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Creative holiland

  1. 1. AMMAN - MOUNT NEBO (DAY 01)Departure from Ex: India Points, via Sharjah / Dubai andarrive AMMAN, On arrival, Meet & Assist to completeImmigration & Customs procedures, then proceed to visitMOUNT NEBO. MOUNT NEBO: - Ten minutes west ofMadaba (the city of Mosaics), Greek Orthodox Church of St.George, the final station in the life of the prophet Moses,the friend of God, through the location of his tomb remainsunknown, From, Mt. Nebos wind-swept promontory viewthe Dead Sea, the Jordan Valley and the hills of Jerusalem. -From where Moses viewed the Promised Land that he wouldnever enter. Here begins our memorable HOLY LANDJOURNEY1. Proceed to the hotel. Dinner & overnight stay atAMMAN.
  2. 2. AMMAN - JERICO - NAZARETH - CANA (DAY 02)After breakfast, proceed to the HOLY LAND1 through SHAIKH HUSSAIN bridge to cross the border of JORDEN,complete the customs & Immigration formalities, then enter into ISRAEL through ALLENBY BRIDGE. After completingthe customs, Immigration procedures, our guide will receive you, proceed to JERICO. Lunch enroute. Later view theQarantal, the traditional Mount of Temptation and Sycamore Tree. Then proceed to Nazareth. Visit church of theAnnunciation, Marys House, and Josephs Workshop. Visit to Cana, where we renew our marriages vows at the placewere Jesus performed his first miracle of changing water into wine. Enroute to a Tiberias view Mr. Tabor, then backto hotel for Dinner & overnight stay at TIBERIAS or NAZARETH.
  3. 3. SEA OF GALILEE - MOUNT OF BEATITUDE , CAPERNAUM – JAFFA (DAY 03)After breakfast, check out hotel then proceed to visit Mount of Beatitude were Jesus preached the Sermon on theMount, visit to Capernaum where we visit Jesus synagogue and the house of St Peter, proceed to the primacy ofPeter, where Jesus appeared to his disciples after the resurrection and where he performed the miraculous catch of153 fish and conferred Church authority upon Peter. Continue on to Tabgha, the traditional site of the multiplicationof loaves and fish, followed by a boat ride on the sea of Galilee. Travels to Ardent where we renew our baptismalvows right at the Jordan River. Visit the Mother Church of the Carmelite Order and Elijahs Cave. During the day, wewill be driving through Acre and Ceaseria. Proceed through the coastal road to visit the old city of Jaffa and see theChurch dedicated to St. Peter commemorating his miraculous healing of Tabita, then back to JERUSALEM hotel forDinner & overnight stay.
  4. 4. JERUSALEM - VIA DOLOROSA GOLGOTHA. - WAILING WALL (DAY 04)After breakfast, visit to old city of JERUSALEM. Visit to the Bethseda Pool,where Jesus healed the paralytic man walk through the church ofcondemnation and Flagellation, where we begin the via Dolorosa, Thename of via Dolorosa (or Via Crucis) is relatively recent; when a name wassought for the stretch of road, between the fortress Antonia and Golgotha,along which Christ walked bowed under the weight of the cross. Monasteryof the Flagellation, where Jesus was questioned by Pilate and thencondemned. Then Pilate therefore took Jesus, and scourged him, and thesoldiers platted a crown of thorns, and put it on his head and they put himin a purple robe, And said, Hail, King of the Jews! Then they smote him withtheir hands Arch of Ecce Homo, in memory of the words pronounced byPilate as he showed JESUS to the crowd, Erected under Hadrian (135 AD) tocelebrate the capture of Jerusalem. The Third Station commemoratesChrists first fall on the Via Dolorosa.
