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  • What is Olin?
  • What is Olin?
  • Autodesk is investigating alternative approaches to self-paced learning across its products. Autodesk Inventor 2011 has a wide set of text and video tutorials already available, but the company is looking for a new way for educators to facilitate a better self-guided learning experience.
  • Defining the PROBLEM SPACETag Cloud what is this, see how many people need to use this? Varied uses and stuffCurrent tools for teaching in CAD need to cater to all these audiences in very different ways. How do you accomplish this?The solution is to build out learning materials that work for large swaths of people as best you canWE believe there is an opportunity however, given the way AutoDesk has dedicated its opening screen environment as a learning space to reorganize and rethink a holistic organizational model for learning CAD.
  • Motivation Through Game Mechanics
  • Many applications make new users feel stupidAll users are rewarded for incremental achievementsFeeling of discouragement from mistakes is avoided by removing obstaclesPeople are not overwhelmed by features since only a few are released at a timeResolves assimilation bias because people are less likely to incorrectly interpret or ignore unfamiliar interface elementsReleasing new features sparks curiosity, tapping into user’s more powerful intrinsic motivationMotivational paradox for users who would rather spend their time using software to do work than spend it learning how to use the softwareCognitive paradox for users who naturally apply their expertise in other domains to new softwareThese biases conflict and cause two computer use phenomena, that users have difficulty in learning new software, and that after learning the basics, they soon plateau at relative mediocrityMany users who focus on their experiences care about sharing their skills with peers and having fun in the learning processOther users who are driven by end-goals are more often driven by achievements, speed, and demonstrable ability
  • Senior Design Project

    1. 1. 24 Hour Autodesk Project Marathon<br />Olin College Autodesk SCOPE Team <br />(Sept 10th) <br />
    2. 2. Mission <br />To redefine and continually improve undergraduate engineering education based on:<br /><ul><li>A curriculum that emphasizes teamwork, project-based learning, practical skills, business knowledge and a multidisciplinary approach to engineering
    3. 3. Developing leadership and communication skills
    4. 4. An emphasis on undergraduate teaching and learning in a small, supportive community</li></li></ul><li>A curricular representation of Olin Engineers<br />
    5. 5. What is SCOPE?<br />The Olin curriculum culminates in the Senior Capstone Program in Engineering (SCOPE), in which students engage in a significant engineering project under realistic constraints for an actual client. As part of the program,<br />A corporate partner supplies a bona fide and challenging engineering problem to the program;<br />Olin College provides a world-class student engineering team, a dedicated faculty advisor, and dedicated project space, as well as access to the Olin technology base and an Olin technical expert group;<br />The teams work on the project over two semesters (60 hours per week per team);<br />The teams present regular progress updates, and provide the sponsor with a bound report at the end of the project;<br />A corporate partner agrees to provide financial support, access to corporate, technical and market expertise, hardware and test facilities.<br />
    6. 6. What to Expect: <br />This presentation is the final visual deliverable created by the Olin College Autodesk SCOPE Team to capture the accelerated 24-hour project experience they completed to simulate a whole year’s worth of work.<br />The purpose of the exercise was largely team-building oriented, and while it does include some ideas for possible areas of exploration for the team’s year long research project, these ideas were developed prior to meeting with our Autodesk liaisons and as such does not necessarily represent the quality, content, or type of work the team hopes to present as formal deliverables.<br />
    7. 7. AUTODESK<br />Self-Paced Learning System<br />
    8. 8. E: System Dynamics<br />Marco Morales<br />Maia Bittner<br />Adam Kenvarg<br />Andrew Pethan<br />E:Product Design<br />E: Cognitive Science<br />Mechanical Engineering<br />Hari Iyer<br />Keerthik Omanakuttan<br />Electrical & Computer Engineering<br />E: Computing<br />
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    11. 11. Customer Focus<br />Experienced<br />Inventor<br />Inventor<br />Power User<br />CAD Expert<br />[Transferred]<br />Newbie<br />zzzz<br />Inventor ExperienceTimeline<br />zzzz<br />zzzz<br />Primary Targeted Users<br />Secondary Beneficiaries<br />Secondary Beneficiaries<br />zzzz<br />zzzz<br />
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    16. 16. Prototype <br />Walkthrough<br />
    17. 17. Gratuitous LOLCat<br />Sniper Cat sees you<br />…through his…<br />