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Custom t shirt memory quilts


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Custom t shirt memory quilts

  1. 1. Custom T Shirt Memory Quilts by
  2. 2. T Shirt Quilts Make wonderful gifts!
  3. 3. Your T-Shirts tell a story. Transform them intoa functional quilt that tells YOUR story.That story may be your graduates high schoolyears.Perhaps the story is about your favorite traveldestinations, your irreverent humor, or themany 5Ks you have completed.Maybe the quilt will tell the story of a lovedone who has passed. Think of the feeling ofwrapping yourself in his Tees.
  4. 4. A baby quilt/toddler blanket made out of dad’s shirts.
  5. 5. Perfect for graduation gifts.
  6. 6. Blanket backing made out of sweatshirt fleece.
  7. 7. Perfect for a stadium blanket!
  8. 8. A 20-shirt Blanket
  9. 9. Soft polar fleece backing. Comfortable and washable!
  10. 10. Visit for more information or contact me at