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Fast Try Fast Fail


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Fast Try Fast Fail Approach

Published in: Self Improvement
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Fast Try Fast Fail

  1. 1. Fast Try Fast Fail
  2. 2. Life is too short to waste it in hesitation and procrastination
  3. 3. Most Of Us Hesitate & Procrastinate because of Fear of Failure
  4. 4. The key idea is To: Do it now, accept failure, learn and adjust Better thanyou miss the opportunity And then you cry you didn’t progressed
  5. 5. Before the beginning,make sure to: Limitthe scope Controlthe cost: Fail cheap Controlthe risk
  6. 6. Once Done: Evaluate Learned Lessons Adjust Try Again
  7. 7. THANKS FOR READING MahmoudBen Taher– July2016