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  • Starbucks, proudly displaying its beans from exotic locations—Sumatra, Kenya, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, speaks for an awareness of a wider world.
  • Brand Management Starbucks

    1. 1.  Founded in 1971 in Seattle, USA Started off as, “Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice” Sold only whole- bean coffee and coffee brewing machine
    2. 2.  Howard Schultz came on board Changed the name from Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spices to “Starbucks” Reimaged the company from only selling coffee beans to a coffee house
    3. 3.  Largest coffeehouse company in the world 20,366 stores in 61 countries The company is currently going through expansion in Asian market Opened its first store in Mumbai, India with plans of opening more than 15 more during the next two years Signed MoA with its partners in Pakistan to open a store in Dolmen City by May 2013
    4. 4.  Starbucks sells hot and cold drinks, coffee beans, salads, hot and cold sandwiches, sweets, snacks, etc. The company also has an Entertainment division and Hear Music brand, which markets books, music and film. Starbucks branded ice-cream and coffees are also sold at grocery stores
    5. 5.  Launched Ethos water and the company donates most of its profits from it to help children get clean water Paper-cup design Also ventured into renewal energy
    6. 6.  73rd on 100 Best Companies to Work For By Fortune Best Global Brands By Interbrand ranking: 88 The name was inspired by Starbuck, class American novel by Moby Dick The logo includes a mermaid and the name of the company
    7. 7.  Connect  Discover  Respond
    8. 8.  Perfect Cup of Coffee Third Place – Starbucks has always placed huge emphasis on creating the perfect third place for everyone to go to between their home and work Customer Satisfaction through Service
    9. 9.  Creating a Starbucks community – Long term relationships Smart Partnerships – Working with the right people Innovation – Constantly bringing in new products Word of Mouth – Letting the high quality of their product and service speak for itself
    10. 10.  Schultz made a number of trips to Italy in the 1980s which ensured that the American is fused with the Italian to create the essence of the brand and help the brand create a global appeal
    11. 11.  The personality of the brand is like that of a chameleon, allowing it to take on aspects of whatever the environment might be Creating long-term relationships Portrays itself as a fusion of European experience with its American lifestyle Follows Global culture and the focus is on serving every customer
    12. 12.  Compelling Benefit – The Starbucks Experience The company delivers what it promises through its values of maintaining high quality, excellent store environment and creating relationships between store staff and its customers Target Audience ▪ Male and Female ▪ SEC A and SEC B
    13. 13.  Quality is the first priority at Starbucks It was the first one to bring premium European coffee experience to USA The company values simplicity over technology Starbucks believes in treating every employee as a partner and the most important ingredient of their coffees
    14. 14.  Premium Coffee Consistently good customer service A classy, neat and hygienic atmosphere with consistent store design that meets the 5 senses Strength – Not just a coffee shop, a lifestyle
    15. 15.  Expanding core retail opportunity worldwide Continuing to innovate Expanded customer base Creating long term relationships between the customers and the brand Increase order size, according to figures, the order size per customer at Starbucks has increased by 16% since 2008
    16. 16. Product Present New Line Extension Brand ExtensionPresent Multi-Brands New BrandsNew
    17. 17. Three types of Tea; Black Tea, GreenTea and Herbal TeaAttracting customers who are notfond of coffeeAlso one of their key moves inattracting Asian customersThe value of the sub-brand accordingto many is $ 1.4 billion
    18. 18.  It’s a combination of all three, monolithic, branded and endorsed Some of the products are sold by the name Starbucks while some like Barista, Ethos and Tazo are promoted as brands in themselves
    19. 19. Advantages:Increased brand awarenessImproved brand imageEnhanced parent brandDisadvantages:Risk of losing the brand identityLosing the core valueConfused customers
    20. 20.  The Starbucks Experience Comfortable setting to create positive and uplifting experience Inviting store ambience Unique warmth that sets apart from work and home Customized beverage order Emotional connection between barista and customers
    21. 21.  Most of Starbucks customers are not price sensitive Benefit of the strong brand Lesser substitutes around the world mean less brand switching Emphasis on quality gives it the advantage of playing with price
    22. 22.  Internet