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Exa Information Technology Sitecore Presentation


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Exa Information Technology Sitecore Presentation

  1. 1. EXAinformation technology<br /><br />Sitecore Presentation<br /><br />Prepared by: <br />EXA System Support Unit<br />
  2. 2. Agenda<br />Sitecore Company & Products<br />References<br />Sitecore CMS Overview<br />Competition and Comparison<br />Features <br />Modules <br />Shared Source Modules<br />Controls<br />SitecoreCMS Architecture <br />Sitecore Development Tools <br />Sitecore CMS for Education Websites<br />Demo <br />
  3. 3. Sitecore Company & Products<br />Enterprise website and intranet portal software<br /> Sitecore Web Content Management System (CMS) software helps you create and keep up-to-date dynamic, full featured websites of all types. Sitecore lead the industry in flexibility, scalability and ability to integrate with your marketing organization, systems and developer investment- with an intuitive ease of use. Our customers&apos; websites generate experiences that compel visitors to action.<br />Sitecore in numbers:<br /><ul><li> 8 offices worldwide
  4. 4. 135+ employees worldwide
  5. 5. 300+ Partners in global network (40+ countries)
  6. 6. 3000+ Customers in 40+ countries
  7. 7. 2900+ Certified Developers in developer network.</li></li></ul><li>References<br />
  8. 8. Sitecore CMS Overview<br />Content based system <br />Content re-use and strict seperation of content and presentation<br />Support for any device (browser, mobile phone, PDA, RSS etc)<br />Unlimited Scalability<br />Document handling (pdf, word, excel, images, videos etc)<br />Follows W3C Standards and Accessibility standards OOTB<br />Strong multi-language and versioning model<br />Search-engine friendly localized URL’s<br />Integrated Marketing Capabilities (OMS)<br />Ease of use<br />Strong usability tools (patent pending)<br />Simple adjustable editing interfaces<br />Flexible adjustable workflows<br />Extensive API<br />Made for integration<br />Built 100% with Microsoft .Net standards<br />
  9. 9. Competition and Comparison<br />How does Sitecore stack up against the competition? We&apos;ve provided a list of capabilities that we think are critical to any web initiative. <br />
  10. 10. Features<br />Fast Intuitive Editing<br />Integration Anywhere and Everywhere <br />Multi-Site Deployment Made Easy <br />Built to Scale <br />Google-Friendly URLs Improve Site Rankings Instantly <br />Rapid Development <br />Ideal For International Companies <br />Easier, More Effective Communications <br />Create Once, Present Any Way You Want <br />
  11. 11. Features<br />Fast Intuitive Editing <br /> If you know how to use Microsoft Word, you will feel right at home with Sitecore CMS. Sitecore CMS presents users with an Office 2007 style &quot;ribbon&quot; interface, so you&apos;ll be immediately familiar with its editing environment. You&apos;ll be editing your site and up to speed in no time.<br />Integration Anywhere and Everywhere <br /> Today’s modern websites are more connected to our businesses than ever. Sitecore was built from the ground up to enable you to weave your strategic applications into your websites and deliver compelling user experiences. Built on the .NET framework and based open standards and international accessibility standards, Sitecore lets you integrate any and all of your line of business applications, from ERP suites to CRM systems.<br />
  12. 12. Features<br />Multi-Site Deployment Made Easy <br /> Award-winning architecture enables you to manage and deploy an unlimited number of sites and share content, code and processes across any of your sites.<br />Built to Scale <br /> Sitecore is designed to drive the largest sites on the planet. Having a site powered by Sitecore gives you the confidence that you can deliver compelling user experiences at lightning speeds using a combination of high availability options, intelligent caching controls, and the power of ASP .NET 2.0<br />
  13. 13. Features<br />Google-Friendly URLs Improve Site Rankings Instantly <br /> Search engine optimization is an important part of every company’s marketing strategy. Sitecore natively delivers URLs that improve organic search results. Once visitors arrive at your site, Sitecore offers a powerful site search function that leads visitors directly to the information they want.<br />Rapid Development <br /> Sitecore lets you use the tools you want to use and provides unparalleled support for .NET developers. Sitecore lets you work directly in Sitecore or lets you use external tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio. By providing capabilities such as code-completion enhancements and integrated debugging tools, we make developer’s lives easier by reducing errors and increasing programming speed.<br />
