply car seats for the following models Volkswagen Škoda SEAT Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Audi Porsche Golf Golf Plus Passat Passat CC Polo (metal structure components) Tiguan Touareg (metal structure components) Touran Fabia (metal structure components) Octavia (metal structure components) Roomster (metal structure components) Superb (metal structure components) Altea (metal structure components) Toledo (metal structure components) Caddy (metal structure components) T5 Amarok (metal structure components) A4 (metal structure components) Q7 (metal structure components) Cayenne (metal structure components)
  31. 31. Customers/Products Drivers and passengers appreciate good, convenient, comfortable seats We supply car seats in virtually every desired equipment version Test results show that our efforts are worthwhile. Time and again, our car seats are lauded by independent testers from auto trade magazines for their exemplary quality. We always do our utmost so that our customers may con- tinue to build this advantage into their cars. Variability: one of our seats’ many qualities
  32. 32. Sitech Sitztechnik GmbH Stellfelder Str. 46 38442 Wolfsburg, Germany Telephone +49 53 61 9-80 100 Fax +49 53 61 9-57 80 100 Sitech Sp. z o. o. ul. Strefowa 2 59-101 Polkowice, Poland Telephone +48 76 726 70 00 Fax +48 76 726 70 70 Sitech Dongchang Automotive Seat- ing Technology Ltd. Baoshan Urban Industrial Park No. 1658, Fengxiang Rd. Shanghai 200444, P.R. China Telephone +86 21 36 16 16 00 Fax +86 21 36 16 16 06