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CoMe On GUyzxx ThIs Is ThE BeSt PrEsEnTaTiOn!!!!

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  1. 1. CyClOnEs!!!!
  2. 2. Made by•MaHmOoD aShFaQ .
  3. 3. How a cyclone is formed!!• A cyclone is a storm that involves the movement of warm, high-pressure air and cooler, low-pressure air. This movement of air causes a rotation that picks up speed and creates a funnel.
  4. 4. Difference between Cyclone and Hurricane!!!!!• Hurricane: a violent wind which has a circular movement, especially found in the West Atlantic Ocean. A hurricane is actually a violent storm formed with water which causes heavy rains and fierce winds and they can cause flooding of streets and homes.• Cyclone: a violent tropical storm or wind in which the air moves very fast in a circular direction. They can be formed over tropical water, bar the Southeast Pacific and the South Atlantic Oceans.
  5. 5. How Cyclone effect the Pakistan!!!• Over 1000 people died, many more were injured and died later from thrist. House were destroyed . 80000 House were damage. 60000 Fishing boat destroyed. 700 Animals were lost. 7000
  6. 6. A video clip of cyclone!!!!
  7. 7. Diagram of a cyclone!!!
  8. 8. Cyclones in Pakistan.!!• Since Pakistan was created 2 cyclones have hit the sindh coast. The first was in August 1948 and the 2nd in May 1999. This cyclone was about 80 km east of Karachi . In Karachi some refugees’ tents were blown drown but there was no other damages.
  9. 9. Amazing facts about cyclones!!!• Oman does not lie on a usual cyclone route. However, in June 2007 a cyclone, which developed in the Arabian sea south of Pakistan, moved westward towards Oman. Torrential rain and fierce winds hit the capital city, Muscat.
  10. 10. Countries that are effected by Cyclones!!!• The countries in the map• which are filled with• yellow color are mostly• effected by Cyclones. That• are Bangladesh, India, Thai• land, Malaysia, Indonesia• Sri lanka, and much more near• to the Indian ocean.•
  11. 11. Names of Cyclones!!• Tracy, Larry, Alex, Jacob, Karo ,Itna ,Jack ,Jim ,Paul ,Willing ,Wendy ,Jana ,Phil ,Andrew and more.
  12. 12. Photos of Cyclone!!!
  13. 13. Questions??• What is a cyclone?• Which countries are mostly affected by cyclones?• When did cyclone hit Pakistan?• How many people died because of the first cyclone in Pakistan?
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CoMe On GUyzxx ThIs Is ThE BeSt PrEsEnTaTiOn!!!!


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