  14. 14. Features<br />Ideal For International Companies <br /> The world is getting smaller every day, and more and more companies are going global. Sitecore allows editors to work with the CMS in their native languages by supporting all major languages, and allows you to build websites in any language. Sitecore also lets you to coordinate the management of the many language versions of your website, as well as the translation processes as content changes across those language sites.<br />Easier, More Effective Communications <br /> Use simple, built-in tools to engage your customers using online newsletters, customized forms, blogs, bulletin boards, and forums.<br />Create Once, Present Any Way You Want <br /> Automatically repurpose content into any format you need, from PDA viewing, to RSS feeds.<br />
  15. 15. Sitecore modules<br />Sitecore Supported Modules layer on top of standard Sitecore CMS technology, accelerates deployment of common website requirements, and are prepackaged to shorten time to market. These are optional and chosen based upon your requirements. If needed they are simply installed, otherwise they remain future options and provide no unnecessary overhead. <br />SharePoint Connector Module<br />Web Forms for Marketers Module<br />Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module <br />Newsletter Module <br />
  16. 16. SharePoint Connector Module<br />If you own or are considering implementing Microsoft’s SharePoint/MOSS 2007 for document management, you can now team up with Sitecore CMS and publish these SharePoint document and assets to public-facing websites and extranets with ease. The Sitecore SharePoint Connector Module makes it easy, with transparent bi-directional content access and extranet web security of all SharePoint/MOSS 2007 assets. <br />This is the ideal solution for client requirements which include both a strong web content management and a document management and collaboration platform. This allows sharing features across platforms and the ability to maintain and publish content and information from one place. Since Sitecore is built upon the latest Microsoft technologies (.Net 2.0 and 3.0, SQL Server 2005, the Windows Vista Ribbon User Interface, and more) users and technical staff alike easily move between the different parts of the solution.<br />
  17. 17. Web Forms for Marketers Module<br />The Web Forms for Marketers module allows business users to easily create forms for any purpose quickly without programming. The user interface and toolbar uses the familiar Microsoft Windows presentation and format, so it is as simple as using Microsoft® Word. Using simple check boxes and intuitive wizards, users can create forms with <br />Input fields (text boxes, checkboxes, CAPTCHA) <br />Basic actions (save to a database, send an email) <br />Basic validators (Required field validation, Email validator, Security Settings, etc.) <br />With enabled analytics from the Online Marketing Suite, business users can profile forms and set them up as site goals. Summary and usability reports show the how well a form is performing, while even data entered into incomplete or unsubmitted forms will be maintained within the site database. <br />
  18. 18. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module <br />Sitecore’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module allows you to view and deliver “content optimized” versions of your website to the search engine devices. By being integrated with the CMS, it is quick and easy to examine content as it is created or reviewed prior to publishing. With the power of Sitecore’s template inheritance, keywords and content is quickly adjusted over time to keep pace with ever changing search pattern rules. <br />SEO module lets you see how the search engines will see you, who’s linking to you and helps you optimize for keyword pairs, their density and placement. You can also use it to analyze competitors pages and see how you compare.<br />
  19. 19. Newsletter Module <br />Sitecore’s Newsletter Module keeps your visitors coming back for more, building loyalty, thought leadership, and an ongoing service value with your prospects and customers. <br />Each newsletter is essentially a web page, so the content for each naturally comes out of the Sitecore environment , where multiple editors can contribute, according to their assigned rights. Linking content on the website to the newsletter is simple, images can be used in the same way as other media on the website, and subscription sign-up can be managed directly from the website. <br />The newsletter is structured using the Sitecore layout editor, so elements used in the website, such as top-bar, banners and logos can be easily re-used, as well as driven from the same style sheet. This provides a consistent look and feel between the website and the newsletter. <br />Detailed Results tracking is available to evaluate Newsletter success, including opens, click throughs, subscriber growth and change, etc.<br />
