Letter to the Judges


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Letter to the Judges

  1. 1. April 18, 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges: Hello! My name is Maida Ahmad and for my senior project, I chose to learn AmericanSign Language (ASL) and teach what I learned to Ashley Bridges, a student who was interestedin learning the language. I am already fluent in two languages, English and Urdu, and partiallyfluent in Spanish. Therefore, I figured learning another language wouldn’t be too difficult.Nevertheless, this goal revealed itself to be quite lofty, but I worked tirelessly throughout theyear to make sure I successfully completed this project. Although I am currently undecided onwhat career I would like to pursue in the future, I know without a doubt that I would love to havea career in the medical field. I have a passion for helping people and I love the idea of devotingall my time and effort into saving lives on a daily basis. For my final product, I created a scrapbook to document the sign language lessons I gaveAshley Bridges. In my scrapbook, I included the abundant amount of pictures we took during ourlessons and some of Ashley’s personal opinions about sign language. Since my research paperdiscussed the many reasons people choose to learn sign language and the many aspects oflearning sign language, my product relates to my research paper because they both highlight themajor elements of learning sign language, including both the difficult and highly enjoyable partsof the process. Therefore, the information I read through when I was writing my research paperbenefitted me in understanding some of the simple techniques I could use to easily teach signlanguage to Ashley. An obstacle I faced during the process of creating a scrapbook was myinability to draw intricate pictures. Nevertheless, I loved being creative while making myscrapbook. Also, the best part of creating a scrapbook was that drawing wasn’t a necessity. Iworked around the obstacle and achieved success by incorporating ribbons, stickers, printedpictures, and more! My topic revolves around sign language, but my research, in addition to sign language,also explores hearing impairment, the lifestyle the hearing impaired experience, and the rapidgrowth in the deaf population. Since one of my career options is to become a hearing specialist,my topic and research relate to my career choice quite accurately. I chose to learn sign languagebecause I believe that I must first understand how my patients communicate before I can attemptto help them. Sign language is one of the most important elements to the deaf and hearingimpaired. Therefore, by choosing to learn sign language for my senior project, I believe I havetaken the first step towards my potential future career. Throughout the process of completing my
  2. 2. senior project, I realized two things about myself. One, I have an unbreakable drive to become arespected doctor in the medical field. One of my biggest and most ambitious goals is to become asuccessful doctor and make an impact on lives all around me. This project illuminated the factthat I am highly motivated to pursue a career in the medical field. Two, although I amdetermined to have a career in the medical field, I am no longer fascinated in becoming a hearingspecialist. Although I no longer want to become a hearing specialist, my interest in sign languagehas not declined and I still desire to become fluent in the language. All in all, my senior project has significantly influenced me, both positively andnegatively. When I chose my topic in the beginning of the year, I didn’t realize how demandingand arduous learning a new language would be. I decided that I would put in the extra effort andbecome fluent by the end of the year. However, the grueling workload from three AP coursesand the process of applying to various colleges and scholarship programs began to take a toll onme. Learning an entire language in just a couple of months is no easy feat and although I chosequite a complicated topic for my senior project, my desire to become fluent in sign languagepushed me continuously throughout the year. There were moments throughout the year when Ibelieved that the senior project had only been created to stress me out more than I already was.Now that the project is over, however, I realize that without the senior project, I would still be onthe track to becoming a hearing specialist. The senior project was extremely stressful anddemanding, but it might have saved me thousands of dollars on college courses. Instead ofrealizing I wasn’t meant to be a hearing specialist in the middle of my college years, I am gladthat I found out before I spent an abundant amount of money on a career choice I wouldn’tenjoy. In conclusion, the senior project has been highly beneficial to me throughout myexploration of career options. Thank you very much for your time!Sincerely,_______________________________Maida Ahmad