Industrial automation using gsm (ppt)


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Industrial automation using gsm (ppt)

  1. 1. Portray By N. MAHIRA BANU S. GEETHA
  2. 2. ABSTRACT  Monitoring is very important in Industries.  Monitoring is done by sensor with most accuracy and reliability.  In industry, maintenance officer send an command to the PSoC chip via GSM.  PSoC decodes the commands and control the industrial devices through relays.
  3. 3. OBJECTIVE  To deliver an uninterrupted output.  To reduce the maintenance cost and to optimize critical monitoring system.  To allow easy use of mobiles in order to control industrial machineries simultaneously.  To provide necessary data related to industry to a maintenance officer located anywhere at any time.
  4. 4. EXISTING SYSTEM  RF Based System -short distance communication  Wired technology - Difficult to monitoring & long construction time  Wireless technology -High cost and high power consumption
  5. 5. PROPOSED SYSTEM  We propound GSM BASED INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION SYSTEM.  The design of Stand alone embedded system can monitor and control various process, equipment and critical systems.  The Systems are controlled by the mobile phone by sending Commands via SMS.  GSM modem provides the communication media between the authority and the system.
  7. 7. HARDWARE NECESSITY  PSoC Microcontroller  GSM modem  Sensors  Relay
  8. 8. SOFTWARE NECESSITY  Assembly language using C prototype  TOOL: PSoC designer suite
  9. 9. PSoC MICROCONTROLLER  It is an 8 bit microcontroller architecture.  In PSoC we have an additional peripheral units such as operational amplifier, filter, D/A & A/D Converters in an in-built manner we get the chip in small size  It reduce the power consumption.  Automatic code writing for accessing all the peripherals and it will operate at low voltage supply -1V.
  10. 10. GSM MODEM  Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) is a wireless modem used for communicate computer with the GSM network.  It requires SIM(Subscriber Identity Module) to activate communication with network.  GSM needs AT commands to perform the operation such as receive, send, delete, search, add SMS in a SIM.
  11. 11. RELAY  Relay is an Electromechanical device mostly used in industrial automation.  It provide electronic to electrical interfacing.  It is used to switch on or off electrical circuits.
  12. 12. SENSORS  Sensors are sophisticated devices which is used to detect and response to electrical or optical signal.  The sensor converts the physical parameters in to a signal which is to be measured electrically.  Sensors are used in industrial process control, measurement, monitoring and also used in aircraft, medical products, automobiles etc.
  13. 13. APPLICATION  This project can be implemented in Home Automation System.  Industrial Sensor processing and control.  Remote operations in Industries.
  14. 14. ADVANTAGES  Global range.  Full flexibility to control the machineries.  Low cost.  Easy to maintain.
  15. 15. CONCLUSION  The GSM network is used to help the user to control the system from a distant area by sending secret code.  Critical sensor monitoring by using wireless are the challenges faced by the industries.  By this method we can easily made an interact with the device and the user.