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Top emerging technologies


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This is a short overview to the top emerging technologies

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Top emerging technologies

  1. 1. Top Emerging Technologies
  2. 2. Mobile  Mobile usage increases over time.  Millions of mobile devices are sold annually.  Amazon: over $1 billion spent via mobile devices in the past 12 months  eBay: global mobile sales ~$4 billion in 2011, $2B in 2010, $600M in 2009  Best Buy: mobile Web users doubling every year: 30M (10), 17M (09), 6M (08)  In Google, they develop for mobile first
  3. 3. Mobile (Cont.) It has been very important to take smart phones and tablets into consideration while developing applications.
  4. 4. Responsive Web Design Designing a RWD website has become more popular than developing a native web applications. Media Queries and others aspects support responsive web design
  5. 5. Cloud Businesses now move to cloud rather than spending a lot of money on applications and platforms. A lot of cloud services company all over the world came to board like Microsoft, Google. A lot of online services and applications.
  6. 6. Business Intelligence  BI plays an important role in every enterprise as it improves decision making  BI involves analyzing historical data and data warehousing and data mining services  A lot of tools now support BI like SQL server and MS SharePoint and other third party software
  7. 7. Integration Applications inside an enterprise talks with each other. In many cases applications talk to other applications outside the boundary of the company Service oriented architecture is very important