Industrial revolution


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Industrial revolution

  1. 1. Industrial Revolution 2: Master plan - description of the scenes - layers of the background Walk trough - step by step (what is happening in that scene). Number of characters, number of objects. Scenes: 1. Home – showing the conditions, teaching a skill 2. Cotton Factory - industrial revolution, business models, cost reducing method 3. Mine – organizing a workers’ union, a strike 4. Parliament - lobbing the lords to publish the law (Mine Act). Home Not a very beautiful place. Small apartment, dark, miserable, cold, dirty, no furniture. Mother is at home working with a mop in her hand. 7 kids and father are coming home from the factory. Father is very tired and falls asleep immediately. Communication will be between mother, kids and the player. Characters: - Mother - Father (goes to sleep) - Kids - Player - kids: do not want to go to work, want to go to school or play - mother: ignoring the kids and is doing housework - player: asks from mother why kids have to work - mother: explains that school or playing is a waste of time, money is needed in order to feed the kids, describes lousy living conditions in a certain manner specific to that era. - players: offer kids options how to make their life easier: - play – different side-games - steal – show how it should not be done. - homeworks – help mother - ... - teach some skill *- have to provide a correct answer (the correct answer is not provided with the first selection). *When players are selecting an incorrect answer, mother starts to explain why they can't do that: - kids must have rest - God will punish them - mother is doing the work - ... When the player selects the wrong answer several times, father will wake up and there is a risk of getting beaten (randomly). - random kid: asks instructions about some specific skill - this question can be
  2. 2. random from game to game. - player: has to teach a skill - by solving the mini-game [a puzzle or a quiz (e.g. reordering activities, filling in the blanks, making connections, ... but before that they have to google - to collect information)]. When teaching fails - father wakes up and there is a risk of being beaten. If the teaching is successful - player is led to the other scene (in the morning together with the kids). Some additional mini-games - going outside, getting a goal, and making fire at home. Solution for multiplayer - 2 skills are needed - one taught by 1 group and second by another. Cotton Factory Indoor picture. Loud noise. Lots of dust, machinery, ... Kids have to weave, they are controlled by the owner. The rest of the kids are working in the background. Characters: - Owner of the factory - Kids - Player One of the kids: tries to communicate with the owner Owner: ignores Player: asks from the owner why kids are working Owner: explains his business model in an arrogant way. Player: offers technical innovations - sidegames - puzzles or quizzes about engines and equipment – how to put the machines together, how to make textile, how to place the yarn, ..., or making working conditions better. Instead of lime-wash you have to offer something more decent Innovation leads to the smaller need of working hands. Kids are sent home – the player is suddenly going through the dust and finds himself in another scene. Mine Very bad working conditions, mine is full of coal dust, dark, narrow, ... Characters: - Owner of the factory - Kids - Player Introduction: Player gets hurt from falling when pulling the trolly. Owner: ignores the player Worker: helps the player to go and breathe some fresh air, cleans the wound, gives cloth to tie it up Player: ask workers to:
  3. 3. - ruin the machines - steal from the factory - ... - start a union * Wrong answer: - player is put in to prison - waiting time. - player is sent to Australia - game fails? - there is a risk to get beaten, or given even more difficult job - ... Player: asks the union to: - make speeches - write a letter to government - make a strike * - negotiate with the owner Parliament A big room full of light. Lots of people talking, going around. Lots of air. Player with a broken arm goes around the house and looks at all the space. He finds a Member of Parliament who has an armed guard next to him. Caracters: - Member(s) of Parliament - Armed guard - Kids - Union members - Player The kids and the player are trying to get the attention of the MP, because the player has broken his arm and wants to present his views on child labour to the MP. Kids are driven away by the armed guard, but the player and union members are accepted. The conversation is going on in the form of a mini-game, where there are questions and possible answers (each union member suggests an answer) – if the player chooses the wrong answer then he is also kicked out. It is in the form of a dialogue. MP: asks what is the problem Union members: each of them suggests an answer (coming as a bubble from their mouths, e.g. children are mistreated, we are hungry, it is dirty in the mines, etc.) Player: selects the correct answer, then the next round of questions-answers appear. If the player selects continuously a wrong answer, the crowd is “kicked out“ (this happens randomly) of the building and no law change is considered.* If the player selects correct answers in a row then the MP starts considering taking the proposals for the law into consideration. *In the case of kicking out from the building side-games could be considered in order to let them back in again (facts about British Parliament, important
  4. 4. addresses, etc.). If the player gets the answers correct, then the way to the Parliament is open again. If not, he has to try again. The game ends where the player is back at home in the nice, clean environment. He or she is happy and thinks it was all a bad dream when suddenly notices the broken arm...