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  1. 1. PLANNING AND OPERATION Export Shipment Arrange the export documents and get the approval from customs to ship the goods Shipped the goods by air or ocean Shipments delivered to buyers original estimate delivery time
  2. 2. PLANNING AND OPERATION Import Shipments Arrange the shipping documents Paid customs duty and cleared from the customs Goods arrival as per original estimated arrival time
  3. 3. COMMUNICATION Communicated with marketing and financial dept. get the shipments schedule Communicated with freight forwarder to reserving the necessary cargo space on a vessel, air craft Made arrangements with overseas customs brokers to ensure that the goods and documents comply with customs regulations Buyers cleared the goods without and delays and penalties
  4. 4. COMMUNICATION Advised to financial dept. on cost including freight and insurance Arranged the payments communicated with financial dept. Communicated with freight forwarders and realize the original documents such as AWB and B/L Submitted original documents to bank and negotiated letter of credit from bank
  5. 5. LEADERSHIP Managed all staff reporting to the position so as to effectively recruit Trained all staff effective and relevant import/export activities Motivated all staff Monitor their activities