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ترجمة باثولوجى


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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ترجمة باثولوجى

  1. 1. pathology - proliferation -- manifested labile- etiology epithlial congenital -fibroblasts acquired scar - neoplastic vaiable reversible debris - allergic obliteration - symptoms avascular serological contracture autopsy and bundles postmortem ) biopsy cosmetic ) specimens keloid exfoliated fistula ultra haematomaPage 1
  2. 2. fate or sequels labile haematoma epithelial cells osteoblast stable composed circumstances capillaries callus permanent clef ischemia infiltration O2 Dilated macrophages ) Legation epithelium Collateral scarAtherosclerosis granulation Atrophy: gap fibrosis proliferates Hyperemia obliteration Gravid ulcer Mitral sinusPage 2