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ChamberLinked Webinars


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This describes how to add content to ChamberExecs

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ChamberLinked Webinars

  1. 1. Getting Started with the ChamberExecs CommunityGet the most from the ChamberExecs community - complete your profiles today and quicklyestablish a strong chamber network. Members with complete profiles are more likely to receivenew business opportunities and benefit from increased exposure throughout the community,member directory and bulletin.What Makes Your Personal Profile Complete?  A profile photo  Your profile summary  Your LinkedIn Link  Your Twitter Link  Your Facebook Link  Two past positions  Your education  At least 5 connections  Started/Joined a Group  At least 3 posts Easily complete most of your personal profile by importing from LinkedInWhat Makes Your Business Profile Complete?  A profile logo  Add profile description  Your Twitter Link  Your Facebook Link  Your YouTube Account  Your Slideshare Account  Your Flickr Account  At least 3 contacts  At least 3 posts (from contact tied to the business profiles)
  2. 2. Community Engagement StrategiesWe encourage you to engage with the ChamberExecs members in some way at least once aweek. There are two broad categories of engagement activity:  Contributing content  Interacting within the communityWithin each of these categories are a number of different actions or features available within theChamberExecs community. Without going into the specific procedures needed to accomplisheach task, heres an outline of some ways you can engage the community.Generate Exposure by Contributing ContentEach time an article, event, media or offer is added to your profile, the content is highlighted onthe homepage, chamber wall and throughout the community. Contributing content generatesexposure, positions you as a through leader, and helps you do more business! Media: Share your expertise by posting media to your profile that is distributed throughout the community and the Library. Upload and synch your profile to the videos, presentations and images stored on YouTube, SlideShare and Flickr. Articles: Post articles and share bookmarks of interesting content from anywhere on the web. From chamber news to informative articles, bookmarks are a great way to share your expertise within the ChamberExecs community. Offers: Posting an offer is one of the most important tools to help you do more business with ChamberExecs members. By posting offers for your products or services, your business will immediately generate exposure throughout community, offer directory, member bulletin and more. Events: Post an Event, then extend the value of your event by posting presentations, pictures and recaps to the community. Connect members back to your event and reach the members that were unable to attend in person. Groups: Start a new Group or participate in one that you have already joined. Groups can be open or private. Private groups are perfect for communicating with your existing clients or prospects because you can share information that is not visible to the rest of the community.
  3. 3. Interacting within the communityMeet more members and grow your business online 24 hours a day. ChamberExecs enablesyou to connect, communicate and create more business opportunities on your schedule, at yourconvenience. Discussions: Post a new Discussion topic or share best practices and answer questions in an existing Discussion Wall: Post to the Community Wall to share news, announcements, links and updates. Inbox: Have private conversations with members within the community. Private message members that have a specific interest in content you posted to ensure that it is seen. Monitoring: Consistently monitor discussions, groups and events every week to make sure your business is participating effectively and being represented within the community. Events: Increase participation for your Event by inviting members to register and see who is already planning to attend. As the Event host you can message attendees and edit your Event details at any time. Leaders: Find members who attended offline, face-to-face events and invite them to connect online. Network 24/7: Build relationships within the community by connecting to members and facilitating connections between mutual contacts. Directory: Find chamber executives by position, chamber and region. Select a chamber to view their location on the map, business profile, and executive contacts.These examples are just a few of the various features available within ChamberExecs to helpyou engage the Chamber Leadership. The basis for your success within the community is yourinvolvement and interaction with the members of the community. When members come first,everybody wins!
  4. 4. 10 Easy Ways to Promote Your ChamberExecs Profile1. Announce your Involvement - Send an email blast to your prospects and clients announcing your involvement in the ChamberExecs community2. Link to your ChamberExecs Profile – Remember to add a link to your ChamberExecs profile from your website, social media profiles and newsletter.3. Social Media - Announce and link back to your ChamberExecs profile on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter4. Promote Your URL - Always put your ChamberExecs profile URL / domain on letterhead, business cards and in e-mail signatures - wherever your clients and prospects are likely to see it5. Public Relations - Write and Distribute a Press Release announcing your involvement in ChamberExecs.6. Promote ChamberExecs - Hand out the ChamberExecs Benefits Flyer in your next chamber meeting7. Bookmark ChamberExecs – Ask your clients and prospects to “Bookmark” in Firefox or add it to “Their Favorites” in Internet Explorer8. Communicate with your Members – The ChamberExecs community is the most efficient and effective way to communicate with Chamber Leaders. Each day, connect to a member, send a personal message, make an online introduction or start a discussion. It only takes minutes a day, but goes a long way!9. Post content – Organize a group, post an event or create and offer! It only takes seconds to make a big difference!10. Tell your members! - Ask your contacts, “Hey, have you visited the ChamberExecs community at” Invite them to try it out.