  20. 20. Shared Source Modules<br />The global Sitecore community of developers and partners continues to build leading edge shared source modules for a variety of solutions. These are available to Sitecore Customers free of charge. They are not Sitecore products, and are therefore not supported by Sitecore or included in its Support Agreements.<br /><ul><li>Forum : Sitecore provides a defined integration with  YetAnotherForum, the most feature-rich open-source forum
  21. 21. Wiki :Create and edit wikis
  22. 22. Blog :Create interactive blogs
  23. 23. Poll Module : Share site info instantly
  24. 24. Mail A Friend : Post polls for quick feedback</li></li></ul><li>Sitecore Controls<br />At the heart of every well managed website is a strong set of site controls. Highly effective sites start with a strong management foundation that allows you to control security, have clear content publishing and workflow controls, allows you to manage the different language and output formats for your site and allows you to continuously optimize your site using reports and tools that help your site get results.  Sitecore offers an array of capabilities that address the requirements of the most demanding sites. <br /><ul><li>Search Engine Optimization
  25. 25. Workflow
  26. 26. Security
  27. 27. Multi-lingual Site Management
  28. 28. Publishing
  29. 29. Site Structure and Layout Control
  30. 30. Reporting
  31. 31. Archiving </li></li></ul><li>Build it so they will come. Ever wish you could see your site as the search engines see you? Well you can, using the Sitecore Search Engine Optimization module. SEO strategies are an integral part of every companies marketing mix, and getting it right only once isn&apos;t enough, you have to keep getting it right. That&apos;s why Sitecore created the SEO module, to let you see how your site will be seen from the search engine perspective, and where you can adaptively optimize your site as it needs it, to keep your organic rankings as high as they can be.<br />Search Engine Optimization <br />
  32. 32. Workflow <br />Sitecore&apos;s workflow engine includes versioning, controlled approvals, incremental publishing, notifications and reminders, and archiving capabilities and for Outlook users, notifications conveniently within their inbox.<br />The customizable workflow provides tremendous flexibility out of the box, and is also highly extensible, allowing you to integrate with third party systems, optimal when supporting both internal and external translation processes. The document comparison feature allows enhanced version control content, allowing editors and approvers to see exactly what has changed. <br />This feature is also useful when managing content translation processes, highlighting exactly what content has changed and needs to be translated from its source language. Having strong workflow processes ensure your content is the highest quality it can be, and your site delivers the most compelling user experience it can.<br />
  33. 33. Security<br />The security of your website is critically important, and Sitecore offers a rich set of tools that allow you to control who can manage your site in the staging environment, as well as allowing you to directly manage which site visitors can view content on your production websites. Sitecore offers an incredible level of security granularity, enabling you to manage content down to their component and element levels, and provides a sophisticated permission management system to grant rights to users, groups and roles. Sitecore also supports external authentication and authorization systems, and was engineered to plug into existing systems such as CRM solutions to power visitor authentication as well as easily integrating into Active Directory for user management.<br />
  34. 34. Multi-lingual Site Management <br />Sitecore provides site localization capabilities at many levels in the content management process which allow you to deploy sites in any number of languages and locales, enabling you to reach more customers and tap new markets. With Sitecore, organizations can localize websites, intranets and extranets for every market to ensure a consistent global message on all international sites. Sitecore can support sites in any language through its uses of UTF-8 and support of Unicode. <br />From an editorial standpoint Sitecore CMS is available in most major European languages. Sitecore allows you control the translation process, and efficiently ensure consistency across all language versions of your website. Translators can be given authenticated access to your site from anywhere in the world to translate content fast and efficiently. Sitecore&apos;s workflow process can route content that requires translation and includes document comparison to highlight for translators new content requiring translation. For organizations that outsource their content translation work, Sitecore offers integration with Clay Tablet&apos;s Rosetta Gateway. The Rosetta Gateway connects Sitecore directly to your translator’s workflow systems – removing the manual steps of moving content from your site to your translator. Content can be selected with the Sitecore CMS then sent automatically to one or several translation providers. Translated content is automatically returned to the Sitecore CMS, in the right location on your<br />
