The Price of an Apple


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The Price of an Apple

  1. 1. The Price of an Apple
  2. 2. The story of an apple started with a small lifeless seed…
  3. 3. Though no one knows how many million years ago…
  4. 4. Nor has anybody seen or heard how it came down to earth or how it welled out of ground.
  5. 5. For a million times it has become a tree, and a million times a seed.
  6. 6. This tiny lifeless thing has also become a fruit, a leaf and a blossom…
  7. 7. It has neither perished, nor worn out. Neither has its taste and odor diminished…
  8. 8. For generations it has died and revived. It went in the soil deceased, but found life in there…
  9. 9. A fistful of black soil has turned into tons of fruit in a mysterious manner…
  10. 10. The day light seemed to know what to do as it penetrated through the leaves of the apple tree. So too did the wind.
  11. 11. The rain found familiar land as it went down to the roots from the surface.
  12. 12. And in a building constructed by a tiny seed. Machinery started to work.. silently and quietly.
  13. 13. Flowers have been embroidered,
  14. 14. thousands of leaves have been woven for weeks…
  15. 15. No one, however, heard the noise of the workbench.
  16. 16. Meanwhile, the apple tree has hosted innumerable guests. He has nurtured all by the permission of the Lord.
  17. 17. When the time came, the fruits started to appear on the leaves..
  18. 18. By one, two, five, ten and finally hundreds..
  19. 19. The soil became more and more exuberant.
  20. 20. It looked as if it was giving by the hands of the tree something it didn’t possess…
  21. 21. However, what it gave was actually the product of the work of a mysterious power that could bring out dead from the living…
  22. 22. Soil, water, light and air lined up on the leaves as the fruits of mercy…
  23. 23. In each one of the fruits, a quantity of vitamin C has been deposited equal to daily need of one person…
  24. 24. Each one of the fruits has been tightly fastened by a very thin skin and packaged so that it could remain nutritious…
  25. 25. A sweet odor was added to make it more appetizing…
  26. 26. It was sweetened and watered so that it could pass through the throat easily…
  27. 27. The factories kept on working silently and quietly for weeks and months…
  28. 28. Those passing by the tree didn’t notice what were relayed to the thousands of the fruits from the deeps of soil.
  29. 29. No one has seen how the daylight gathered by the leaves and minute particles of air penetrating through the stoma functioned inside the tree.
  30. 30. Although thousands of factories worked day and night in a small garden, no one could became aware of it.
  31. 31. One day, mankind saw that hands in abundance were being extended to him. Those hands were not able to carry their load.
  32. 32. He reached the hands, too…
  33. 33. and took what was given to him.
  34. 34. Then he repeatedly kissed and smelled the gift sent down to him from Invisible Generous One. He recited that glorious name, silently…
  35. 35. and praised onto him whole-heartedly…
  36. 36. In fact, the price asked of him was no more than this…
  37. 37. Text: Ümit ŞİMŞEK Presentation: Ahmet YORDAM
  38. 38.