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Environmental challenges 2

Environmental challenges faced by any HR Department. Designed to suit students of BBA and MBA.

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Environmental challenges 2

  1. 1. Environmental Challenges Chapter- 2 Mahmood Qasim
  2. 2. Organizations and their departments are open systems and are affected by the environment in which they operate. Mahmood Qasim
  3. 3. Mahmood Qasim External Challenges Workforce Diversity • Cultural and attitudinal diversity • Diversity through immigration and migration • Diversity and professionals Technological Challenges Economic Challenges Governmental Challenges
  4. 4. Mahmood Qasim Steps in Dealing with External Challenges 1. Monitor the environment 2. Evaluate the impact 3. Take proactive measures 4. Obtain and analyze feedback
  5. 5. Mahmood Qasim Organizational Challenges Unions Information Systems Organizational Culture and Conflicts
  6. 6. Mahmood Qasim Professional Challenges Certification Other Professional Requirements
  7. 7. Thank You