  35. 35. Publishing <br />Like most Web Content Management Systems, Sitecore separates pre-production content (staged) with production content (Live). This separation ensures that content isn&apos;t available on the live website until it&apos;s ready. Sitecore provides a host of publishing oriented features to allow content to be to be moved or published from the staging environment to the production environment. Sitecore allows you to configure workflow processes to route content through a series of approval steps before making content eligible to be published. Sitecore also allows users to set dates that control when content will be published and taken down from a given site, and provides a simulation environment that shows an editor what a site will look like on a given date. Lastly, Sitecore supports the ability to publish to an unlimited number of publishing targets, or production web servers. This gives Sitecore the ability to deploy content to the largest of webserver farms on the internet, and provides you with unlimited scalability.<br />
  36. 36. Site Structure and Layout Control <br />A fundamental concept behind Content Management Systems is the notion of keeping the content separate from the way the content is presented. Sitecore provides one of the best systems for creating this separation, as well as sophisticated ways to deliver that content in controlled ways. Sitecore gives you complete control of how pages should look, and lets you enforce that layout by providing editors with the only choices that makes sense for any given section or page on your site. Sitecore also provides automated functions such as navigation, breadcrumb and treecrumb tools to simplify new page, section or site creation.  Sitecore allows you to give as much or as little control and flexibility to editors of your site, based on your requirements.<br />
  37. 37. Site Structure and Layout Control 2<br />
  38. 38. Site Structure and Layout Control 3<br />
  39. 39. Site Structure and Layout Control 4<br />
  40. 40. Reporting <br />A key element to managing your site, its content and user experience is knowing what&apos;s going on. Sitecore offers an array of reports that can tell you what&apos;s happening in the editorial process to how your site is performing in the live environment. In the editorial environment, Sitecore offers reports on auditing, workflow status, link checking, users and security management, translation management, content lifecycle and many other report types. Sitecore also offers site analytics capabilities that allow you to view how your site is performing, and allows you to quickly adjust your site&apos;s content, structure and experience to quickly adapt to ever evolving customer needs. And if you&apos;ve already invested in a third party analytics solution, that&apos;s ok too. Sitecore integrates so naturally with analytics technology, that WebTrends uses Sitecore to power High praise indeed.<br />
  41. 41. Archiving <br />In today&apos;s business climate, many organizations must be able to reproduce the state of their site in the past for regulatory reasons. Other organizations wish to retain all previous content for historical purposes. Sitecore supports these needs with a full version management and content lifecycle control system. Content can be authored, managed and ultimately retired into distinct archive repositories where it can be maintained for a designated period of time.<br />
  42. 42. Sitecore CMS Architecture <br />
  43. 43. Sitecore Development Tools <br />Behind every great site is a team of developers that made it happen. As today&apos;s websites grow more and more sophisticated, developers need the best tools possible to deliver that next groundbreaking project.  Many Content Management Systems can actually make it more difficult to develop sites, and are perceived as a development nightmare. Welcome to Sitecore, .NET developer heaven.<br />From the very start, Sitecore has been a platform made by developers, for developers. We let you work they way you want to work, using the tools you love. As a .NET developer, you won&apos;t find a better environment to develop websites, while your business users are as equally happy, working in a tool that is easy to use, and feature-packed. <br /><ul><li>Tools of the Trade
  44. 44. Layout and design
  45. 45. Extensibility
  46. 46. XML Content
