CSR of ITC Mahesh sherkhane(a)


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CSR of ITC Mahesh sherkhane(a)

  1. 1.  Objective of making a positive contribution to the society  Uniquely positioned to contribute to public policy  The Company is committed to continuously improving its social responsibilities, environment and economic practices to make positive impact on the society.
  2. 2.  Web-enable 10 million farmers through 20,000 e-Choupals in 100,000       villages Bring at least 50,000 hectares under soil and moisture conservation practices Transform at least 1,00,000 hectares of wastelands into productive and revenue-generating assets for the poor. Create at least 10,000 women entrepreneurs with a sustainable source of supplementary incomes. Improve the genetic stock of at least 150,000 cattle through artificial insemination practices. Provide supplementary education support services to children. Classmate has launched a programme called Classmate ideas for India challenge
  3. 3. Objective Description e-Choupal 4 million farmers empowered, 6,500 e-Choupal centers Social and farm forestry 11,25,045 hectares greened, Generating 56.27 million person-days of employment Watershed development 75,417 hectares Brought under soil and moisture conservation Women Empowerment 16,075 women members 1365 self-help groups Primary education Covering 3,01,000 children through 22551 supplementary learning Centers till date
  4. 4. -Mahesh Sherkhane Section: A