  5. 5. JERUSALEM - VIA DOLOROSA GOLGOTHA. - WAILING WALL (DAY 04)The place is marked by a small chapel belonging to the Armenian CatholicPatriarchate. The meeting between Jesus and his mother iscommemorated by a small oratory with an exquisite lunette over theentrance, adorned by a bas-relief carved by the Polish artist Zieliensky. Aninscription on the architrave of one door recalls the encounter betweenJesus and Simon the Cyrenian, Greek Catholics preserves the memory ofthe meeting between JESUS and Veronica whose tomb may also be seenher. The place of JESUS second fall is marked by a pillar, which rises at thecrossroads between the Via Dolorosa and the picturesque and livelyMarket Street. On the outer wall of a Greek Orthodox monastery is carveda small cross blackened by time. It was that point that Jesus met the piouswomen. The third fall of Jesus is commemorated by a column of the Romanperiod at the entrance to the Coptic monastery. The last five Stations of theCross are situated inside the Holy Sepulchre. Follow the footsteps of ourLord JESUS on his way to Calvary, culminating the journey to Golgotha andthe place of the tomb itself - the Church of the HOLY sepulcher. Lunchenroute, then visit St. Mark Convent the traditional site where Mary wentto sleep after Cruzification, the Last Supper Room - where we rememberthe Last Supper and the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles onPentecost. Thereafter walk to the Dormition Abby and the traditional siteof the Tomb of King David and the other Upper room. Later we visit to theWestern Wailing Wall nsidered to be the holiest site for the Jews. Laterback to hotel for overnight stay & dinner.
  6. 6. BETHLEHEM - EIN KAREM - MOUNT OF OLIVES - GETHSEMANE (DAY 05)After breakfast, visit to Bethlehem, the Shepherds Field and the church of Nativity -the Birthplace of the Lord Jesus.Visit St. Jeromes Grotto where the Bible was translated from Hebrew. Visit Mount of Olives, the Church of Ascensionand to have a panoramic view of Jerusalem. Then visit to Church of Peter Noster. Descend to Dominus Flevit whereJesus wept over Jerusalem; proceed to the garden of Gethsemane, Basilica of the Agony and the omb of St. Mary.Visit the traditional House of Caipas where Peter denied Jesus thrice and where Jesus was kept in the dungeon. Lunchenroute, then proceed to Ein Karem, one of the most beautiful settings near Jerusalem, located in the hills next to alittle spring. Through a small Judean village, the area is important to Christian visitors because of the memory of apriest named Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth who lived in the area in. Then back to hotel for Dinner & overnight stayat Jerusalem.
  7. 7. BETHANY- DEAD SEA (DAY 06)Early morning breakfast, check out from hotel. Later proceed to Bethany - The house of Martha, Mary and Lazarus(Lazarus Tomb). After proceed to Dead Sea. You can float in the Dead Sea, cover yourself with the medicinal mud, andswim in a freshwater pool afterwards. Proceed to Gumran and Red Sea. Then proceed to Egypt - TABA BorderComplete Customs & Immigration Procedures of ISRAEL & proceed to Egypt Customs & Immigration. Aftercompleting the procedures Our guide will receive you from the Egypt Border to continue the HOLYLAND TOUR toEgypt. From TABA border proceeding, to St. Catherine Monastery through Sinai. View the beautiful and historicalSinai Mountains enroute. Check in hotel at St. Catherine. Dinner & overnight stay at St. Catherine.
  8. 8. ST. CATHERINE MONASTERY - CAIRO - PYRAMIDS – SPHINX (DAY 07)After breakfast, check out from the hotel, then visit to St. CatherineMonastery, set beneath the mountain where Moses is said to havereceived the "TEN COMMANDMENTS. The Monastery is a definingfeature of the HOLY LAND, then proceeding to CAIRO crossing thefamous SUEZ CANAL. Later visit Pyramids, Sphinx. Then transfer toCAIRO hotel for Dinner & overnight stay.
  9. 9. CAIRO MUSEUM - OLD CHRISTIAN CHURCHES (DAY 08)After early morning breakfast, visit Museum, the Mummies of Egyptian Pharaohs,sarcophagi, furniture etc. Then visit to Coptic church (the Christianity in Egypt)Traditionally it begins with the vi of Holy Family to Egypt. The Holy Family consistingof the Infant J Mary and Joseph traveled to Egypt and lived there for some time,visit to Hanging Church. Then shopping etc enroute to CAIRO Airport departure.
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  11. 11. The EndThank You