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Hackathon @Kayako


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Published in: Technology
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Hackathon @Kayako

  1. 1. Hackathon  @  Kayako   Twi0er  Handles:  @kayako,  @salaria   Twi0er  Hash  tag:  #kayakohack    
  2. 2. What  is  a  Hackathon?     •  Time-­‐limited  coding  event.  You’ve  got  X  hours  to   produce  something  that  works,  is  impressive  and   useful.   •  You  bring  nothing  but  a  laptop  and  an  idea,  Build   team  and  hopefully  leave  with  working  code   (prototype  of  the  future  product/feature).  
  3. 3. Why  would  we  do  Hackathon?     •  It’s  fun!     •  It  gives  you  an  excuse  to  learn  something  new   and  challenge  yourself.     •  Prove  your  NerdFu  to  the  world.  What  can   you  do  in  8  or  12  or  24  hours?   •  Meet  with  likeminded  people,  share  ideas  and   build  something  useful.  
  4. 4. Where  do  I  start?     •  Find  a  small  problem  to  solve,  that  you  think   you  can  solve  with  what  you  know  now  +  2-­‐3   new  things.     •  Find  a  toolset  to  use  -­‐  either  one  you  know  or   want  to  explore.     •  Keep  your  scope  limited!    
  5. 5. Scoping     •  Start  by  defining  exactly  one  feature  to   tackle.     •  What  do  you  need  to  write  for  that?     •  How  many  new  things  are  you  going  to   have  to  learn  to  make  it  happen?     •  Lets  try  to  keep  it  to  three  new  things   and  one  or  two  features.    
  6. 6. Hit  the  ground  running     •  Plunder  as  much  open  source  as  you  can!     •  Use  open  APIs  to  get  you  started  quickly,  but   only  ones  that  automa^cally  provision  (you   don’t  have  ^me  to  wait  around).     •  Do  exactly  one  thing  at  a  ^me.    
  7. 7. Example  Hacks  (LiveStatsChat)  
  8. 8. Live  Stream  of  Visitors  from  
  9. 9. RaspberryPi  Media  Server  and  FM  
  10. 10. the  fiddling     •  Remember,  I  only  gave  myself  X  hours.  I  was   running  out  of  ^me  and  eventually  had  to  give   up  gedng  everything  I  wanted.   •  I  moved  a  lot  of  things  around  and  messed   around  trying  to  get  the  popover  stuff   working.     •  It’s  not  pre0y,  but  I  solved  the  basic  problem!    
  11. 11. Things  To  Remember   •  Working  >  Pre0y     •  You  can  always  add  pre0y  later  if  you  have   ^me.     •  Rough  is  fine  as  long  as  it  works  (or  looks  like   it  works).     •  Take  breaks.      
  12. 12. Hammering  it  home     •  One  feature  at  a  ^me.     •  Don’t  start  on  feature  2  un^l  #1  is  finished  and   working  in  a  demo-­‐able  way!     •  Keep  your  goals  limited  and  well-­‐defined.  If   you  have  ^me,  you  can  add  more,  but  at  least   get  the  very  basics  working.    
  13. 13. Plan  Ahead     •  Know  what  problem  you  want  to  solve.     •  Have  a  basic  plan  for  what  toolset  you’re   going  to  use.     •  Install  pre-­‐requisites  (but  don’t  start  coding,   seriously)     •  Get  your  API  keys!      
  14. 14. Working  with  a  team     •  Pick  a  leader  /  ^e  breaker  /  burnout  warden     •  Use  source  control!     •  Divide  responsibili^es  and  decide  on  integra^on  points  /   check-­‐in  ^mes.    
  15. 15. Do  Mini-­‐Sprints!     •  Break  up  your  12  hours  into  3  four-­‐hour   chunks,  with  check-­‐ins  every  hour.     •  Everyone  has  deliverables  that  have  to  be   done  in  that  ^meframe.     •  You  can  come  up  with  this  plan  ahead  of   ^me...  it  will  save  organizing  ^me  later.    
  16. 16. Feature  drop!       •  If  things  slip,  don’t  be    afraid  to  drop  them  and   re-­‐evaluate.  Remember,  the  goal  is  to  have   something  working  to  show  at  the  end!     •  If  you  need  to,  jump  in  and  help  with  a  specific   feature  to  get  it  working.  
  17. 17. Staying  Sane     •  Take  breaks,  get  up  and  walk  around.     •  Sleep  if  you  have  to,  but  if  you  start  sleeping,   you  might  not  be  able  to  stop.     •  Pace  yourself  -­‐  don’t  load  up  on  caffeine  too   early!  A  slow  steady  supply  will  keep  you  up   and  alert.     •  Don’t  eat  too  much.  It’ll  make  you  sleepy.    
  18. 18. Kayako  Developer  Resources   •  Kayako  App  Protocol  for  Live  Chat   •  The  Kayako  REST  API  lets  you  quickly  develop   applica^ons  to  connect  and  integrate  into   your  Kayako  helpdesk.   •  Kayako  Staff  API  for  Mobile  App  Development   •  Kayako  Apps  and  Hooks   •  hAp:// +Developer+Resources+Home  
  20. 20. Thank  You     Mahesh  Salaria   h0p://