  47. 47. Open and Shared Source Library </li></li></ul><li>Tools of the Trade <br />As a .NET platform, we naturally support Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, and Visual Source Safe. We&apos;ve created a rich working environment with automated code completion, as well as profiling and debugging tools that let you develop quickly, and effectively.  Sitecore provides a powerful environment to prototype, develop and test your work, while leveraging the rich services and functionality that lets you do more with less effort. And speaking of less effort, you can leverage any .NET control you have, as well as any off-the-shelf controls with ease. Sitecore naturally produces ASPX and ASCX components, and can easily incorporate your existing .NET components. <br />For developers that don&apos;t use Visual Studio, Sitecore also offers our Development Center. Developer Center is a browser-based alternative to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, allows you to  create, manage, edit and debug your pages and layouts in an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop environment.<br />
  48. 48. Layout and design<br />Sitecore gives you choices as a developer. We natively support Cascading Style Sheets and we&apos;ve based our product on W3C standards. We naturally conform to the .NET paradigm of master pages, which we call layouts and sublayouts.  Using this approach, you can develop your own page layouts using standard .NET controls, XSL, or a combination of the two. This sort of flexibility lets you use the right tool for the right job, and simplifies development.<br />
  49. 49. Extensibility<br />Like we said, Sitecore believes in giving you choices. Sitecore provides a rich layer of APIs that number over 900. Our very own product is based on these APIs, and it&apos;s one of the most robust and feature-rich API sets in the industry. Sitecore exposes every facet of our product to you as a developer, and even allows you to reach into the core configuration, and develop your own extension and modifications.<br />
  50. 50. XML Content <br />Being standards-based means strictly separating content from presentation, and storing content in standardized ways. All content in Sitecore is stored as XML. Sitecore provides the ability to tightly define content types as XML schemas, which we call templates. By strongly typing content, you have the ability to create rich, complex content types to handle any requirements you may come up with.<br />
  51. 51. Open and Shared Source Library <br />Sitecore has developed a strong developer community over the years called the Sitecore Developer Network, and that community has created many useful components, layouts, templates and applications. Developers can take advantage of this rich codebase to speed developement, inspire ideas, or just learn design best practices.<br />
  52. 52. Sitecore CMS for Education Websites <br /> Sitecore Website Content Management System software is the recommend CMS for Education, including Universities, Colleges, Junior Colleges, High Schools, School Districts, and Educational Departments and Organizations.<br />Sitecore CMS helps Universities, Colleges and private schools:<br /><ul><li>Increase student applications
  53. 53. Better engage alumni
  54. 54. Improve fundraising effectiveness
  55. 55. Promote a first rate and relevant school image
  56. 56. Reduce student attrition
  57. 57. Generate student and applicant self-service. </li></li></ul><li>Sitecore CMS for Education Websites <br />For Educational organizations serving a defined community, Sitecore addresses:<br />Increased communications by providing a convenient and cost- effective means to communicate and to make efficient use of available resources. <br />Enhanced program effectiveness by providing information, collecting data, or calendaring and scheduling. <br />
  58. 58. Sitecore CMS for Education Websites <br />Selected Sitecore Education Customers<br />Ball State University <br />Bay Path College <br />California School Board <br />College of Wooster<br />Collin County Community College <br />Kellogg School of Management <br />Kentucky Comm. and Tech. College <br />Lake Forest Graduate School <br />Long Island University <br />North Vancouver School District <br />Plato Learning <br />Randolph Macon College <br />Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark <br />Sheridan College <br /> <br />Southern Methodist University <br />Southern Virginia University <br />Technical University of Denmark <br />University of Alberta <br />University of California, Berkeley <br />University of Idaho <br />University of Illinois <br />University of Southern Denmark <br />University of Southern Queensland <br />University of Texas at Austin <br />USC Annenberg <br />
  59. 59. Demo..<br />To access a demo site , please follow this link :<br /><br /><br />
  60. 60. Questions ?..<br />